September 24, 2008

Romantic Country Magazine

Okay, I have been receiving the emails from you sweet ladies asking what happened to my Christmas home photo shoot that was shot for Romantic Country Magazine last January? Let me preface by saying that it was tons o' fun meeting Fifi and Dan (& Chitsu). When Fifi first had contacted me about doing a shoot here after seeing my home in some of my website vignettes....she asked what the possibilities were of shooting Christmas right after the holiday. That wouldn't have worked for me, as our girls were home from college for their break at the time....which meant a big mess and lots of friends coming and going. So....we left the Christmas decor up for what seemed like an eternity!! I think that it was mid~January when the crew arrived, and that shoot was done in about a day and a half. Then everything was literally thrown into the garage to do the "regular" home shoot....leaving me with a Christmas mess to sort out later on. Apparently since that shoot was in the last issue with an eight page spread, and there was only so much room for Christmas~they are holding the shoot here until NEXT YEAR! A long time away, but that's how it sometimes works in I have come to know as a writer as well:-). There were a couple of shots taken here placed in the issue that I will share below.....these were from my home, although not mentioned as such:

As it gets closer to Christmas I will share more, along with some projects and decorating tips here on the blog.

There definitely was some lovely eye candy in the magazine, but I am not sure what to think of Rachel Ashwell's new style??? What do you ladies think? My sweet blogless friend Debbie LaFrance who has done some work for the Shabbyfufu website in the past as a guest artist had her Christmas home showcased~Beautifully! Without going into detail, her family has been going thru one of life's toughest moments and can use some prayers~if you are so inclined I know that it would be appreciated.

That's it for today my friends, I have been holed up in my studio with some projects this week that I need to get back to. Enjoy your day!