Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shabbyfufu Giveaway, Romantic Homes Magazine

Dear ladies....I know that this blog has many readers from all over the globe, but to those who reside within the U.S~the girls at Shabbyfufu want to wish you a Blessed and truly wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with the ones that you love! We have so much to be thankful for living in this country, and we can only be hopeful for good changes to come with the new administration that is being formed by our new president elect.

I have been invited to write a series of tutorials for Romantic Homes Magazine, and the new January issue is now available~it's quite lovely! I enjoy writing and photographing these tutorials and am pleased to be a contributor. I hope that you have a chance to read the magazine and the article entitled "Beautifully Boxed" and try the project, or become inspired.

I am very thankful for you, so it seems appropriate at this time of giving thanks and in celebration of my on line business entering it's 10th year, to hold an unprecedented giveaway (at least for us:-) that will be for a $100 GIFT CERTIFICATE to Shabbyfufu! The event will be held both here on the blog and on the website as well. All that you need to do is to post a comment...either here, or using the Contact page on Shabbyfufu and you will be entered for a chance to win. Please in fairness enter only once though.....since many of our customers are not bloggers, I wanted to make it available by either way. Not sure when I will end the drawing, but I will let you know...and the winner will be fairly & blindly chosen.

I am enjoying having the family here, so I probably won't be blogging again until after Thanksgiving. Again......enjoy, make it happy and stay safe if traveling~

And the girls at Shabbyfufu Designs

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

With Dignity And Grace

Dear Ladies,

I have not been the best blogger lately. Tis The Season at Shabbyfufu and I have been literally swamped under with packing and shipping, the usual amount of custom orders and the like. For all of our website customers reading this post, I am extremely grateful for your continued support of my endeavors, that of the artists who also sell their work on Shabbyfufu, and for the truly wonderful emails. I think that I have posted these thanks before....but I wanted to do so again, especially in light of the Thanksgiving Holiday that will be upon us next week. Thank you and HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!

We are entering into our Tenth Year of business on the internet in a few short weeks. Because of the longevity of Shabbyfufu, I am often asked for advice or commentary on a variety of topics relating to the business of selling on the web. A lot has changed over the course of the ten on line years that I have been at it, some for the good and some...not so much. For instance, my website is totally html based, and was a real learning experience back when it was first designed...and oftentimes can create a nightmare of issues when something goes astray with the html. Nowadays, anyone can have a website and just put in their product with some photos and away they go on the road to sales! This has allowed for a plethora of shops, which I know has been a blessing to many stay at home women who are creative and need an outlet in which to sell their wares. There truly is room for all on the internet, however.....some of the things that I have seen or are brought to my attention are a prescription for trouble. I attribute Shabbyfufu's sucess to many things. First and foremost, as a spillover from the way that I live my life, I conduct my business with dignity and grace. I strive to treat all of our customers with the value that they deserve. I maintain a strict set of business ethics, with honesty and integrity at the forefront. I never copy other people's ideas, and work hard to come up with new products that I feel the customers of Shabbyfufu will enjoy.

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case with a few sellers out there...which is often brought to my attention by one of our customers. With the blowup proportion of the internet, it's become easy pickings for others to steal an idea...and then put it out there for sale. Mind you, I do not mind at all giving inspiration! I was an art teacher for a time. I have been a contributing writer for Romantic Country Magazine and currently for Romantic Homes Magazine. I have a wonderful long term relationship with the girls who also sell on Shabbyfufu, and have helped them with their business goals. Along the way I have helped a few others as well....some have been users or players, but I feel that "what goes around, comes around", and that's okay. I do not mind (and am flattered actually) if you are inspired by one of my ideas (or one of my artists, past or present) to create something for yourself.

But to outright copy an idea for SALE is not ethical, it's unscrupulous, not to mention illegal!
You may gain some immediate satisfaction and notoriety perhaps, but in the end you will be found out. I have seen it happen before, and if you desire to run an honest business and stay there for the long haul......then copying what you see on another website, in a magazine, Flickr or Etsy is not the way to accomplish long term success.

I hope that the couple of copiers that I have been told about who are imitating my style~
read this and reconsider what they are doing, and I will be be respectful in not calling them out publicly here. That being said....I was trying to catch up a bit with some of my blog friends last night, and read on Melissa of Adored Before's blog. She has allowed me to post this excerpt.....below:

"The fact is that most people can spot a fraud. People know when someone is not genuine. If you are in the business of taking someone else's ideas and claiming them as your own, know that there are people out there who are aware of your practice and you have undoubtedly not only lost their business, but their respect."

This subject apparently needs to be addressed every now and then. Please feel free to use any part of this to post on your blog, and link back to me.


PLEASE NOTE: After a few very thought provoking comments have been left, I want to point out that this post was written in the spirit of staying genuine for the long haul. It is not directed towards anyone specifically who has left a comment and has had their work compromised, I write only from and about my own experiences. This topic always seems to touch a nerve when put out there, wherever it may be.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Haven't Much Felt

Haven't much felt like blogging lately and have been occupied with lotsa stuff.

We had a couple of family loving Mom turned 86 years YOUNG, and does indeed read this blog~so please don't be angry at me Mom for revealing your age because you certainly don't look it! I have to say that I am very proud of my smart, beautiful and computer literate Mom, who knows how to navigate her way around the internet better than many women half her age:-). Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy birthday to our super sweet beautiful daughter Kaely who just turned 22! The time has flown by my darling girl, and you are just on the cusp of wonderful things to you are ready to graduate from college in the Spring.

We had a really nice family weekend to celebrate, meeting the kiddos at Busch Gardens~a lovely place in Tampa.

Typical behavior....our two girls (and boyfriend) drinking beer~which is free at Busch Gardens~

There are plenty of these, which are not my thing at all....but the rest of the familia loves.

An abundance of animals and gorgeous foliage at Busch Gardens. Doesn't this elephant look like he is laughing?

These two photos reminded me of my website logo. I wish that this gazebo was in my yard

While we were out of town our computer system was "at the spa" undergoing some major overhauls. I still am not used to all of the new stuff yet, but it is a necessary evil every now and then.

Last night it was time to go this place once again:

I really could care less about cars, but Mr. Fufu has always been I tag along and watch him be like a kid in a candy shop.

The website at SHABBYFUFU has been incredibly hopping lately, so I have been spending a ton of time on it...and that's one of the main reasons why I haven't been around. In fact, back to work now.......and will try and blog more again soon!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Many Hats

Many hats I have been wearing lately it seems, going in a million different directions and trying to maintain some normalcy around here. Most pressing, I have been spending lots of time preparing the website for the Holidays. Just posted a whole load of gorgeous goodies in the yearly Winter Wonderland Boutique on Shabbyfufu this past weekend and things are flying out. Thanks, thanks, thanks to our dear customers and guys are truly the BEST and are so much appreciated around here!

Our artists have been busy, I can't recall when Farnaz has ever had more orders to paint lined if you are reading this and awaiting, please be patient as she is a perfectionist diva in her porcelain painting art that is so worth the wait:-).

Kristen has just finished THREE custom chandeliers for a sweet customer of ours, who must have the PINKEST house (and the nicest hubby:-) around!

As for me....I have been micromanaging all of this activity, working on my own Shabbyfufu projects, writing for this magazine, (yes~that's me~Janet Coon:-)

going to yoga and pilates classes, cooking, cleaning, bathing this guy,

Photoshopping some images that this dear friend sent me,

and getting ready to go meet up with the Fufu daughters this weekend to do a Birthday Bash at Busch Gardens in Tampa.

I received a gift the other day from a lovely (and very talented) blog friend. I had sent her a box of broken china quite awhile ago, after I met her through comments that she posted on my blog never expecting anything in return. Unexpected gifts are the best kind.....thank you Brook for my beautiful mosaic letters that can either say TEA, or EAT~which is what I am going to do right now!

Don't forget to exercise your right to vote tomorrow......see you at the polls!