Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Sure as one shootin' match is over the next one has gone into full gear around here, probably the same for you! I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving and are fully stuffed as the bird that has come to symbolize the National Holiday. Ours was just a family affair, very quiet.....here are just a few pics taken by my lovely daughter with the beautiful blue/green eyes:-)

I admit to being a slacker work wise for the last week, but have gotten back into the Studio and have lots coming to the Shabbyfufu Website probably at the end of this week. If you pop over and visit the front page of the website you will get a sneak peek at just a couple of things that are finished. Oh...by the way...there still is time to enter the drawing for a $100 gift certificate to shop on Shabbyfufu. I haven't had a chance to send out the website Newsletter yet, so once it's sent and my sweet "non~blogging" friends and customers have had a chance to enter.......we will draw a name from the pot. We are keeping track, so not to worry if you have already entered:-).

The Fufu family had started decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. Is that a tradition in your house? I would love to see your decorating, so if you leave a comment I will pop over shortly to see what's up at your place. Here is a bit of what I started in the living room (not finished yet).......my girly girl Fufu domain~no men allowed for the most part. I must admit that lately I have toned it down some~it comes with age I suppose. More coming later.....this is going to be a late night of working for me.

xoxo to all, and to all ~ a Good Night


  1. Janet- your home is beautiful. What an amazing flair you have for decorating! I love the bottlebrush trees. Pretty puppy by the pool. Your daughter is a beauty! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your decorations.... the village and the bottle brushes.... it is definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your house

    Loving all the new goodies in your boutique ....



  3. Janet...Your decorations are so gorgeous...took my breath away!!!!
    Beautiful pic of your daughter..looks like you had a wonderful thanksgiving!
    Love Love the goodies in the boutique sweets!!!!

  4. Hi fufu! The blue green of your pretty daughter's eyes must match the blue green of the gorgeous ocean in miami! great shots of the fufu clan & the beautiful decor. you never dissapoint with the decorating my friend. Decorating here but in stages!xo tutts

  5. Janet ~

    Your home is absolutely gorgeous. You certainly have the touch. I can't wait to pop over to your website and see what you have been working on. We all need a little break every now and then.


  6. What a lovely family you have!

    I cannot get over how lovely your Christmas decorations are! This is the BEST I've seen yet and I've seen A LOT of Christmas decorations circulating the blogs already this season! It is D-vine!

  7. Oh my goodness, Janet! Your decorations are BLISS!~~~XXOO, Beth

  8. EEEKKKK Janet your christmas decorating always makes me OOOH and AHHHH. It all looks so gorgeous. My front room is a bit of a Male Free Zone right now with the Chrissy stuff, hee hee.

    Shann :)

    P.S your poochie is so adorable. My mum lost her Cav a little while ago after 15 years, she was a true princess, your little poochie made me think of her and *smile*.

  9. I was looking for CHristmas decorating and thankfully came by your blog! You have done a fabulous job!!

    I would love to be put in for the drawing if I am not too late!

    looking forward to seeing more of your blog!


  10. You have beautiful decorations!! I would love to be a part of your giveaway... Thank you for your generosity!

  11. Hi Janet
    We don't have Thanksgiving over here in Australia, just a BIG Christmas DAY, not sure how you have the energy to do it all??
    Yes your daughter's eyes are stunning!! both your daughters are beauties.
    As for the Christmas decorations - WOW!!! Probably not worth the effort of visiting my blog for Christmas decorating peeks - nothing has happened here yet - although I sense Ellie the Christmas co-ordinator is getting restless, any day now I think things will start happening.

  12. Just love the display of little frothy glitter houses and bottle brush trees!

  13. Everything looks beautiful Janet! You have gottne me in the mood for decorating!

  14. the decorations are so beautiful, I'm slowly working on converting my house to a little more fufu... in a sneeky way..slowly do it...lol.. just added some white and pastles here and there...I can't wait for it all to glow a little more girlie...hugs, lisa

  15. Thank you for visiting Faerieluna, Janet....and may I say I could just get lost inside the fufuness of your beautiful blog...sigh.

    The sparkly village. Just yummy.
    xox Rella