Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shabbyfufu Shoppe Talk

For a time I was doing a Friday Shoppe Talk, but since life has been a bit off kilter as of late I decided to post this today.

Trying to play catch up I have been working most of the weekend on packing and shipping, the dreaded PAPERWORK, paying quarterly biz taxes, and posting new items on the website.....WHEW! In betwixt and between I have been working on a new writing project (more about that later:-) and enjoying some quiet time with Mr. Shabbyfufu. No dinners out or any of that this weekend....but we try and do a Sunday morning breakfast out at our favorite local restaurant whenever we are in town. MAN....they have the BEST grits south of the Mason Dixon!
Back to SHOPPE TALK....the Beach Cottage Chic Boutique has opened, with some mosaic projects both with traditional mosaic and seashell art....always fun to do! Currently I am working on a chandelier for the Beach lover....will post pics of that whenever it's finished.

The "ladies" have been named by my daughter. One is now spoken for and will be headed off to her new Texas ranch home soon (the other still available:-).

A fresh batch of our Nighteas are available....and I am happy to
say that we have invested in some equipment that helps us to automate the process and get more Mr. Fufu!

Our darlin' Pastelle Paperie designer Julie has an entire page of the PRETTIEST new cards

Sweet Kristen has an incredible new floor chandelier to be listed.

The lovely Laura has some new Stained Glass Windows and more on the way.

My dear friend Farnaz (the most talented porcelain painter on the planet!) has had an amazing couple of weeks with orders and has assured me that she is "brushing, brushing" (and I quote!), so if you are one of her fans....please, please be patient. By the way, if you need an OFFICE or STUDIO sign, these have been a mucho requested item and can be painted with any wording that you desire with Worldwide shipping.

I hope that you have a great week........

Talk soon~

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mid Week Musings~Therapy Session

It's at times like this that I am so appreciative that I have always had my art to turn to. I have been in the studio most of the last couple of days working on something that has been a passion for my creative spirit over the last seven or eight dress forms. I consider myself a mixed media artist.....for those who don't know, I was schooled in the arts (many moons ago!) and have done just about it all from painting to pottery to fabric creations and even weaving~all of which I taught as well, back in the days before having children. So with that as my roots in the art world, I don't know what it is about creating these "ladies" that I love so much? I just know that when I get started on one of these mannequins I really get in the zone, and if the house burned down around me I might not notice or even care! In any event......these two chics are finished except for their stands, and then they need to be named~which my sweet older daughter loves to help with. Watch for them on the website probably late this weekend.....along with whatever else I can get muster up in my "therapy sessions" in the studio!

P.S........I have several extra copies of ROMANTIC COUNTRY available for purchase. I won't put them on the website, but if you want to buy a copy~contact me with your email address and I will be happy to send a Paypal invoice. I can ship internationally.......just let me know.


Monday, March 24, 2008

With Each Passing Day

As many of you know, I haven't blogged for the last week due to the untimely passing of my dear older brother Russell. He has been peacefully laid to rest, and I have been gathering my thoughts and spending extra time with our family members and friends. Speaking of friends.....I am so grateful, humbled and feel so blessed with all of the support from the on~line community~both fellow bloggers, dear customers, other website owners that I have met over the years and the sweet artisans who work with me on the website. The emails, comments, phone calls, cards, flowers and gifts have really touched my heart ladies.....and have truly helped to brighten these difficult days. THANK YOU all so very much, you are appreciated:-).

This week I hope to get back to work a bit when I can, and will be planning the website Newsletter with some fabulous new things coming in April from myself and the other artisans on the site.

I FINALLY got my hands on the new Romantic Country Magazine, which unfortunately seems to be a difficult one to find. I know that many of the bloggers are aware that my home was in a Photo Shoot a couple of months back, which I had blogged about after Fifi had posted about it on her blog. I have had quite a few emails asking where my house is.....which I knew did not make it into this particular issue. It should be in the summer issue (my Florida house is very summery anyway) let's see what happens:-). Fifi is doing a wonderful job with the magazine, hopefully you will be able to locate a copy in your neck of the woods. My "pen and quill" got a workout for this issue (okay, my keyboard!) as I wrote a 10 page article on the BEAUTIFUL home of Debbie Del Rosario. She was a delight to talk to, and a big help in filling me in on the details of her ROSE RETREAT. I see some Gail McCormack paintings hanging about, nice to see the work of my friends in these homes. Speaking of pretty work....Debbie creates beautiful jeweled picture frames that you can find on her Ebay ID under the name of Bubbathump (don't ask~lol!).
Look for the piece about my dear friend Tara, and her gorgeous website Bella Pink......and sewing whiz Debbie La France (finally happy to see your home Debbie!) who sells her stunning candle bags and sachets on the website at Shabbyfufu.

That's all she wrote (or I wrote) for now,
I will leave with a little sneak peek at some studio projects coming to the website soon:

Talk soon~

Sunday, March 16, 2008


To my dear blogging friends and website customers:

I won't be blogging for at least the next week. My beloved older brother Russell passed away suddenly on Friday night while in his hotel room in San Jose, California on a business trip. Russ was a respected life long journalist based in Portland, Oregon. He was out in California reporting for a tech conference, and although details of his passing are still not fully known, it appears that he caught a bug and was not feeling well. He was a gentle soul who will be dearly missed by his family and friends.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mid Week Musings ~Half In The Bag

New Teacup Chandelier On The Website Today

No, I am not hungover.....but while taking my daily morning walk today I decided that today needs to be the day for a new handbag. I have been using the same handbag all winter long, and although I have enjoyed carrying it, the zipper became stuck once again....and seems to be too stubborn to let it's tough bite onto the lining go.

Needless to say I don't want my cell phone, keys or (heaven forbid) my wallet falling out while they are "half in the bag", so out it goes with the trash today!
Probably a sign that I should take advantage of the fact that my fashionista daughters are still in town, and will be glad to go shopping with me and my credit card at the drop of a hat (or purse in this case)! We affectionately call the girls the fashion police around here, as they definitely are way more hip than the parents~and often dictate how we are going to look when spending time cruising around with them. Does anyone else out there have a fashion cop in their brood~geeez?!

Here is what makes my bag heavy enough to require a forklift to raise it up to the hook in my

Too fat and also outdated wallet. Now it's not fat with money or credit cards....frankly I can't figure out for the life of me what makes it weighs 2 tons~but out it will go too.

The ubiquitous cell phone~we all have them, and luckily this one doesn't weigh much. Looky who has the place of prominence as my wallpaper:-)

Keys, necessity of modern life....and my Wriskey from Tara, which makes finding them easier.

Humongous sunglass case with my prescription Coach sunglasses that I need for driving (and looking like a Miami girl:-).

Sweet pink Kleenex holder......what can I say~I have allergies!

Large bottle of hand cleaning germicide, I HATE to get sick.

Little vintage beaded " pill purse"depending on the day~perhaps an entire pharmacy is in here.

Three checkbooks.....doesn't everyone have three of these~lol!? One carries my biz checks and my tax resale certificate for when I am website shopping, one is my personal checkbook and then the other our household checkbook.....although in my book~credit card is

Papers, pens, lip glosses, hairbrush and other assorted junkola.

My favorite gum, Orbit Cinnamint for that "Just Brushed Clean Feeling".

So.........if you ever see this girl trotting around Miami with that bag ag
ain, please stop and report her to the police (fashion police that is)!!! Now..........fess up~ WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG?

I am honored to have received a You Make My Day Award from the darling Lisa at palepinkandroses
Please stop by and say hi to her when you have a chance!

Will hopefully blog at'cha more on Friday.......lots to say!

XOXO to all of my sweet friends~

Friday, March 7, 2008

Studio Stuff

Literally I have just a quick minute to wish everyone out in Bloglandia a wonderful weekend! I did a whole buncha cleaning out and organizing in the studio today. It's always a great feeling to get those things accomplished that have been on that nagging "to do list" for awhile.
I am expecting at least one of our daughters home any minute. The other may be driving home tomorrow, as the weather here in Florida has been very driving tonight may not be the wisest thing. I have been informed that they are both kinda sick and need their mama's care........hopefully I won't catch the college crud~fingers crossed!

Friday Shoppe Talk~it was a busy week on Shabbyfufu and all of the artisans (including moi) are so grateful to our wonderful customers, old and new:-). While I was organizing the studio I put together some lots of exquisite trims, papers, and old textiles that will be posted hopefully over the weekend in our Bits and Pieces Boutique. Tons o' Pale Pinks, Whites and Aquas to be found. The last bunch went quickly, this batch is ever so pretty too.

I must run....cookin' up some salmon, brown rice and broccoli to put some good food into the college kids!

Lots of love~XOXO

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mid Week Musings, Pink Roses And Friends

Mid Week Musings and lots to say......but first on the agenda I hope that everyone is having a nice week so far:-).

This is a busy one here, I posted lots on the website yesterday and sent out a quick Newsletter. Today I NEED to bathe and groom this guy~

as he is a stinkpot and needs to be ready for the onslaught of his "sissies" coming home from college at the end of the week. Really happy here to have the girlies coming home for a week of Spring Break, and spending some time with them.

I was awarded this week by sweet Siobahn of The Vintage Mosaic Boutique with this ~

and I thank you so much for thinking of me:-). If you have to time to visit her blog, she just had a wonderful make over from the talented Cathy of Avalon Rose Design.

I was also tagged by my friend Jennifer of The Old Painted Cottage to list 7 random things about myself, which I will do in a jiffy. If you know Jennifer not only does she have a wonderful website, but she has been doing her "Cottage Of The Month" for a good couple of years now.......and it's a MUST visit:-).

Now I know that I am supposed to pass both of these along....but honestly I think that most of the bloggers that I know have been the beneficiary of both of these....and I hate to leave anyone out. Okie dokie.....that being stated:

Seven Random Facts About Moi:

1. I love peace and quiet and am not a huge fan of big crowds and noisy places. Although I love to travel, it's always great to be back home.

2. The first time that I ever flew, I was 14 yrs young, and my parents put me on a 747 alone to spend the summer with my dear cousins in Paris.

3. I used to get car sick when I was a kid pretty much even just riding around the block. It never stopped me from going anywhere, but was not the most pleasant thing for sure. Th
ank goodness I have outgrown it, but still get tipsy on mountain roads or in a rocky boat.

4. I wore braces on my teeth as adult a few years ago. Second time around, and I am happy that I decided to go for it.

5. I have always been an artist and entreprenuer. I must have been around 8 or 9 years old when I organized a craft fair with a whole group of friends where we used to spend our summers by a lake.

6. I am a pretty good instinctual cook and never follow recipes. I don't like t
o bake though, which is a good thing.

7. I cringe when there is a thunderstorm during the night and have to huddle with my sweetie. We went through Hurricane Andrew and it was a night of sheer terror with glass breaking, our roof flying o
ff and our house destroyed. Something I will never forget and wouldn't want to live through again.


One of the most special and long standing on~line friendships that I
have is with Farnaz Farzad, who does the incredible Porcelain Painting on Shabbyfufu. She is not only extremely talented (porcelain painting is tough to master!) but just a dear lady. She had some company in from Germany, and they went to Vegas. She called me all giddy yesterday to tell me that she found a wall in one of the restaurants at the Mandalay Bay hotel that had 3,500 fresh PINK ROSES on it! Of course being a Rose Painter, she had to take some I wanted to share them with you. She told me that each rose is placed in it's own glass flower frog, and that they are checked and "weeded" daily. Although real....they have no scent, so as not to compete with the smell of the food!

Farnaz and her husband under the Dale Chihuly art glass ceiling at the Bellagio Hotel. I had the pleasure of staying at the Bellagio on our last trip out to Vegas a couple of years back. Worth going in if you ever find yourself in Vegas, just to see Chihuly's work!

Leaving you today with a few of my favorite PINK ROSE collectibles in my home. Have a wonderful day!

A favorite tattered old hand painted rose plate that had been given to me by my mother (thanks Mom:-).

A huge pink tole tray that if I could be given a dollar for every time I have been asked over the years "is that tray for sale?" I could retire now!

A great old hooked rug that I traded something with a favorite local dealer for. Won't sell that one either~EVAA!

A random collection of rose china that I have been collecting for decades now....on a great shelf by Elizabeth Willhite, who does mosaics for the website.

One of my treasured Victorian rose paintings. I started collecting those quite awhile ago when they were reasonably priced and easier to find....not so much nowadays.

Talk soon~

Monday, March 3, 2008

Escape Artist

Every now and again we feel the need to escape, so Mr. Fuffs and I took a nice relaxing three day weekend up at our beach island retreat. It's so quiet there, that we feel like we have some sort of strange relaxing bug...which is something that I could get used to big time! We had company for lunch on Friday with some family in town, and our eldest drove down from college to spend the weekend with us chillin. We did manage to get a nice hike in on Saturday, which was in a nature preserve across the road called Jack Island. It's basically a swampy mangrove with a man made path around the island....not much to see but native birds. I was hoping to maybe run into (not literally!) a gator, but not this time.

Will blog more about awards, biz, and such mid week.....but need to play catch~up today!

What did you do this weekend? I love to read about everyone else's adventures:-)

Talk soon~