Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another One (Two) Bites The Dust

I was sad to receive this card in my mail today and so surprised!

I must admit that I wasn't so crazy about the artsy fartsy direction that it was gravitating towards lately. I prefer looking at the older issues with more home decor. Oh well.....Martha Stewart is a good substitute, and I look forward to receiving that one on a regular basis.

You might already know that this other long time magazine is ceasing publication as well.

Once again, I had been a long time subscriber but stopped my patronage about two years ago when the magazine seemed to change course. I say....DON'T FIX WHAT AIN'T BROKEN, and know who your reader base is and what they enjoy! I will stay loyal to Romantic Homes Magazine and Romantic Country Magazine for now. How 'bout you?

I listed a whole bunch of pretty things on the website yesterday, so I hope that you can come over for a visit. Just finished this vintage barkcloth and millinery dress form this afternoon and she is now posted too.

Time to relax with a glass of wine, it's been a crazy busy week around here. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.....



  1. I so agree Janet. I treasure my old MEHC issues and there will probably never be another magazine like it. xo, suzy

  2. Wow what a bummer, I love Counry homes ...Me was great too...I loved your beautiful dress form, seems they are all sold before I get there...I did a post on the flea market, sorry I cut my pic out, you looked great, I looked like a hag lol~ Talk to you soon! Hugs, Kim

  3. Hi Janet!

    It is sad isn't it? I think that when you start messing with a perfect recipe you can really ruin it. I think Victoria Mag. did the same thing before they folded. Well, I find myself looking to the blog world for inspiration now.


  4. Hello Janet,
    Thank you so much for stopping by!
    Your wonderful comment, has put a BIG SMILE on my face!
    That`s just what I was needing!
    I love your latest creation, as usual!
    How do you find time to do so much...
    (Treasure hunting, listing, answer emails, packing and then creating the most wonderful Treasures!)
    I don`t know!
    I suppose, when you LOVE what you do... You find time to do it, no matter what.

    Many Kisses and wishing you a wonderful 2009!
    Debbie Moss

    P.S- Guess where from?!

  5. Not suprised that stunner of a Dress Form is SOLD! Hope she's going to a good home

    My magazine reading time has been drastically narrowed down, mainly I think because of my time spent BLOGGING, so many creative people out there with inspirational blogs and ideas, quite often after visitng blogs for 15 minutes my brain is too full of images, ideas etc. to want to look at a magazine.

    It must be hard for the Magazines to compete, I do agree I have my 3 favs, Romantic Country /Romantic Home and our Australian Country Home Ideas


  6. Hi Janet!
    Speaking of sure and stop by my blog for your chance to win a free one year mag subscription to House Beautiful or Country Living!


  7. oh fufu~I am so sad about the home companion & country home. another one bites the dust eh? I agree with the direction that HC was taking & did so enjoy the earlier issues.:) That dress form that lasted about two seconds in your boutique is making me DROOL!!!lol! :) hugs & kisses from snowy massachusetts! can you beleive we are getting another 8-10"s???! AGHHHHHHHH! tutts

  8. I received that same card. Martha Stewart magazine should be a good replacement. I'm with you with all the crafting in ME. I like a little but not a complete magazine devoted to crafting. I will stay true to Romantic Country and Romantic Living too! Also, I saw below you're thinking of a fitness blog... please, please do it (I gained lbs over the holidays :( ) Off to walk, walk, walk!

  9. I just popped over and really enjoyed your blog. I agree.....what's UP with all the really good magazines biting the dust! ARGHGHGHH!

  10. Romantic Country is my favorite magazine at this time.. Even Romantic Homes has changed it's look.. Where's the soft, romantic,vintage style.. I agree don't change what's not broken.. Love your !!Have a wonderful evening..~tea girl~

  11. I was devastated when I got what I figured out was my last issue of Country Home.

    I do hope Romantic Homes and the others stay around. Although I can't find any of the romantic home in my area any more. Ugh! I hope they don't go too.

    Maybe you should pick up where they left off! haha I cannot stay away from your site or blog. Love it!