June 26, 2008

Out-Takes From A Magazine Photo Shoot

Outtakes from a magazine photoshoot with Romantic Country magazine...

June 20, 2008

Summer In The Shabbyfufu Garden

Tropical flora and fauna are landscape beauties that we are fortunate to be able to grow here in Miami. This amazing tree is a Royal Poinciana. They are in bloom all over Miami at the moment, and are just ablaze with color. On a street where there are many, it almost hurts the eyes...and they actually do Royal Poinciana tours around town for the enthusiasts. This tree is probably about 45 years old, and was one of the few trees that we had which remained standing (though leafless!) after Hurricane Andrew devastated this area about 16 years ago.
We live on a deepwater canal that leads into Biscayne Bay and then into the ocean. These canals were actually dug out by the Army Corp of Engineers to facilitate in balancing the water level in the Florida Everglades. You will find lots of fish in this healthy body of water, including some exquisite and rather enormous Japanese Koi........as well as an occasional GATOR!
Sunset that was truly a spectacular one, taken in our yard a few weeks back. The color of the sky was so pink that night!
The only other tree that we had standing after Andrew was this exotic Plumeria tree. It's in full bloom right now with these fragrant pink flowers. When you visit Hawaii and receive a lei, they are made from these plumeria flowers!
A pair of old French garden chairs that were pink, and I added some hand painted roses to. Murphy is poking around behind them!
Here is an idea for you. If you can find a large enough clam shell (or a large bowl will suffice), you can make a birdbath by setting it on top of some sort of pedestal from the flea market. I have seen many a bird take a drink from this one!
Pink Helaconias that grace our side yard. I often cut these and group them in a large vase for a gorgeous display.
Notice a PINK theme going on here~lol! These are Pentas, that are grouped in front of the bay window in the front of the house.
More PINK....in the form of Nutmeg Trees. We started these from the seeds that you see (Nutmegs) that we scrounged from Father~In~Law Fufu's house on beautiful Sanibel Island years ago.In my eye, no ROMANTIC garden would be complete with statuary, and I have amassed lots of it throughout the years! Cherubs and Children.......

Several of my trademark Pink Flamingos (as in the Shabbyfufu website logo!).
A few family keepsakes are in the garden, and this one was made by one of our girly girls at Summer Camp long ago:-)

June 16, 2008

European Cruise - Part Two

As promised...some more photos of our European cruise with the family. 
After the fascinating Malta it was on to Italy, which has some of the most beautiful terrain, incredible history, stunning buildings, and art work that is out of this world...

June 10, 2008

Travel With Me To Europe- Part One

Our family is back from what was a whirlwind of a vacation with a slimmer wallet, heftier midsections and lots of memories with a few pictures and comments to share. I invite you to take a little trip with me to the Mediterranean region of Europe and sail the seas!
I'm sharing some of the places that we've seen, so I hope that you follow along...