Saturday, April 26, 2008

This And That

What do you think? A bit of a new look for the blog to freshen things up a bit, courtesy of the fabulous Cathy of Avalon Rose Designs. I have never been one to jump on any trendy bandwagons and have always loved the very different look of the Shabbyfufu logo, and Cathy was able to incorporate it so nicely I think:-)

I had some personal business to tend to this past week, so was not able to do any blogging or much with the website. Hopefully I will be back at it some more this week, I have missed you'all! Tonight I used a Random Number Integer to pick a winner of one of the Shabbyfufu Nighteas. There were just 40 entries and it selected the lucky (in this case) number 13, which belongs to Heather of House Of Devign. Thanks to everyone, I will do another giveway soon!

Been working on some new projects and will be in the studio doing some more tomorrow, including a couple of Teacup Chandeliers~one of my favorite things to design.

The girls just finished up another year of college and will be home soon, at least for a little bit. Our older daughter should be rolling in early this week, the younger later in the week......and then she leaves for a study abroad in Greece and Spain~lucky her! Will blog more about their antics later.

That's it for tonite........will TTYL!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blog Giveaway At Shabbyfufu

I hope that you had a great weekend ladies! I am betting that more of you have been outside enjoying a weather warm up, and not inside on the computer as much! Of course being in tropical Miami, it's the complete opposite here. Once the dreaded summer weather sets in (too soon!) it will be 100% humidity and 100 degrees and will make me want air conditioning at least 100 % of the time! Seriously it's been a beautiful winter weatherwise, and I have been enjoying the outdoors immensely. This morning Mr. Fufu and I went on a 4 mile jog/walk down to the bay that spills into the ocean, went out to our local breakfast place (where we know the waitresses by name:-), and then grocery is good on days like this!

Before I tell you about the giveaway, I received a gorgeous gift the other day from my
dear friend Gail McCormack over in Australia. I LOVE this's actually made from real dried Australia roses~imagine that!! Gail is one of the most thoughtful people and an amazing painter. I hope that you can pop over (click on her name) to her website and see what she has been up to lately. Here it is....excuse my scrawny wrist~lol!

Gratefully published once again, this time one of our NIGHTEAS is in the new edition of Tea Time Magazine under their Favorites. For those not familiar with Tea Time, it's put out by the same company as the new Victoria Magazine and Southern Lady Magazine and is beautifully done~not just for tea lovers!

In celebration of our press, we are having a giveaway on the blog for one of our Shabbyfufu Nighteas! Just leave a comment on this post and a name will be drawn by a Random Number Generator next weekend with no purchase necessary. No anonymous posts unless you tell me how to get in touch with you. I might add that due to electrical currents being different overseas, the Nighteas will not work in some countries, so keep that in mind. Thanks to all who are reading this, whether you post comments or not......

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mid Week Musings

Just a quick Mid Week Musings, as several of my bloggy friends have told me that they look forward to it each week~thanks Chics! I am paying the piper for the weekend away at the beach, but it was soooo worth it to spend time with the family.

Lots of packing and shipping has been going on around here the last couple of days, this is what's waiting to be picked up by the Mail LADY today~mostly Nighteas and other assorted "smalls". I remember the days not so long ago in around '99 when I first started selling on the internet and had to drag all of this stuff to the Post Office and wait in line~what a PIA that was! Thankfully it's lots easier now with most of the internet shippers doing pick up. More to pack again today, but that's all good....means things have sold:-)

Just itching to get to these two new American Beauties that I have been designing in my head for the last week or so......hopefully will at least get started today.

My inspiration for the latest Dress Forms came from this old hand embroidered silk textile that I have had hanging around, hence the name....and will be rose strewn in pastel tones.

Other than that, Nighteas are calling my name, but will have to wait for Mr. Fuf's help on the weekend.

Our website seamstress extraordinaire Debbie La France has been embroidering away this week creating the most beautiful Lavender Sachets for Mother's Day and for the TEA LOVER. Here is a sampling....they are in limited quantities with many spoken for~LOVE these!

There goes the doorbell which means the Mail LADY is here~must run!


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Outasite Impromptu

I have been out of site for a few days taking some time off. At the last minute we decided to go up to our beach place on Friday to meet up with our college girls and their friends. The weather has been just gorgeous in Florida (sorry those still in the snow:-) and these impromptu trips are sometimes just what the doctor ordered for our sanity.
Thankfully Mr. Fufu can work remotely, at least for a day....since he has this (a blessing and a curse at times):

Of course we always bring him:

And on the way into the island we stop for groceries, including plenty of this:

Over the bridge to our bit o' paradise, once it's down of course.

Since of course the sun sets in the west, the sunsets over the ocean are not always so spectacular, but I thought that this one was particularly lovely with the pink in the clouds.

The next morning provided us with this incredible sunrise!

I took a walk/jog on the beach down to the jetty where the surfers hang out. There actually is quite a bit of surf, but generally not until the wind picks up later in the day.

I spent the entire day lazing on the beach with a good read and a bottle of suntan lotion. Hardly ever get to do this anymore, it was absolutely medicinal! By the way, I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

Here's me...happy, relaxed and definitely more tan.

We went out to dinner at a seafood restaurant that we enjoy. It's on a marina that has some amazing boats and yachts to look at.

We had the pleasure of the company of this pretty girl, our youngest daughter. She is going to be a senior in college next year....hard to believe how fast the time has gone by!

Our older daughter, her boyfriend and another friend came and spent the night on Saturday. So fun to relax with all of them. Back to work on MONDAY for us all..............

I hope that you had a relaxing weekend......wherever you live!

Talk soon~

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mid Week Musings ~ Sit On It

They say that we spend one third of our lives in bed, but did you ever think of how much time you spend just plain old sitting? Since a big part of what many of us who blog do is just that, I thought that I would share some of the places around my home and garden that I park myself in during the day. I sheepishly admit that I have a chair obsession and if I had the room there would be lots more butt parkers around here! Do you have some favorite chairs to share ladies??? I would love to see where you spend your sitting time!

These kitchen island stools we have had forever, were a gift from a friend of Mr Fuf's who owned the factory where they were made. One of these days I need to make some white linen slipcovers for them....yet another project to get to! This is where I start my the dark with my coffee and newspaper.

The office chair....with my vintage barkcloth slip. No, I don't sell them on the website~although I have had requests~it's too much work with the arms to do another!

I adore this set of antique French living room chairs and they are soooo comfy! Not sure that I can post too much of this room as it was in THE PHOTO SHOOT that hasn't yet been published.....same with my other fave chair that resides in the master bedroom:-).

This lovely antique French chair was plucked from the trash quite a few years back. I simply covered the seat with some Rachel Ashwell fabric, and it generally sits in the front foyer.

Another chair on the cheap....from the Salvation Army (Salve Galleries~lol!) that I think I paid $20 for. It's covered in white silk!

Comfy family room HUGE leather sectional. Since it's the family room, they all had input that it couldn't be too foofy. It's done in a beach cottage style with some French antiques....eclectic, but it really works.

A chair that is not my style, but it's been in the family (on Mr. Fufu's side) for several generations~so I can't touch it. Pretty color needlepoint....

Finally some outdoor favorite places to sit. An old wicker set on the patio, garden "thinking" bench, and a small patio that is down by the water in back of our house.

I hope that you SHARE YOUR CHAIR with us!

~Talk Soon~

Monday, April 7, 2008

Spot O' Tea

Slowly but surely getting back on track here with the website, and spent Sunday working in the Studio on some projects. On Saturday I woke up with what I call a sinus migraine~does anyone out there besides me get those? Sometimes I know that they are caused by pressure changes or low pressure in the air, and lots of times by allergies.....the bane of my existence on this green planet. Maybe a bit by the fact that doggie Fufu sleeps on the bed with us, but I have had them my entire adult life. Really stinks when you have to lose an entire day to pain, but the meds has too many side effects for my liking and regular Tylenol or Advil do nada, zip, zilch for me. A nice cuppa tea is soothing at those times, but alas that's all it does is to sooth. Speaking of tea.........the latest issue of TEATIME Magazine features one of our Shabbyfufu Nighteas located as a stylist's choice under Lindsay's List. Nice folks over at Hoffman Media and it's been a pleasure to work with them over the years.

New things coming this week....but packing and shipping orders calls first, as well as family stuff. Debbie La France designed some Gorgeous Crown Sachets that will be posted this week in several colors (only $20 each), and I will have my order in with her for gifts for some special gals:-). Did you see Debbie's beautiful home in the current issue of Romantic Country Magazine? I am not sure that I had mentioned that in any previous post....but she is truly a master seamstress and her candle bags that are shown on the mantel in the piece on her home are available for purchase HERE.

Been working on more lighting, and will be posting a buncha new Nighteas, a large Pink Roses Teacup Chandelier and the Chandelier of The Sea that I was working on. A nice petite size that could go in a powder room or any small spot. Kristen, our other chandelier artisan.....has some more pieces coming as well.

A couple of Garden Totes will be posted that I think you will enjoy. Both are vintage pieces that have been fufu'ed up~one with vintage wallpaper that is really more of an inside piece for storage....and the other in china mosaic. Here is the first one noted, I don't have photos yet of the mosaic piece, as it's drying today.

That's it for today.....will talk to you soon!


Friday, April 4, 2008

Flowers & Hope

It's been a rough time lately for my extended family as you may have read in a previous post about my brother's passing. This week my sister had to be admitted into the hospital for a barrage of tests, as she had been having back problems for several months which seemed to be exacerbated by the family stress. After a procedure, all is well with her now I am happy to report, and hopefully she can start getting her life back on track.

I wish to thank a few dear friends for gifting me this week, girls that many of you know well~as they are avid bloggers and internet retailers. My sweet friend Tara of Bel
la Pink~thank you for the gorgeous Vera Wang blue hydrangeas which I can't seem to find the photo of on my computer unfortunately.

Dearest Chris of Tutti Chic~another beautiful bouquet of Vera Wang~pink roses (mixed in with some of my own in the photo~from Whole Foods:-).

My lovely Canadian friend Joy of The Hope Jar for her lovely Hope Jar of Grief, that is filled with inspirational quotes for each day of the month. If you have
yet to visit her website~please take a peek....she has amazing treasures and a great eye for design!

Thank you for the cards and emails, my sweet girlfriends mean a lot to me:-)

What are your weekend plans? I hope that the weather is improving where you reside now that Spring is upon us.

I have several projects on my plate to work on, but first I am going to tackle some Spring Cleaning of my CLOSET....which has been sorely needed for about 2 years now! Who needs 1,000 old t~shirts (not really that many, but it sure looks like it!) and at least 5 pairs of jeans that unfortunately will no longer zip? Off to Goodwill it will all go.....with times being tough for so many it's a great place to shop (and donate to).

I am excited to be working in tandem with Julie (thank you for the gift too Julie:-)~our Pastelle Paperie artisan.....on a special order for a customer's Bridal Shower, for several of our products. Will post pics of that later on.....the theme asked for is Pink and Black with a French twist. Will also be working on the Chandelier of the Sea, perhaps another Tea Cup chandelier if time allows, and some other projects as time allows.

I also need to bathe and groom the Fufu dog, and hopefully get some relaxing time in with the Mr!

Take some time for yourself this weekend.........and I leave you with this quote from my Hope Jar:

Learn from yesterday,
Live for today,
Hope for tomorrow

~Albert Einstein~