Monday, July 28, 2008

Romantic Homes Magazine ~ Published Piece

Happy Monday dear friends! I am happy today for several reasons and have lots to talk about, but mostly I finally feel back amongst the living after enduring this nasty flu bug or whatever that I picked up in my air travels a couple of weeks back. Generally I am not the type to lay around and do nothing, but that's just what the ol' body needed apparently, and now I hope to be back at it full force ahead this week.

NEWS....I have known about this piece for some time, as writer and photographer, but just have seen it in print now I can tell you about it:-). I have an article published in the new September issue of Romantic Homes Magazine...and I am pleased as punch with how it came out! It's a tutorial for you on how to make my Millinery Cupcakes, which I call Posh Petal Cakes. The article is entitled Sweet Tooth Faux Confections as one of the "We Love/Make It" pieces. I was slightly hesitant about presenting it, but since I have seen my ideas directly copied I don't do this one as much why not. Anyhoo....enjoy, they are fun to make and maybe I will be spurred on to do some more for the website. By the way....the magazine is GORGEOUS~the entire issue!

Speaking of copying ideas, a lovely blogger~Andrea of the well known Velvet Strawberries blog had addressed this sensitive topic with true elegance and grace last week. I encourage you read it if you haven't seen it yet. As an internet pioneer myself (almost 10 yrs now), I have unfortunately fallen victim to a few imitators/idea takers as of late....I have gotten some emails, so I think that many of you know who they are. It's one thing to copy for your own use, another to do it for profit. Not great business or personal ethics, I will leave it at that~read Andrea's piece when you can.

Shoppe Talk....
I have been back in the studio a bit and have some new creations on the way, and orders from market are starting to arrive. Today I will be photographing and editing, and hopefully have at least the items on the front of the website that you see on the site by the afternoon. Here is a little sneak peek......more to come soon.

On family....older daughter Fufu is now finishing up college~yippee for her! She just moved to a darling cottage a couple of weeks ago with her guy, but is coming home today to spend a week with us before looking for a full time job. Man it's hard to believe how these years are flying by!

Talk to you soon~I hope that you are enjoying the wilting and fleeting summer!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall....table, dresser, etc. I have always had a thing for vintage mirrors and thought that I would share a few that I have in my home with you.

Yup....sometimes I paint but I don't do it enough anymore where I would consider selling what I make for the most part. This is a vintage dresser mirror in my boudoir that is loaded with some of my favorite little treasures.

A sweet little vintage rhinestone mirror from one of my buying trips that I had to keep:-). I love the pink and green rhinestones mixed with pearls. Ain't nothin' like the real thing sometimes.

This one came from Ballard Designs. I've had it for a number of years...I don't think that they carry it these days, but it's reproduction French and it's a full length~hangs in my dressing room.

A mirror that I have from Elizabeth Willhite's creations. We miss you at Shabbyfufu Elizabeth!

This OLD beauty is actually a mirror, or was one at one time. It's a vintage advertising mirror for Pear's Soap and I have it hanging in my girly girls' bathroom. Don't you just love the patina?!

I go gaga over the old gesso mirrors and have a bunch~all throughout the house. Since my colors are soft, either I have painted most of them white or they were purchased that way.

If you have ever been on the website, then you may have noticed this mirror over the fireplace mantel in my living room. It's HUGE, not old.....came from Macy's years back, and I painted it white about 10 yrs or so ago.

This old pier mirror is HUGE, hard to photograph. It hangs in the front foyer and is loaded with yummy detailing to the gesso.

Not a great shot, but a great mirror that hangs in the master bath. It's old and chippy as can be, just how I love it.

If you have a scrumptious old picture frame, you can paint it white and take it to your local glass shop and have them fit it with a mirror. This one is over a pedestal sink in the laundry room.

A prized OLD Italian Murano glass mirror with pale pink florettes and great patina. It's missing a couple of parts, has a few scratches but it's one that I won't part with:-). I did find some wonderful reproduction ones on my latest trip that will be coming in to the website soon.

My girly girls have dubbed this one "the mirror of depression"! Great for plucking eyebrows and for noticing wrinkles....geeez!

I hope that you enjoyed this "reflective" post! I am still feeling like complete crap with this bug that I caught....and haven't been doing much of anything the last few days. Will chat soon....~XOXO~ Janet

Friday, July 18, 2008

Gettin' Up There

Geez........this is my 94th Blog post, really getting up there in the yada yada department for me! Stay tuned as I will be doing a big giveaway on my 100th post, and I tend to overdo with the it should be a great one!

It's been a week of catching up around here, Dr. appt, dentist (uggh, I have to go back next week for some work on an old filling), getting ready to move my studio and going thru and sorting......that kinda stuff. I seemed to have caught a little bug on my trip to Atlanta, so I have been a bit under the weather....hopefully it won't last too long. This weekend Mr. Shabbyfufu and I need to STRAIGHTEN OUT THE GARAGE...which is a mess and becoming hard to get my car into and move around at the same time. Lots of boxes that I really don't use for shipping anymore and need to be thrown out, things in boxes for Goodwill and clutter that just needs to go to the local dump! I will try and take a photo of the might give you a chuckle. Other than that.......not much planned~it's simply too HOT to go yard saleing and there hasn't been much around lately with everyone on vacation around here.

Here are a few projects that I have been working on for the website to be posted this weekend. Mr. Fuf' and I will probably have some lighting finished as well.......including one really Gorgeous teacup candelabra and some Nighteas. The china is of course by our website artist (and my dear friend:-) Farnaz, who has some new items to add to her boutique at Shabbyfufu.

I hope that you enjoy your weekend and get out and have some fun......
Talk soon~

Monday, July 14, 2008

Atlanta Show

Dear friends....I hope that you'all (as we say in the South:-) had a wonderful weekend! This will be a quick post, as I am playing catch up with packing and shipping and normal life stuff like Dr. appts this week.

The Atlanta Gift Show was tons o' fun, despite long flight delays both coming and going (always seems to be the case these days~sigh) and torrential downpours that kept us from doing much other than attending the show. That is what we were there for, so work it was on this trip!

It was utterly lovely to see some familiar faces and vendors whom I know, and a delight to chat with other entrepreneurs and artisans about their work and lives.

The Merchandise Mart is humongous, with literally hundreds upon hundreds of showrooms, it's mindboggling and tiring on the ol' tootsies! I can shop with the best of them, so I hung in there from opening to closing to see, buy and learn. They do not allow cameras in the Mdse Mart, and although I know that there are others who sneak in those illegal shots, at this point in my life I am not a rule breaker~so I just have this one for you. The vendor is someone that I spend LOTS of money with, so he allowed me to be photographed doing so!

Many of the show rooms were showcasing their Spring 2009 lines, which seems so far away....but is often the case in the retail marketplace. I saw lots of what is on trend right now.....tons of mercury glass~which is so everywhere that I think it's going to be overdone and fade quickly. Lots of crowns, reproduction garden elements, beadboard frames, rhinestone frames, a plethora of pillows of all sorts, soldered pendant jewelry, overabundance of sweet baby items and TONS of paper goods and stationery products. For the upcoming Holidays, much as last year with glitter galore and my favorite pastel tones:-).

The market seems to be more friendly to the Modern look than the Fufu look, but I still managed to order lots of goodies for my customers....and I am looking forward to have it all start rolling in to post on the website soon.

Will talk to you soon and spend some time later this week visiting everyone's blogs~
Ta ta for now!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Leaving On A Jet Plane, Shop Talk

It's tough to get much done lately in terms of working in my studio with all the traveling that I have been doing, not to mention the girly girls coming and going! Today I did manage to finish another of my Shabbyfufu Dress Forms for the website that I hope to list later on today. I wish that I had been keep tally on how many of these I have made over the years (um, Original creation:-), as they are mostly now gone and living in homes all over the place! I know that it's been over 100, and each has their own unique personality and I think as with most projects, they are prettier as techniques are practiced and perfected. Speaking of techniques....something exciting that I can't share just yet, but you will be reading in a few weeks from what I have been told:-). she is, just needing a name.

I am off tomorrow to Atlanta for the big gift show at the Merchandise Mart, and will be there through the weekend. I love Atlanta.... when I first finished college I lived there and taught art for awhile before taking off for other pastures.

If any of you are me and hopefully we can meet up. I don't know if I can get very many "legal" photos, but I will try and sneak some in.....and let you in on the trends that I spot for the seasons ahead. It's a huge show, the largest in the U.S. I I will have my running shoes on and see what I can see!

Talk soon~

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Missing In Action - Enjoying Summer's Bounty

I have been missing in action for a few days and it was just soooo nice to get away to our beach place. Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking, and being by the sea is soothing to the soul~to ponder, reinvent, and seek inspiration. I did NOT take the old laptop, so now I have lots of catching up to do with both the website at SHABBYFUFU, and my blogging friends who I promise to visit soon! In the meantime:

Some of our neighbors put on the most fantastic fireworks display for the 4th of July holiday! Although I didn't bring the big guns paparazzi camera and just had my little Canon Elph, I am happy with the artsy direction of the firework explosions.........

Sunrise over the ocean really needs no explanation.....

Ready for an early morning run with my silly pink sunhat. Don't laugh too hard!.........

Nature's gifts.......

Our beach is a quiet sanctuary, and the Loggerhead Turtles make their yearly treks to lay eggs in the sand. They come out of the sea at night, and in the morning you can see their tracks~both coming and going. The nests are buried about 10" deep in the sand and it's quiet enough here where no one bothers them........

Time to go back and soak it all in........

Talk soon....enjoy the week ahead and enjoy summer's bounty wherever you are~

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Wishing you all a Happy Independence Day! Stay safe, enjoy your time off with family and friends, and take a minute if you will to send good vibes out to our soldiers overseas.

See you next week!

I scanned these postcards from my collection for you to use in your artwork if you would like.