Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pretty Things

Does anyone besides me feel ready to go to bed at 9:00 P.M? Geeez, I don't know if it's age, or just the fact that it's been a busy weekend around here?

Next weekend is Halloween and I am really looking forward to being around and greeting the masses of hobgoblins and Tinkerbells that will knock at the door. Of course it's not the same, now that our girls aren't around...but Mr Fufu and I will enjoy it.
After next weekend we are going to start to get really busy around here. We will be traveling to see our girls and also antique show season starts down here in the South~yay!!!!

I probably won't get to do much blogging this week, as I need to catch up on packing and shipping, organizing the studio some more and I have a massive amount of Holiday items to finish for the website as well.
Sooooo.....with the help of this random number generator, the winner of the little Cherub Band Aid Tin is # 9, which is Debbie G. Please send me your mailing address sweet Debbie through the Contact Us page of the website at Shabbyfufu and I will send along your gift, filled with some goodies!!

Random Number Generator

The randomly picked number is: 9

Speaking of the website, I listed some new items today, and will finish up I REALLY am ready for bed!

I completed and photographed THREE Romantic Dressforms that I had been working on for awhile, and I am pleased with the way that they turned out. They were extremely time consuming as I hand dyed and painted much of the fabric and ribbon and there is just a lot of work in these. Of all the items that I create for the website, the dress forms are my passion! I am sorta known for this ORIGINAL concept by now, and thanks to you ladies who have been so supportive over the years in purchasing them for your homes:-).

One of these is a Child sized if you have a young fufu girl in mind, take a looky here! Flexible layaway is always available on these type of items, I am happy to help you to afford to purchase what you might want over time:-).

You can click on any of these photos to go right to the item and take a peekaroo!

Something else from the Shabbyfufu Studio....these covered jars with French fashion, silk ribbon and rhinestones. There are only a couple of them left!

Speaking of French inspired~we have been working with a SwEeT artist for awhile now who is making some jewelry that is exclusive to Shabbyfufu....and she did several Marie Antoinette pendant necklaces for us, and some other pieces as well.

My dear friend and website artist Farnaz Farzad, keeps a'paintin' more and more of these covered they keep selling out. She is the most amazing porcelain painter...I so admire her roses!

Will be finishing up listings tomorrow with some more pretty things in the Sweet Embellishment Boutique, including some darling appliques, faux cupcakes and treats.....and more.

Until then.......nitey nite and have a great week ahead!



  1. Lucky Debbie and congratulations to her! Your new goodies are so beautiful!

  2. Well, have fun traveling South, Miss Fufu! :) Enjoy your daughters’ company and these awesome days of autumn. Love all your fufu dresses!


  3. Janet....
    I am in bed NO later than 9pm, so nope it's not you...but then again, I am up at 4:45 FIVE days a week to get ready for work. NOT old age! As always, your dress forms are gorgeous, as well as everything else that you have recently created! Look forward to your holiday treasures!

  4. Love, love, love your mannequins. That's why you feel like sleeping at 9PM every night!! Just to let you know that I love your site, your items and your creativity. Have you on my "Highly Addictive Blog List"!

  5. Wow, your dress forms are to die for! I have a few in my home and love displaying old prom or wedding dresses on them. They look great just bare Naked also....But yours!!!!!! Your such a talent!, Cheryl Cherylsfascinatingfinds

  6. Janet....I am SQUEALING with delight!!! OH MY I have never won anything & I am over the MOON!!!!!
    Thanks so much sweetness...I am going to your website & leave my address RIGHT NOW!!!!
    And I LOVE the pretty new goodies...those dresses are awesome!!!

  7. Is it 9pm yet? Noooo. Well then how about a little catnap?
    Halloween is a big event. We get over 150 treaters. My hubby takes the day off to help...goodie bags,fog machine, music,so much to do.
    What BEAUTY....! You are definitely the Queen of Dress form Design!!! Your creations show such passion. This is truly a gift.
    Enjoy your trip.
    Sweet Witches!
    Sara <[;O

  8. hey there Janet,
    Im closing my blog and inviting people to read only, would love to invite you if you could leave a message on my blog with your email or email me at I would for you to still be able to read my blog!

  9. Congratulations to Debbie for acquiring such a lovely prize!!

    Janet the second I saw those lovely dress forms I knew they woul not last two minutes .... I was right ... they are STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING and the best I have seen you do yet

    Enjoy your time...

    My computer went down again so I got a new one and I am starting all over again ... jeepers... when it rains it falls..



  10. Oh my .... I am going bonkers I think... saw a post I did on Chris' blog and now yours and it seems I am in lala land or something as I dont seem to be making too much sense...

    Meant to say when it rains it pours...

    Silly silly me



  11. Hi Janet ~ your dress forms are truly exquisite! Bed by 9:00 a.m.!? Wow, don't I wish! It's always 2 - 3:00 a.m. for me every night. I guess it doesn't help that hubby doesn't get home from work until 1:00 a.m. and that's when I'm cooking his dinner! Such is life! Take care, ~Stacy~ (*_*)

  12. Hello Janet

    Oh my gosh...your mannequins are to die for. What gorgeous work you do....unbeliebale. Actually, love every thing you sell..your site is stunning.

    I know you sell a lot of pink so you probably have a lot of pink in your personal life how about joining our pink contest...would love to see your enter.