Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blissful Birthday

Thank you my sweet friends for the emails wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you to the lovely ladies on MMP who posted birthday wishes as well. It's true that I am leaving MMP ...but I will miss the friends that I have made there, so don't be a stranger and blog with me!

The day was a quiet one, which was nice. I had to do some of this yesterday:

and will hopefully finish all of the website listings TODAY.

Mr Shabbyfufu came home early for a change, and we went out to a lovely dinner at a favorite restaurant called Papichi. If you can guess what Papichi stands for, I will seriously send you a prize....seriously! Hint....it's an acronym of sorts. In any event, the food is great and the serv
ice excellent. We took Fifi and crew there when she was in town and they all loved it as well.

UPDATE: I just wanted to update that someone indeed did guess what PAPICHI stands for, and will be the recipient of a lovely surprise that was mailed out today! I don't believe that LISA has a blog:
Blogger Lisa said...

Janet ~ Love your blog and read it all the time.

Is the acronym for the restaurant

pasta,pizza & chicken?


February 27, 2008 2:49 PM

I never expect much on my b'day, as my needs are simple and when I do need something I usually buy it for myself. I got lotsa cards, some $$$ from Mom and my F.I.L., phone calls from my darling daughters, and from Mr. Shabbyfufu, these simple pleasures:

I did get this sweet gift from my sister, who had us over on Sunday along with some family members:

And a friend just stopped by unexpectedly on her way to work and brought me this:

My dining room table looks like this today:

So I had better get back to my website listings, as I am in the middle of a bunch of projects and need to finish up!


P.S.........This AMAZING and ever so GENEROUS gift just arrived from my dear Aussie friend Gail McCormack. You are a naughty girl Gail sending me all of those goodies and I will treasure them always! For those who don't know Gail....she is such a talented painter as well as a kind soul.....so please pop in and pay her a visit. You Aussie girls are truly the sweetest, and you make my day when I hear from you.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Shoppe Talk

It's been awhile since I have done a Friday Shoppe Talk....the veritable "so much to do, so little time". Boxes are packed and out the door this morning, sigh of relief. I have lots running in the brain to work on, will see what I can get done if I turn this darn computer off for a bit the next couple of days. Monday is my birthday, and we will up at my sissy's on Sunday with some family for a little fête.

I am trying to get the Bits & Pieces Boutique going on the website, which you may have noticed. My studio closets are crammed with bits and pieces that I have collected over a life time of creative endeavors, so I figured that I could part with some goodies for you creative gals. Also working on some stuff for the annual opening of our Beach Cottage Boutique...sometime in March with some fabu things on the way that you won't find anywhere else:-).

But for now.........look for this Wowzie Antique French Mannequin (among some other goodies) next week on Shabbyfufu which is a recent Buying Trip acquisition. Thought about it being a keeper for a long and hard couple of weeks, but I am more of a finder than a keeper....and she's quite a treasure.

One more quick note, I opened our local paper with my cuppa Joe this morning to find this article by the humorist Dave Barry....which happened to be about colonoscopies. " A Journey Into My Colon And Yours" is a
MUST read (click on the link) if you are having any issues or are in the 50+ age group.....and in true ROTFLOL Dave Barry style. Have a wonderful weekend ladies.......and maybe a fête of your own!

XOXO~ Janet ~

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Easy Peasy Day's Night

I am here ya'll, and things were not so bad with the dreaded arse intervention, with all results just fine. Whew, old Fuff is good to go for the next five years! Seriously though, I have had quite a few emails from peeps who said that they need to go have a colonoscopy for one reason or another but are too scared. It's really not that bad, and they have come a long way since the last one that I had five years back. The meds that you take to flush you out are improved and it's down to a timed science....so that you can have a great sleep the night before (easy peasy:-). The anesthesia that they use nowadays is much better, knocks you right out and you wake up feeling ready to rock....no hangover. This morning I went out as usual for my 4 miler....no worse for the wear. Sooooo....I sincerely hope that if you read this and are on the fence......you go have it done. Colon cancer is a bad wtg, and it's very preventable if you have early detection.

As I said...I really felt fine when I came home yesterday, but the doc said to take it easy.....so I did lots of nothing and roolaxed. My sweet Mr Shabbyfufu brought me some bo
oks on France that he borrowed from a friend, and I was totally immersed and it's been hard to stop reading them, even today. He knows that I have the itch to go back, it's been a couple of years......but he is too busy working to slip away at this time. We do have a trip planned to Italy and Spain actually fairly soon....really looking forward to that:-).
I thought that you might enjoy a few shots taken from the books.....so here you go!

I want to thank my sweet friends who have emailed and/or posted comments~it really means so much to me......XOXOXOXO,

P.S. Will TRY and post a Friday Shoppe Talk tomorrow. Today is packing orders day for shipping, and writing checks to the Shabbyfufu artists day.......and there are some projects that I have to share, and new website offerings on the way.

Talk soon!

Monday, February 18, 2008

On The Way

Just have time for a quick post, and wanted to say Happy Monday! This is a day off work for many in the U.S....as it's President's Day. Personally I try not to think too much about our current prez....and it looks like we already know who the next one will be. Definitely TIME FOR A CHANGE!

To my sweet customers, we have a "fresh batch" of our Nighteas completed and some other lovely lighting. It's been dark and dreary...and very hard to get any decent photos, even with The Camera. Will try and do that later today, but for now errands are calling my name. In any event, take a peek at the main page of the website for a sneak peak. Speaking of Shabbyfufu
what do you think of the new look? It was time for a change and I enjoy doing graphic design, and played around for quite awhile in Photoshop before I settled on it.

I received a package o' goodies this past weekend that I had ordered from my darlin' friend Tara over at Wriskey of the Koolest T~shirts on the planet! I can't wait to wear these when I am out junkin.....take a trip over and see what she has to offer with more on the way.

I will be slightly out of commission for a couple of days this week (no Mid Week Musings), as I am doing the dreaded colonoscopy that I have done every five years on the order of my Dr after having a previous polyp........bleck!

Hope that ya'll have a great week......lots of love and hugs,

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Je T'aime~OWOH Winner

With LOVE to all on this Valentines Day, again I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog and hope that your day is a beautiful one! There were 227 entries into my OWOH giveway, and I wish that I could send you each something other than my best wishes and little kisses....but that would take an eternity I think! Thank you, thank you....it truly means a lot to my humble self:-).

I used a random number generator, and can't seem to copy and paste it......but it selected number 14, who is Ms. Suzy of GeorgiaPeachez.
Email me with your address, and I will send everything your way next week!

Since there were so many entries I am adding a yet undetermined second prize....but will make sure that it's a yummy one too:-). That number selected on the random number generator was number 212, This Girl Remembers a wonderful photographer. Please email me with your shipping address and your goody will go out next week!

To everyone else, see you soon~enjoy your day and ......lots of love~
Janet at Shabbyfufu

Monday, February 11, 2008

Where The Wild Things Are

It's been wild beyond my absolute wildest imagination....that my OWOH has close to 200 entries today! In response to all of the wonderful posts and emails, and happy birthdays that I have received, and also in honor of my 50th post here.......I will be adding on a second prize. It's as yet to be determined, but I will try and make it wonderful in the spirit of giving....something that I have always been a huge believer in for as long as I can remember. Wonderful to see that so many of my fellow blogging friends feel the same way:-).

I need to keep this post brief, as I am working on editing photos for the website with LOTS to list from the recent Buying Trips. We have been stocking up on tons of treasures, and as time permits will adding to the website at Shabbyfufu. BTW....since we always have requests for more of our Nighteas (patent pending), look for a fresh batch tonight~in limited quantities. What
else is coming??? I dug into the supply of china that we have amassed and will be posting lots of odds and ends grouped together in nice lots. We also just finished an amazing new chandelier, and picked up a couple of killer vintage Italian Tole chandeliers.....and lots more. Something new coming from sweet Gail McCormack for our U.S. girls. She is fast becoming the favorite artist of so many. Take a peek at her Blogspot to learn more about this incredible Aussie artist and her EXQUISITE work!

Remember that old childhood classic by Maurice Sendak "Where The Wild Things Are"? With my new camera I was able to capture this WILD and SCARY creature the other evening behind our home. We live on the water, and he (she?) lives underneath the next door neighbor's dock. This is no small lizard....at about 4 FEET LONG! Sorry for the blurry pic, it was getting dark out and I don't think that I had the right settings.

This WILD THING is our darling six year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel....not really very wild, but we think he's rather sweet.

If you haven't yet had a chance to look at all of the OWOH giveaways, please click on the link that I posted for it. WARNING.....you might spend hours cruising around bloglandia!

Have a great week.....will try and update with my usual Mid Week Musings on Thurs this week to announce the winner (s).


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mid Week Musings~Shabbyfufu Blog Giveaway

Grrrrr........I got on my treadmill this morning only to have it start wildly blinking after a couple of minutes, and then it died on me. Not a great start to the day but onward and upward with a blog giveaway. It's February....the month of LOVE (and also my birthday:-), so what better way to show it then to gift someone with some lovely items. Just do the usual....leave a comment, and I will draw the winner on Valentine's Day. You have a pretty good chance of winning here......so please don't hesitate! The winner will get all of the goodies below (and more) to include:

One yard of a fabulous vintage floral barkcloth that is unused and in mint condition. I love this barkcloth so much that I slipcovered my office chair in it!

Three yards of the best vintage seam binding that has little pink roses in the pattern....great stuff.

A vintage roses
small teapot, a Limoges pink roses creamer and another beautiful vintage rose & blue ribbon creamer.....all lovely.

A framed 1911 Easter postcard, that although hard to depict in the photos.....has a pink rose, white bird and is extreme cottage sweet. Framed in one of our signature antique chippy wood molding frames~under glass.

A framed reproduction of an antique French Easter postcard from my c
ollection.....in a frame made here in our studio that is pink and has a ribbon carving at the top.

A vintage large candy box in the shape of a heart with the original millinery fleur~SwEeT.

A glass paperweight (which we sell on the website) created with vintage pink roses wallpaper and embellishments.

A few do dads of old salvage....a rusty old French fleur de lis, brass heart finding, old floral curtain pin.

A shabby vintage trophy cup.....which we will fill with some seashells.

A vintage satin heart pillow sham with embroidered detail. You will need to stuff or insert your own form.

A pretty in pink antique porcelain soap dish, with one of our signature Italian soaps~tied in pink tulle with a vintage millinery rose tied on.

A reproduction sheet of antique baby soap labels that I picked up from a vendor on my last trip to Paris.

Last.....but certainly NOT least, for all of our DIY friends, a nice sized stack of antique sheet music and antique wallpaper......pink roses and one stac
k with a white lace motif over green.

Have a wonderful day~
~ XO~ Janet