Monday, December 8, 2008

A Little More & Contest Winner

Dear Ladies.....or, should I say Ladies and Gents~as I have had a few calls, emails and sales to the significant others these past couple of weeks. Aren't you guys the best shopping for your ladies:-)! I finally got around to randomly drawing a winner for the $100 Gift Certificate to the website at Shabbyfufu. There were 52 Blog comments submitted and 128 website comments submitted.....for a TOTAL of 180 even. Using, it came up with the comment left on the website by Sharon Rooney. I am going to email you the good news if you read this first, CONGRATS! Thank you to everyone who entered. There were some truly gushing and heartwarming comments left on the website link and I did read every one and am so extremely grateful to you guys....and I wish that I could give you ALL a prize, but will do another soon.

I am super busy this week, so I don't have time to say much else......but here are a few more photos of some of the Christmas vignettes around Fufu land. I received some lovely photos from customers, and if time permits perhaps will post those here soon. I wish that there were more hours in each day....don't you?

XOXO, have a great week!

I have been invited in to join Cielo of The House In The Roses Blog, as she is hosting a Blog Party on collectibles (one of my favorite things in life!) this Sunday, Dec 14th. You can click on the photo below to join in on that day. See you then, with my next Blog Post....Collecting Roses!


  1. Congratulations to Sharon! Your Christmas decorations all look so beautiful! :)

  2. I'm behind on everything! Your decorations are giving me the motivation I need. I really want to decorate pink this year. I figure if I wait long enough my hubby will be so anxious to have something hung he won't mind the pink.

    Sweet Holiday Wishes,

  3. Beautiful pictures! Love the pink poinsettias!

    And Congratulations to Sharon. :)


  4. CONGRATULATIONS TO SHARON!!! Lucky you!! And how generous of Janet to give away such a lovely prize...

    On to you Ms FUFU.... I love your decorations... the crown with the vintage garland and those beautiful crystal lamp shades??

    Beautiful!! Cant wait to see more....!!



  5. Hi Janet... what a lovely treat for the eyes and soul... I love love all your "romantic pink shabbyfufu" Christmas decorations... ;) Your home is so lovely and welcoming.... thank you for sharing it with all your blogging friends... can hardly wait to see more of your rose collection... so pretty!



  6. Those pink ornaments in that bowl just sing to my heart. I love your style!

  7. Hi Janet,
    Congratulations to Sharon, what a lucky lady!

    I love the vignettes around Fufu Land ;) always beautiful there... aahhh.

    Can't wait to check back to see your collection of roses, I'm sure I will be oohing and aahing all over the place.

    Oh, I have a real "thing" about not touching my January magazines until the New Year... starting the year off fresh and new, but since you're giving your artistic direction, I am going to make an exception this time... oh, I know... I'll just go to that section only!
    Beautiful Seasons Greetings to You and everyone in Fufu Land ;)

  8. I just adore all your lovely pink fufu Christmas decor! It's beautiful... I love visiting your blog, it's inspirational.