July 28, 2008

Romantic Homes Magazine ~ Published Piece

Happy Monday dear friends! I am happy today for several reasons and have lots to talk about, but mostly I finally feel back amongst the living after enduring this nasty flu bug or whatever that I picked up in my air travels a couple of weeks back. Generally I am not the type to lay around and do nothing, but that's just what the ol' body needed apparently, and now I hope to be back at it full force ahead this week.

NEWS....I have known about this piece for some time, as writer and photographer, but just have seen it in print today....so now I can tell you about it:-). I have an article published in the new September issue of Romantic Homes Magazine...and I am pleased as punch with how it came out! It's a tutorial for you on how to make my Millinery Cupcakes, which I call Posh Petal Cakes. The article is entitled Sweet Tooth Faux Confections as one of the "We Love/Make It" pieces. I was slightly hesitant about presenting it, but since I have seen my ideas directly copied I don't do this one as much anymore...so why not. Anyhoo....enjoy, they are fun to make and maybe I will be spurred on to do some more for the website. By the way....the magazine is GORGEOUS~the entire issue!