Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mid Week Musings

Hump day, mid week....whatever you like to call it, I will try and post a Mid Week Musings most weeks when time permits.

This has been one of those weeks that I am soooo glad to be living in South Florida! Not to upset those living in most of the rest of the country where the weather has been freezing cold...
.but just remember we get hurricanes here and you probably do not! I have really been enjoying having the house open and the air conditioner shut off for a change, and my office chair where I spend tons o' time has such a sweet view of the pool and yard. In fact I was day dreaming today, and something caught the corner of my eye outside. I grabbed my Canon XTI and did a quick switcheroo to the telephoto lens....and here is one of the shots that I was able to capture of a Great White Heron. Munching on lizards I suspect.....we have tons here, and my fur baby Murphy makes a daily sport of chasing them as well.

Lucky me.....looky here at what came in my mail today from the Chez Fifi household! Sceur Sylvie sat quitely at poolside here at Maison Shabbyfufu doing her needlework for a couple of days, and these French Lavender Sachets are the result of some of her stitching. They are going to be put up for sale on the website probably on Friday. Aren't they gorgeous?
Merci Sylvie!

That's all she wrote for the time being. I have been furiously working away on the "back end" of the website to bring new products for Friday, before I head out on a Buying Trip.

See you soon!
~ XO~ Janet

Monday, January 28, 2008

Fingers To The Bone

Been workin' my fingers to the bone over here and trying to get caught up on Shabbyfufu biz.....the house of neglect lately with the "other projects" that have ensued. If things go according to plan, we are off on weekend website buying trips for the next several weekends. This means squeezing way too much into short weeks, so hopefully I am up to the task. I have been trying to take my daily vits, exercise every morning and make the Mr. and I some healthy meals. Speaking of the Mr......he was most pleased with his results of 2 hrs and seven seconds on the half marathon, and is no worse for the wear the next day. I would definitely be keeling over.....ah well!

Spring Fling is on the way....lots of teacup lighting (including LOTS of Nighteas.....more of our French inspired paperweights and some new items to the Bejeweled Bijoux. A bit of a sneak peek....look for more coming with our website Newsletter launch at the end of the week.

Lastly......but certainly not leastly, we are just THRILLED to have a new guest artisan coming on board that "makes her sewing machine sing!"

More later........for now, have a beautiful day!
~XO~ Janet
at Shabbyfufu

Friday, January 25, 2008

Marathon Man

Just a quick post to say HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, and to wish my sweetie (aka "Mr. Shabbyfufu"!) a great run in the Miami Marathon on Sunday. He will only be doing the half marathon this year, not that he is slowing down with the gray hair and all......but been there and done that a few times and he doesn't want to wear himself out too much. After all, this is Miami and it's often VERY hot and muggy down here. I couldn't possibly keep up with him and never have been able to, but I do try and get my exercise in too when time permits. GOOD LUCK ol' blue eyes!

I am going to try and post a Friday Shoppe Talk (obviously on Fridays) when I can, since I know that some of the Shabbyfufu customers do read this blog, as well as my other bloggy friends.

I have been working on something exciting this week, but I don't want to let out of the bag just yet:-). It's put me behind on the website once again, but a fun project.

We are going to be working on new NIGHTEAS this weekend, so look for a FRESH BATCH coming perhaps late on Sunday. Also will be posting some china and other finds either then, or early in the week....and hopefully some Shabbyfufu Studio creations that I have been just itching to get to. Only so many hours in a day!!

Lots of love to all......
~XO~ Janet

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Little Bit Of This And A Bit Little Of That

This post truly is a bit of this and that, lots of bases to cover and release from my overtaxed brain!

First I want to thank everyone who left a comment or emailed about t
he Romantic Country photo shoot. I am truly humbled by the opportunity, and it was a wonderful THANKS:-). More news hopefully to come from me on that issue when I can. It promises to be a FABULOUS read, as we all know that Fifi will be outdoing her first issue as editor with beautiful pages to behold.

I hope that everyone had a great LONG weekend with an extra day to do whatever. We decided to head up to our beach home on Saturday morning to meet up with our girls, while they had an extra day off from their college classes. Little did we know when we were fortunate to nab that place a few years back that our girls would be attending college on the north side of our "meeting place", and we would be able to rendevous~works out just great. It was cocooning weather even down here in the sunshine state with a storm passing through, and the only ones that were brave enough to be out on the beach were the surfers. I hope that you guys were watching out for the sharks!!

We came back early Monday as Mr. Shabbyfufu had to work, and I spent most of the day organizing and putting away (finally!) the Christmas decor that we had out for the Romantic Country shoot. I definitely DO NOT want to see those items until next year!

Remember the antique French bed that I purchased (for a song!) that is blogged about in a previous post? I finished that project, or at least part of it....and wanted to share. Mr S. was kind enough to indulge my vision, as he is often known to do....and cut the headboard to size to fit in front of our bedroom fireplace mantel (hope that I spelled that correctly Barbara!). Then I went to work with lots of layers of paint, and here is the end result.

I really LOVE the way that it came out~what do you think? Notice the little CROWN on the top~fit for a queen's boudoir~lol! I still have the footboard and have another vision for Mr. S......and if it comes out the way that I feel it will, on to the website at Shabbyfufu it will go.

Our customers and friends have been asking for more items....we have posted a few, including some gorgeous hand painted china from Farnaz (need a spot for your reading glasses?), Valentine cards and tags from our talented Pastelle Paperie artisan Julie, Mosaic pieces from Elizabeth, lighting from Kristen... and check out the old concrete cherub from Laura. We have some exciting news on the horizon about new pieces.....will let you know soon! By popular request, more of our Shabbyfufu Nighteas will be on the website sometime this weekend.

Last bit before I head out the brave are you? Do you have any children at home that are between the ages of 6~18? Do you love to pamper yourself and perhaps want to make a kook $20k and be on a major TV show? I was contacted by a producer at the wildly successful show WIFESWAP asking me if I knew of anyone~customer/friend who might be interested. A bit of the email:

I am a Casting Producer for ABC's Wife Swap. For our 4th season, we are looking for girly-girl moms that love to pamper themselves and their children! I am emailing you because we often find some of our best families by emailing businesses that cater to the demographic we are looking for.

Let me know if you want to be considered~with your name and a phone number (cell # is fine) and I will post the info along to her. You can contact me through the website CONTACT US assured that your info will NOT be shared with anyone else.

Have a great day.......
~XO~ Janet

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Romantic Country Photo Shoot

Mentally and physically exhausted would be an understatement, as the
double duty photo shoot of my home (2008 Spring issue and 2008
Christmas issue) has come to what we think is a successful completion.

I can't remember the last time that I took a 2 hour nap unless I was sick
or had a migraine, but I could not stop myself from indulging in such a
luxury today!

The Fufu and Fifi shoot went pretty much as scheduled, and has been
an incredible learning experience and utter joy for me in so many ways.

First, the fabulous Fifi O'Neill is every bit what you might imagine h
er to
be! She is a petite darling, a wisp of a free spirit that has boundless
energy and a style unlike anyone that I have known in my years on the
planet. I thoroughly enjoyed our time chatting about decorating,
business, people, upcoming projects to work on, and our respective life
experiences. Fifi's sister Sylvie is equally as petite, with her personal
style reflecting the tailored elegance that you often see in the cafe's in
Paris~although Sylvie resides in Provence. She is a charming woman
who quietly spent the days creating her lovely needlework pieces while
sitting by my pool, relaxing and trying to stay out of the way of the hustle
bustle. It was a pleasure to meet photographer Dan Mayers and his
quirky assistant, who were the consumate professionals and whose
work I have long admired. He was gracious enough to teach me a few
photo tips when time permitted, for which I am extremely grateful.

Although our visit was brief, Claudia Strasser of the chic website, blog
and book The Paris Apartment met us for coffee this morning. Another
petite doll with apparent over the top boundless energy that is awe
inspiring! Claudia is what we Floridian's would affectionately call "a
snowbird"~wintering in Miami, and hopefully we can get together again

Other than stating that my colors are white, pink and aqua....I am somewhat sworn to
secrecy about the shoot as far as photos go,
so hang on and see what Fifi has in store for Romantic Country
magazine with the upcoming issue and those ahead. Enjoy the
photos......I will post more photos soon as time permits........until later~

~ XO~ Janet

Fifi and Dan going over countless and endless details. They are both perfectionists to the max and work together like a finely tuned auto! Mr. Shabbyfufu is trying to garner a few pointers in the background:-)

Moi, and sweet Fifi......
The tiny waif makes me (at 5'6") look Amazonian in comparison, but I forgive her:-)

The elegant Sylvie having a smoke outside.....(aka"making a phone call":-)

The camera equipment takes up an entire room!

My tired self, Claudia and Fifi.......three chatty divas (excuse the poor lighting)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Photo Shoot

Okay ladies....the cat has been let out of the proverbial bag so I can now safely spill the beans about something that I have known about for sometime now and held quiet:-). The fabulous Fifi O'Neill (editor of Romantic Country Magazine) is coming into my home town of Miami today to spend a few days with me, and I am so looking forward to meeting the gal who is a muse to so many who embrace the romantic lifestyle! She had contacted me awhile back requesting photos with the possibility of doing a photo shoot of my home. Of course I feel honored and extremely flattered to have been selected for a shoot, since she has such a keen and amazing eye. I have had a number of projects in the press over the years, but not my home this will be an adventure no doubt to relish and enjoy.

Although we have been organizing, arranging and prepping for a couple of weeks now~I am SURE that we aren't ready! Today will be for setting up any further details, with a Christmas shoot scheduled for Monday (for next year publication) and then house shoot on Tuesday.

My husband and I will be getting a double dose of French chic~as Fifi's talented (and I am sure equally as sweet:-) sister Sylvie just came in from France and will be joining her. Dan Mayers and his assistant will be flying in from New York tomorrow, and I truly can't wait to pick up whatever photography tips I can pull from a master. I am keeping my finger's crossed that the weather will cooperate, as tropical Miami is known for it's balmy ocean breezes and sunny days in the winter. Fifi penned that she is looking forward to some hot Cuban food, so a run to Calle Oche may be in the cards. Have a safe drive across Alligator Alley sweet girls~the coffee is on and we eagerly await meeting you both in person!

Stay tuned for more later on......and have a wonderful and sunny day and week ahead~whatever mother nature brings your way! XO~ Janet

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Brocante Booty

I am still alive and promise to get a better handle on my blogging in the next couple of weeks when the air clears around here from various exciting events that will be revealed later on:-).

I just had to share the way my day started out today.....with an early morning treasure jaunt in the rain that resulted in a big time score of pirate's booty, brocante or junk. Whatever the moniker, I decide
d to go to a local garage sale this morning, which I hardly ever do anymore as they just don't result in the finds of years long past. However, I did check the paper this morning and noticed that this particular sale was being held at a friend's house who owns a fabulous antique shop, where I am a member of the frequent buyer's club~lol! She does these sales once a year or so and she really has a great eye and lots of French off I went in the pouring rain to check out her stash. Everything was wet and the sign out in front said "Sale canceled until noon or rain stops". Everyone was just about to leave (this was at 8 a.m.) and the rain let up for about 15 minutes, so she let the faithful bargain seekers have at it! Some of my finds are keepers, some projects and some will go on the website at Shabbyfufu once ready. Here are some of my tattered treasures:

A trio of vintage wicker hat stands. I LOVE these and happen to collect antique bonnets and vintage hats, so they may be hard to part with, but I will probably break down and put at least one or two for sale on the website.

Antique French plaque and print from the early 1900's. These are genuine old pieces, a bit tattered...just how I prefer things:-). These will be offered on the website, perhaps this week if time permits.

This fragment was part of a broken French lighting sconce. I have already removed the lighting and know just what I plan on using the fragment for. Will post pix later on of the project that I have in mind once completed!
This Antique wedding gown has oodles and oodles of the best net lace and ruffles galore! Dare I say that it will be cut and utilized for my Shabbyfufu dress form (mannequin) projects and perhaps a lampshade or two?

My older daughter is a fledgling photographer (quite good actually:-) and I just started her on a collection of antique and vintage cameras for display purposes only. These were great finds at $2 and $5 each!

I just couldn't resist this retro bit of vintage kitsch! Commonly referred to as a "T.V. Lamp" from around the 50's, and with the seashells and flamingos I just had to have it! If you have ever seen my website logo with the flamingos, I do collect them....this might be fun to put on the patio.

Saving what I think is the best for last....this old French bed that is gilded and ornate, yet tattered and shabby fabulous! I believe that it's a full size and is complete with the foot board and the rails. I am not sure what will become of this one.......tons of possibilities for projects. I might make it into a bench, fireplace screen or shelves~will need to ponder for a bit.

I hope that you have a great weekend, and will talk to you soon~
XO~ Janet