Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shabbyfufu Boutique Labor Day Sale & Free Images

Hello dear friends.....I want to wish everyone a wonderful and SAFE Holiday weekend. Are you doing anything fun, relaxing, entertaining?? We are going to take off for our beach place for a bit of R & R, and this should be a quiet weekend with no guests. I have to find a good book to read, I just know that I have some around here someplace!

We are having a 10% off all orders over $100 on the website this long weekend! It will last through Monday evening and no codes will be required. It includes every darned thing...except for light bulbs....and the kitchen sink (which we don't sell anyway:-). I
just added some gorgeous things to Shabbyfufu, including these handy dandy magnetic memory boards covered in vintage wallpaper. They can sit horizontally or vertically and also have a hanging ribbon....and all of the hand made magnets are included:

We hope that you get a chance to visit and shop:-).

I promised you a few high res scans from those great 1920's Needlecraft magazines so here you go. You can crop and take out images and use in your artwork for your personal use (not for sale or commercial use unless you ask me first please:-). They would make such darling paper dolls!

See you next week!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

French Crown Winner and Saturday Finds

I decided to end the 100th Blog Post Contest it's been just about a week and I have a few minutes to spare before I cook dinner.
The winner of the French Inspired Crown was just freshly picked by the Random Number Integer at, and it is the lucky number 8, who is Elizabethholcombe, so please email me with your mailing address, and if I don't hear from you soon I will pop on to your blog and visit you! will LOVE this, and I thank everyone for entering. I am going to make a concerted effort to visit all of your blogs this coming week.....thanks again so much:-).

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-08-23 19:44:35 UTC

I wish that I had a crown for all of you queens out there....but there is ONE left available for purchase on the Shabbyfufu website:-).

I rarely take the time to go to garage sales (as I think I may have mentioned before) they just aren't a great way around here to find what I am looking for these days. However I am on a couple of email lists from other dealers who specialize in estate clean outs, and today Mr Fufu and I decided to hit a few that sounded interesting and were INDOORS. As you may know...we had the tropical storm Fay hang around here for a few days and although all is fine, we have suddenly become inundated with a mosquito population the size of Texas....and I did NOT want to become a meal!!! Indoors at this one sale was a room chocked full of ephemera, and I think that I was supposed to be born in a different I am fascinated with this old stuff and have amassed a good sized collection over the years. So in this lot was a Dick and Jane book (how I learned to read:-), some vintage children's books with wonderful illustrations and this lot:

These are all from the 1920's and the graphics are wonderful. I am going to do some scanning before my next post for you creative girls to use in your personal look for that to come.

It should prove to be another busy week around here....but I am not complaining, as I thrive on being busy! A "Fresh Delivery" to post on the website, including this Eyecandy and more on the way.

Lots of love to all~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shabbyfufu 100th Blog Post Giveaway, & Shoppe Talk

This has been a busy week around the Fufu household, so I am doing this post a bit later than expected. Our older daughter was here visiting before she finally starts her job search in her new city. She really wanted to spend some time with her sissie...who left yesterday for her last year of college at the University of Florida~which also happens to be my alma mater and Mr. Fuf's as well (Gator family:-). So now it's quiet once again...bittersweet freedom.

When I started active blogging about a year ago I had no idea that I would ever get to my 100th post. I really never much thought about it, but I want to say that I thank you dear friends from the bottom of my heart for reading what I have to say! It's fine just to read and not comment if you prefer. Many of the Shabbyfufu website customers have told me that they follow along with my adventures and ramblings from the roost and are not necessarily bloggers. The blogs I enjoy reading the most are about family, travels, photos, life thoughts....and not just about WORK~which is what I strive to share in my little blog, so THANKS once again for allowing me this platform of self expression!

Now to the good part.......the GIVEAWAY, which I know that the lucky winner will just LOVE! I am offering this Antique Style Crown or Corona to one person who leaves a comment on this blog~and the winner will be chosen at random in about a week. Yes...this is the same Crown that you can find in Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic stores ladies...which retails there for $100.

Please leave only one comment, and be sure to check back to see if you have won~as for some reason I can't always click on the link to your blogs.....especially if you comment with Typepad. If you don't win......I am offering a small number of these for sale on the website at Shabbyfufu this week, and LOADS of other fabulous items~some eye candy photos below~and the new items will come early this week:-)

One more thing.....wish us luck here in South Florida, as Tropical Storm Fay is quickly approaching and may turn into a hurricane before it gets here sometime tomorrow. The price of living in paradise!

Back to renovating the will talk to you soon!

Monday, August 11, 2008

99 And Counting, Big Blog Giveaway Coming

Hi friends....I hope that you had a lovely weekend! As I posted earlier, we went over to Sanibel Island to visit my husband's Dad who we haven't seen in awhile. We were so excited to see his new puppy who was a little fluff ball (yes, he is a Maltese) and doesn't realize yet at 11 weeks that fingers and toes aren't his personal play toys. Here are a few shots.........

Sunset over the Gulf Of Mexico

Like father, like son. Notice how they stand the same way!

Ed lives in a sweet condo on the beach. Mr. Fufu and I got married right in this very same spot with a beach wedding, 27 yrs ago. This is up on a huge covered gazebo which was all decked out that day with lots of flowers and finery...really romantic:-)

We did some great restaurants, Sanibel caters to tourists mostly and is full of yummy places to eat.

I had this sinful risotto with scallops and asparagus in a champagne sauce....lots of calories for sure, but worth it:-)

The adorable little Toby makes your heart melt.

So now back to reality. I mentioned up at the top that THIS IS MY 99th BLOG POST, also about a YEAR of active blogging for me! I will do a big Anniversary Giveway, so watch for that at the end of the week. I think that you will be pleased and have a good chance to win something as a thank you to my readers.

One more thing that I just want to mention. I have received lots of emails about my tutorial in Romantic Homes magazine on Sweet Tooth Confections. Thanks ladies....I am glad that you liked it! The artisan tutorials in Romantic Homes, any of the Sommerset Publications, or wherever you find them are intended for PERSONAL USE ONLY, not for commercial use or to make items for sale. Yes, I have received emails about the cupcakes, word does get around the internet community please practice good judgement.

Working on some things for the SHABBYFUFU Website this week and then I will be back blogging at the end of the week with the GIVEAWAY, so I hope to see you then!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lazy Crazy Days Of Summer

The last days of summer around here have been a bit on the lazy and definitely on the crazy side! Our girly girls are around for just a little more before they head back off to their young adult lives. They are in their early twenties, but when they are home like to be kids again! Why not....home is where you can really be yourself, kick off your shoes, cocoon and totally rooolax:-).

We had a birthday here this week, did some pool time, went out for lobster and just had some fun. Tomorrow our older girl goes back to where she is living now, and younger daughter Fufu is coming with us on a long weekend trip.

We are off to visit Mr. Fufu's father, who lives about a 3 hr drive from here over on beautiful Sanibel Island, Fl. There is a new baby (of the fur kind) in the 84 yr old father~in~law just got a new puppy. Isn't he adorable??? Now you might wonder why someone of that age would get a puppy after just losing his faithful fur companion of the last 17 yrs. He is NOT like anyone typical of his age~hits the gym daily and then a 15 mile bike ride, has a fantastic attitude~someone to really look up to as aging well. Sanibel is one of earth's paradise has the largest natural collection of sea shells in the world I do believe, and is where I often gather my sea shells for my projects.

So off we go.....I won't be working this weekend like I usually do, it will be nice.

I want to thank Kimberly of Niesz Vintage Home for passing along the Brillante Weblog Award to my blog. She is possibly the only one in the world with a larger collection of vintage fabrics than me (lol!), so go over and pay her a visit and check out her supply on her website.

Talk soon.......enjoy your summer's days....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shabbyfufu Shoppe Talk

Hello to all......I hope that you are enjoying your weekend and not wilting away! I really wanted to get into the Studio this weekend, as next weekend we will be traveling once again. So it's been nice....and I have gotten lots done~including finishing up a Shabbyfufu Dress Form that I have been working on and some beautiful storage boxes for you (who can't use more storage~lol!). Also I will be posting a KILLER Santos Cage Statue (lucky duck who gets this one:-), PINK cake pedestals, Murano Mirrors, a new batch of PINK Easels (LARGE ONES)~and perhaps more things if I have time. Ah yes...items from market have been slowly arriving and the house is littered with more items will be photographed and posted as time permits. It's not an easy thing to keep a website going...especially one as active as Shabbyfufu! I am also working on a new assignment, which I can't tell you about just yet:-).

Here are a few photos of some of what will be posted on the website on Sunday afternoon......

Talk soon,
Much love.......xoxoxo