Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunny SoBe

Dear friends.....I hope that you are enjoying the weekend! Thanks for the emails and comments about our little fur guy Murphy, who is doing much better after his surgery and back to his constant begging for food!

Mr. Fufu and I took some time off from our busy bee lives to relax today and hopped on over to beautiful South Beach (SoBe), here in Miami. It only took us about 25 minutes to get down there on a Sunday morning, but during the week would be about a one hour drive with traffic.....ughhh! Slow going....and yet it's not even tourist season here yet, too darned HOT.

Miami is a big city, and until the recent bust in the real estate market the high rise construction was becoming almost out of hand. It's slowed down considerably now, and if one is so inclined you can most likely get a bargain on a high end condo.

The drive over the MacArthur Causeway is just jaw dropping, especially when the cruise ships are in port~as they usually are on Sundays. On one side you see these spectacular man made cities of ships, and on the other side of the causeway are the yachts and homes of the rich and famous. Hard to get any photos on that side, as we were moving too fast.

We arrived at Lincoln Road and parked, and Mr. Fufu was a very happy camper...once he saw this Red Ferrari. Car of his dreams......dream on dear!

The antique shows are starting their season down in the deep South here shortly and this is the first show of the circuit on Miami Beach's Lincoln Road.

A stunning setting for an antique show with the palm trees, foliage and incredibly blue skies. I love my hometown of Miami:-).

There weren't very many vendors, but I did manage to acquire some wonderful rhinestone buttons for several of my projects in the works.

Lovely buildings, fountains with sea inspired very Miami.

Lots of great designer shopping and some open early to accomadate the antique show crowd. I have been a huge fan of Jonathan Adler's pottery for a long time, and this renowned chocolate shop as well.


We had brunch at one of the many dog friendly outdoor cafes. Great food and interesting people watching.

Back here in suburbia, I have been in the studio this afternoon working on some new designs for the website. The buttons that I picked up at the antique show today were just what I need for the finishing touch on the barkcloth roses brooches that I have enjoyed working on. These will be great embellishments for your jackets, purses, look for them to be posted this week on Shabbyfufu.

Talk soon, love to all~
XOXO, Janet


  1. Hi Janet,
    I would like to have been there antiquing & especially would have loved the chocolate shop!!! Glad your fur baby is feeling good. I look forward to seeing your newest creations this week!

  2. Hey shabby Janet~ Looks like some great shopping and a pretty day in florida!

  3. Looks like a wonderful place for a relax and unwind that's for sure!! Lovely pictures OHH how I would loved to have been at the antique fair in such a gorgeous area!
    Hope you relaxed and rested!!

  4. Hi Janet, I havent checked in on your blog for a while, and Im sorry to hear your furry friend isnt well, though good news it can easily be removed.I have a cocker spaniel, and he is the same, food will get them through anything!
    Lovely photos, and it seems whether is it spring here or Autumn(fall to you)there, people still have their stalls for us to visit! I love going to flea markets, and anything that resembles them!

  5. Hi Janet
    I'm so far behind with blogging, and have enjoyed my visit to you today as I got to catch up on a few of your previous posts
    Glad doggy fufu is OK now, how aweful for the poor little guy. What a great day you had visiting South Miami. I love what you did with the buttons, clever you!
    I'm wishing you lots of luck with your new venture from the previous post, good on you!
    Love from me down here in Australia

  6. Hi Janet! I am so glad your sweet fur baby is doing well! They are just like our children arent they? We love them so much!

    What a wonderful time! I would love to visit there! The car is gorgeous :)

    Love those embellishments! I was so upset that I missed the china doll head bottles :( I always miss out, lol!


  7. What a paradise, Janet. Thank you for sharing the beauty. My SIL lived in Miami for years. She misses it terribly.

    Thank you for the comment on the article. It is so thrilling to finally see them in print.


  8. I would have so much fun there!! And I had to laugh at your comment on Mr FuFu and the Red Ferrari - the photo of him wistfully checking it out is priceless.

  9. Dear Janet,
    I have been catching up with you here this afternoon and I'm so glad that your beautiful furbaby is going to be okay! What a relief - Maggie does indeed send him kisses! Thank you for the fab tour and taking us along! (((hugs))

  10. So glad your pup is doing well.
    Looks like a shopping mecca...a little vintage, a little high fashion, and great food. What more can you ask for?

    Love the deco buildings in Miami. What a beautiful place to live!
    Oh, and love the brooches!

    Kimberly :)