Saturday, November 15, 2008

Haven't Much Felt

Haven't much felt like blogging lately and have been occupied with lotsa stuff.

We had a couple of family loving Mom turned 86 years YOUNG, and does indeed read this blog~so please don't be angry at me Mom for revealing your age because you certainly don't look it! I have to say that I am very proud of my smart, beautiful and computer literate Mom, who knows how to navigate her way around the internet better than many women half her age:-). Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy birthday to our super sweet beautiful daughter Kaely who just turned 22! The time has flown by my darling girl, and you are just on the cusp of wonderful things to you are ready to graduate from college in the Spring.

We had a really nice family weekend to celebrate, meeting the kiddos at Busch Gardens~a lovely place in Tampa.

Typical behavior....our two girls (and boyfriend) drinking beer~which is free at Busch Gardens~

There are plenty of these, which are not my thing at all....but the rest of the familia loves.

An abundance of animals and gorgeous foliage at Busch Gardens. Doesn't this elephant look like he is laughing?

These two photos reminded me of my website logo. I wish that this gazebo was in my yard

While we were out of town our computer system was "at the spa" undergoing some major overhauls. I still am not used to all of the new stuff yet, but it is a necessary evil every now and then.

Last night it was time to go this place once again:

I really could care less about cars, but Mr. Fufu has always been I tag along and watch him be like a kid in a candy shop.

The website at SHABBYFUFU has been incredibly hopping lately, so I have been spending a ton of time on it...and that's one of the main reasons why I haven't been around. In fact, back to work now.......and will try and blog more again soon!



  1. Oh, Happy Birthday to your Mom and daughter! How fun! Yes, that elephant did look like he was laughing! LOL. The gazebo is beautiful and the Ferrari's are sweeeeeeet! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Mama Fufu and daughter Fufu! No wonder why you haven't been blogging-so much to celebrate! The photos are great janet. Mr. fufu would love the new red ferrari my sister's boyfriend just snagged! :) xo tutts

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mum and daughter! Your girls are gorgeous Janet.
    I remember you going to the car show last year, it's nice you support Mr. Fufu's passion, as from what I hear he does yours.
    Glad you've been a busy Christmas Bee, I'm not suprised as you have some beautiful Christmas treasures on your site

  4. Happy Birthday to your Mom and your Daughter. I love Bush Gardens, hubby and I went there about five yrs ago, love it..

    Have a great week.


  5. Hi- thanks for stopping in…go ahead and feel free to use that on your blog. I think its an important topic and wish people felt like they could discuss it more openly. Thank you for your words. I appreciate it. I think it will all work out, it always does!

  6. A wonderful month of Birthdays.... Happy Birthday to your mom and daughter... mine was yesterday.... but we had several this month so it was a weekend and last night celebration...

    Gotta love those Scorpio gals...

    Looks like you have been busy busy...