Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Passion For Roses

I have always had a passion for roses, yet living here in South Florida as I do...they are decidedly difficult to grow. Many moons ago right after I graduated from college and was just starting out, I lived in the most adorable rental cottage in Boca Raton...that was strewn with roses in every tiny bit of garden enclave. I fell in love with them, thorns and all...and tried my best to take over the care from the elderly couple who lived in the main house on the property. Ebony coated thumb have I it seems, as the roses suffered from all sorts of blight and did not survive a harsh Florida winter that year. It was then that I started directing my love for roses to the indoors..... with flea market plates, fabrics and collectibles.....and I have decorated in this style way before it became the fashion du jour. Over the years I have bought and sold, thinned and widened my collections to suit. I sell what I love, roses are certainly a big part of that!
In celebrating the "World Of Treasure"
party over at Cielo's House In The Roses blog that starts on SUNDAY (I am out of town at the moment, publishing this post remotely a day early), I will set out to share some snippets of my collections with you. Click on the party name to be whisked away to the fete.

One wall of my living room is devoted to Victorian Rose Oil Paintings, which I truly treasure. Often called "Sunday Paintings" they were painted on that day of the week by ladies with no formal training, as an outlet for their creativity on their day of rest. Not perfectly executed, but perfect for my aesthetic!

Just a portion of the aforementioned wall.....too large to get it all in to a normal size blogging photo

This one has a bit of a story. Some years back we were on a family trip in California and I forced the Fufu family to the Rose Bowl Flea Market (lol!). The girls were young at the time and were too tired and uninterested to shop for "junk" in the wee hrs. They slept in the rented SUV, while Mr. Fufu and I shopped for my business. I nabbed this painting as the dealer was pulling it out of the back of his van...for $20! Dated early 1900's and signed, it was too good to pass I took it off the stretchers and rolled it tucked into my suitcase for the flight back to Miami. Frame is from something else. It's not the fave in my collection, but it has some memories of a fun vacay attached.

Don't hate me.....I just spied this tattered beauty last weekend in the window of an antique shop, when we were off on another Shabbyfufu Buying Trip. What a great find at $30, I almost fell over backwards when the shop owner quoted that price!! Sorry, not for's a keeper:-)

I enjoy flower arranging, and have quite a few large baskets, pitchers and whatnot containers scattered about with silk roses and other florals.

Sometimes I paint, but not much time these days to remain very skilled at it. This is Rosy all decked out for the Holidays. She is a Vintage Dress Form that I painted years ago.

By now I think most everyone is familiar with my Signature Vintage Millinery Romantic Dress Forms. I have been designing and selling these ladies for many years now~always a rose overload!

I was fortunate to snag this HUGE Vintage Pink Tole Tray years ago, before they became so sought after. I have had sooooo many emails asking me to sell this beauty, as "she" is often seen in the background of some of my photos.

A few other ROSE collections........

Antique Flower Basket Door Stops spilling over with Roses and fleurs. I have many of these that have been purchased over years of collecting.

English Bone China Posy Pots. Sorry for the poor photo, I didn't want to take them all out of their "home" (cabinet).

Scads of Pink Rose china is scattered around here! My favorites are the antique rose chocolate pots that I like to mix in vignettes.

More china, in a cabinet in the dining room. These old French Limoges teacups are my favorites with the pink roses and raised beaded detailing. In front of them is a set of Salt & Pepper shakers painted by the Shabbyfufu porcelain painter Farnaz...and were a gift to me I think a couple of years ago at Christmas. I love her work:-). The pitcher was my grandmother's and is German marked.

A single Pink Rose on this painting is so captivating in this vintage frame that I painted pink. It hangs mixed in with a few of the vintage "daily bread" plates that I collect as well...all with Pink Roses (of course!).

By my dear friend Australian rose painter Gail McCormack (we offer these on Shabbyfufu) in my opinion....she is amongst the best contemporary rose painters around.

This is my living room rug. It dates to around the 40's or so and is HUGE, and the roses are so gorgeous set against the blush pink ground. The scrolly things are the legs of the coffee table, which is actually from an antique garden table that lost it's top. We covered it with a leftover cream marble slab that my husband was given by a client. The style of decorating that most of us profess to is all about combining, salvaging, marrying and making do!

Studio Stash...always on the hunt for Vintage Millinery Roses; be it hats or handbags

More Studio Stash. I have loved and collected vintage rose barkcloth for years and have cabinets full!

That's it for now ladies........see you soon!



  1. Wow Janet.... I must say ... every single item you have speaks for itself....

    Loving the tole tray... the doorstops... the paintings... your dress forms... seriously there is not one thing there a person wouldnt want to have for themselves...


    Thank you for sharing such beauty with us

    Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!



  2. Oh, what lovely roses! I especially like the door stops! I would love one of those! I guess I just need to go "flea"-ing! :)

  3. Janet ~

    Amazing! Your rose collection is gorgeous.


  4. Ohhhh Myyyyy Janet!! Girl I was ahhhhhh & drooling over each pic!!!
    I love roses too & you have a gorgeous collection!!! Can I come over? just drool!
    Thanks so much for the sharing the beauty!!!!
    Merry Christmas sweets:)
    PS LOVE my pretties:)

  5. Janet,
    I love all of your roses...they are all so pretty! I don't know what it is about roses, they just give me a certain feeling! Hope you are enjoying this Christmas season and are blessed with time spent with your loved ones! Happy Christmas!
    Victoria Lynn

  6. I love your treasures!! lovely roses!xoxo

  7. Hi Janet,
    I'm not posting today, but knew you were showing some of your collection, so could not stay away. I love it all... If I had to pick some favorites, it would be the chocolate pot, doorstops (I love those!) and antique painting. What a fun story from your vacation and stopping at the Rose Bowl. I agree with you about Gail, she's so talented.
    Love your new profile photo, you are so cute!

  8. diane from Uxbridge ONDecember 14, 2008 at 7:00 PM

    wow...I am a pinkrose lover as well and have been pretty successful for an amateur green thumb in growing them...I get the disease resistant ones & the climbers are pretty hardy even up here in Canada!! your collections..

  9. Thanks for participating in "World of Treasures and for all you did to make this a fun event..


  10. Oh My Gosh! You have so many beautiful, wonderful treasures! Those doorstoppers are FABULOUS! And the rose paintings are gorgeous!!!!

  11. Janet,

    I was lucky enough to happen upon your blogpage from the House in the Roses World of Treasures party. I absolutely love your page and will enjoy reading it for day's to come. I welcome you to visit my page & shop on Etsy as well. I am a rose lover from way back, it began by watching my father lovingly tend his magnificent rose garden.
    Thank you for sharing all your beauties, your forms are incredible!
    Merry Christmas.