Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Weekend

It's Friday and will be a working weekend around here! I thought that I would post a copy of the Newsletter that I sent out today. I try and only send out one Newsletter a month to the customers, as I know that I am not a huge fan of receiving too many myself from the businesses that I subscribe to. If you have nothing to say....then say nothing I think:-).

This little dude went in for surgery to remove a golf ball sized tumor on his sweet belly today. It seemed to come out of nowhere, and grew so fast. We are soooo grateful that the Vet said it is benign and won't need to be sent in for a biopsy. It will be hard to keep him quiet for the next 10 days until the stitches are out! We sure love our fur baby.....kissies are welcome if you want to blow some his way:-)

Here is the Newsletter....I think that part of it is going to be cut off, but not sure how to fix it in Blogger?

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Exquisite Adornments For Romantic Living

Dear always we appreciate your taking the time to read our Monthly Newsletter and thank you for your patronage over the many years that we have been with you on the web. We will be posting lots of new items this weekend, and they are quite please pay Shabbyfufu a visit to see what we have for your shopping (and just looking:-) pleasure. From Shabbyfufu Romantic Dress Forms, to French Flair, Hand Painted Porcelain from Farnaz, Shabbyfufu Studio pieces and lots of Faux Pastry. Exquisite Adornments For Romantic Living!

Christmas is on the way at the end of the month, the prettiest pieces that you won't find elsewhere:-). In order to make room and move out our Halloween items, we have marked everything that is left in our Spook Shop down coupon code is necessary. Love to all....from the girls at Shabbyfufu!

~XOXO, Janet ~

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Happy Weekend Ya'll!



  1. Glad to hear your little baby is okay. They sure do bring alot of happiness, don't they? I have two myself, and would do anything for them.

  2. Awh, poor baby, good thing its not serious and hope the little cutie is up and running around for you real soon, hugs, lisa

  3. I'm so glad that your little guy is doing better! Thanks heavens. Your photos are so pretty! I'm in shabby heaven!

  4. Hi Janet,
    Gorgeous things as always from the fufu studio. Glad your darling baby is doing okay. Here is my hugs & kisses for the cutie! XOXOXO!!!! They do bring so much to our life. Have a great weekend!

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...
    Please give your poor baby a big hug from me!
    I love all your new Treasures!
    Wow! You have been so busy!
    Debbie Moss

    (From England)LOL

  6. So glad that little cutie patootie is ok Janet - said a little prayer. They are as much a part of our lives as our children I think. Could not do without them! Happy that all went well - Sherri

  7. blowing LOTS of kisses xxxxxx to your little fur baby. Our little spaniel had some tumours growing on her face which we also had to have removed. I think it is because she is an "older" girl that these things start to happen. She is all well now though, they do bounce back fast the little darlings!