Monday, June 30, 2008

Been Thinkin'

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend, and I just want to say again how much I truly appreciate the lovely emails and comments dear friends:-).

We did end up going to our beach place for the weekend and the girly girls met up with us for some much needed R & R.

This is what's happening around the ol' Fufu place today, as it's Hurricane Season and time to get the hundreds of coconuts trimmed so that they don't become fly missles in the event of a storm. The trees have become so tall that the only way to trim them is with a Polecat, and since we don't have one handy we have to hire out. One of the costs of living in paradise I guess....but as long as no monumental storms come our way this year I won't complain......too much.

Our oldest did move out and already I am thinkin' of what I will do with her room! I don't think that she wants her furniture, so will have to see if we know anyone who is in need....if not it will be donated to a local shelter's shop. Mr. Fufu and I have been sharing a home office for a long time now, and my studio is way too cramped and used for lots of other things......soooo, I believe that I will be moving both operations into that room. My own room...yay! Mr. Fufu will then be happy to use our joint office as his Man Cave.....a place for his flat screen, perhaps a recliner (not too yucky though!) and his weights and exercise equip. My studio/office?? Not sure how I will go and will think, think for a bit. I have lots of pieces that I may use....I want to mix in the vintage with maybe some new. I love the collections at Pottery Barn may do some shopping here. Do any of you have pieces from their collections? I wonder how comfy the chairs are?
Here is some of what I am inspired by.....lots of white, aqua, vintage containers and glass with touches of pink (of course:-).

I am taking my inspiration starting point from these! I have been hanging onto this pair of very old cabinet doors in this unbelievable chippy old aqua for a couple of years now waiting to find the perfect use. What do you think of a long table for against a wall by adding some legs? Any other suggestions?

I love this old glass door cabinet and it's a HUGE one! I bought it some years back at an estate sale in an old wood cottage in beautiful Coconut Grove, Fl. This will most certainly go in for storage, probably of my old textile collection.

I have at least 10 of the vintage wallpaper hat boxes and keep all sorts of stuff in them. Will definitely be lining this up on some shelf.

Someplace has to be found for this old beach cottage shelf with the hooks that will come in handy for vintage ribbons.

Other assorted container storage must haves....old wicker purses and breadboxes.

Apothecary Jars and cloches....I enjoy seeing what I have to work with by using them for storage and display.

This one isn't old, it's been hanging on the patio for a couple of years and is a Tracy Porter chandelier. We just found a retro 50's grape chandelier that we replaced it with outside. I am sure I can Fufu this up somehow!

I need a few more of these.

Let me know if you have any ideas.....I would love to see of of your home office or studio shots on your blogs!

Talk soon,

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What You Didn't See

Well I am still beach trip yet, maybe this weekend but we still are not sure. Mixed emotions are running high in our household, as our older daughter is moving out and moving on TOMORROW! She is doing her last couple of college courses on~line to graduate, and is moving over to the West Coast of Florida with her long time boyfriend who has already graduated and is working there. As any parent knows who has had a child grow up and leave the's bittersweet. It's what you strive for~their independence, it's what you hope for~a happy life. She has been away at college for a long time now, but this will be different and we are thrilled for her and will miss seeing her in the room that she grew up in. Hmmmm.....I will have an extra room to decorate now and I guess that's the perk!

Packing it all up.....amazing what she has crammed into her Honda Civic!

Little Sweetie:-)
I love this photo of the girls on our cruise.

I have been cleaning up my computer this morning and organizing photo files~as it's getting sooooo slow!!! I found these and am filing them away for posterity....and since most of you have seen the new Romantic Country Magazine by now, I thought that I would share some more photos. I can't use any of Dan Mayer's photos, so these are some that I took. By the way, congrats Dan on the birth of your twins~may they only have hair as curly as yours!

My small studio space which now may be moved into the upcoming spare room. Overtaken by camera equipment and styling supplies that Fifi brought for the shoot.

A view from the family room into the dining room that is on the other side of the kitchen. In Florida we don't really use formal dining rooms much, as we mostly entertain outside. I am glad that this house doesn't have a separate formal dining room for that reason.

Opposite direction, dining to family room. I enjoy the open feeling of this space, and I think that the white cabinets make it light and airy.

Fifi attends to every detail in her styling, including sprinkling rose petals on the floor.

Not every room made it in, but here are some shots of the boudoir and master bath~my refuge at the end of the day.

It was a RARE cold day here in Miami, hence the long sleeves and bulky sweater. A fun time:-)

Off to the Studio for some projects and special orders. Have a beautiful weekend dear friends!

Lots of love,

Monday, June 23, 2008

Time Is On My Side

Yes It Is (as in Rolling Stones song :-). I started thinking about some of the collections that I have amassed over the years in my state of menopausal insomnia last night. It's often said that if you have more than two of something, then it's a collection. I love old clocks and timepieces and have for years. Seeing lots of repros out there in the marketplace these days, but oldie is goody in my opinion. No real theme in my collecting.......I have everything from vintage rhinestone clocks (which luckily I have collected before the trendiness drove up the prices!), to good old American alarm clocks that are tattered and worn....with a sprinkling of clocks with roses and cherubs here and there. A few that I snapped this morning, and then off to work packing and shipping weekend orders:

My dressing table is a favorite spot to display lots of my favorite collections and ever changing vignettes. I have a bunch of of vintage pink rhinestone clocks, some antique porcelain half dolls and old rhinestone top perfume bottles on this dresser tray that I painted the pink roses on years ago. Funny to see these items so en vogue now, and perhaps becoming harder to find.

An old white ironstone bowl is a great catch all for any display of petite treasures and bits. In this one I have some antique white lace that props an assortment of vintage pocketwatches, an old clock face, crusty old white curtain tiebacks and an old crown from France. Next to it is a pile of my old beadboard frames, that await framing of some prints from the website.

Such a pretty little vintage porcelain mantel clock, and this one works (but needs a new battery!).

Cherubs and roses....Vintage and SwEeT.

An authentic old Railroad Clock in my favorite shade of jadite green. Notice anything missing? I love it the way that it is!

Perhaps my favorite, and yes.....I know that they are not the most romantic of pieces but full of the tattered charm that I love. These old American alarm clocks just seem to keep growing in numbers on a family room shelf. None of them work of course.

Relegated to a closet, this clock has been in Mr. Fufu's family for a few generations. It's not really our style and at the moment I just can't find the right spot for it sits amongst some old ledgers.

I Won't be blogging again for a couple of days most likely, as the girly girls and I are hoping to take part of the week off and head up to our beach place. I do hope to post some new things on the website before we head out........beach cottage artisan pieces, antique silk French ribbon rose baby dress, old wedding veil and more goodies:-)

Alrighty then, talk to you soon~have a GREAT week ahead!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Working In The Studio ~ Teacup Chandelier & Romantic China Passion

Just BIZ in this Sunday post~ as we have been working in the Studio this weekend to create some of our Teacup Lighting that I am adding to the website at Shabbyfufu today:-). A true passion, and something that we have been doing for years now. I wish that I had been keeping an exact tally of how many of these we have made to date....between the Nighteas, Tea Cup Chandeliers, Teacup Buffet Lamps and Candelabras it's well into the hundreds. That's a heck of a lot of china!! Here are the latest creations for your perusal, as well as a peek at a vintage millinery dress form that I just finished......another Original creation and something that I love to work on.

For various reasons, I have decided to put my blog links on a separate page, embedded within my website. Since my website receives thousands of hits a day, this is a good thing for my blog friends:-). If you are a regular visitor to my blog and I don't have you on the list...just email me and I will be happy to add you with a reciprocal link back requested.

Have a great week ahead~

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer In The Shabbyfufu Garden

Happy SUMMER dear friends! First on the agenda today, I would like to thank you sweet ladies for all of the lovely comments and emails about my home in Romantic Country Magazine. Most of my website customers are not bloggers, but apparently many read the blog, so thank you, thank you so much for all of your kind words and support:-). If you have been following along with the blog you might remember that Fifi and Dan Mayers were here for a double photo shoot, so you will see more upcoming with a Christmas story. That one is being written by a very popular blogger who you all know by now...and she is just the sweetest girl. Will keep you guessing until she spills the beans:-).

It is SUMMER and hot as Hades already in many parts of the country. It's pretty hot here in Miami where I live, but we are very lucky in our neighborhood to be just a few blocks from Biscayne Bay, which leads into the we are the recipients of breezes all year long. It is hot though, and our change of season indicates the dying back of some flower beds and annuals....where most of the country is just getting cranked up and in bloom! We have had lots of much needed rain this past week to help alleviate our drastic drought situation, and it's greened up the lawn nicely just in time for this post:-). The lovely blogger Cielo of the House In Roses blog invited me to participate in her Summer Garden Party.

If you need some planting or gardening inspiration, be sure to take a visit to her blogspot, where you will find a link to those who are participating. Without further adieu, here are some photos that you might enjoy seeing....of my garden that has tropical flair in a idyllic romantic setting:

Tropical flora and fauna are landscape beauties that we are fortunate to be able to grow here in Miami. This amazing tree is a Royal Poinciana. They are in bloom all over Miami at the moment, and are just ablaze with color. On a street where there are many, it almost hurts the eyes...and they actually do Royal Poinciana tours around town for the enthusiasts. This tree is probably about 45 years old, and was one of the few trees that we had which remained standing (though leafless!) after Hurricane Andrew devastated this area about 16 years ago.

We live on a deepwater canal that leads into Biscayne Bay and then into the ocean. These canals were actually dug out by the Army Corp of Engineers to facilitate in balancing the water level in the Florida Everglades. You will find lots of fish in this healthy body of water, including some exquisite and rather enormous Japanese well as an occasional GATOR!
Sunset that was truly a spectacular one, taken in our yard a few weeks back. The color of the sky was so pink that night!
The only other tree that we had standing after Andrew was this exotic Plumeria tree. It's in full bloom right now with these fragrant pink flowers. When you visit Hawaii and receive a lei, they are made from these plumeria flowers!
A pair of old French garden chairs that were pink, and I added some hand painted roses to. Murphy is poking around behind them!
Here is an idea for you. If you can find a large enough clam shell (or a large bowl will suffice), you can make a birdbath by setting it on top of some sort of pedestal from the flea market. I have seen many a bird take a drink from this one!
Pink Helaconias that grace our side yard. I often cut these and group them in a large vase for a gorgeous display.
Notice a PINK theme going on here~lol! These are Pentas, that are grouped in front of the bay window in the front of the house.

More the form of Nutmeg Trees. We started these from the seeds that you see (Nutmegs) that we scrounged from Father~In~Law Fufu's house on beautiful Sanibel Island years ago.

In my eye, no ROMANTIC garden would be complete with statuary, and I have amassed lots of it throughout the years! Cherubs and Children.......

Several of my trademark Pink Flamingos (as in the Shabbyfufu website logo!).
A few family keepsakes are in the garden, and this one was made by one of our girly girls at Summer Camp long ago:-)

That's all she (I, Janet:-) wrote for today. Will post more soon.......

A quick BIZ NOTE that I felt I had to share as I have had so many inquiries. Our long time website MOSAIC ARTIST Elizabeth Willhite is unfortunately not working in the field due to personal issues. She is really missed by our customers, and she has worked with us for many years and was a real leader in her craft.

Working in the Studio this weekend with lots of Shabbyfufu lighting projects and other goodies, so look for all of that COMING SOON!