Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Butta Numba

I have been thinking a lot lately how age truly is but a number butta numba (but a number) with this new year just starting out and my b'day coming up next month. Generally speaking I feel pretty good, but when I get sick (like a few weeks ago) I remember how much I hate feeling crappy.....so I am going to try and really ramp it up even more this year and look to my sweet Mr. Fufu for inspiration. We are not so young...no kiddos for us until over 30 and now our oldest is 25, so you do the math. This guy is going to be doing the Miami Marathon on Sunday, although the 1/2 has become his ritual the last couple of years. Still a very respectable 13+ miles, and he is built for speed!

No way could I....but he has the whip on me to exercise every day~lol! We just spent a couple of days at the tail end of our Buying Trip at our beach home, and he had me out doing 4 mile walk/runs on the beach.

And to work off any of the excess holiday chocolate 8 miles of trail riding in the mangrove preserves. WHEW!

We are contemplating penning an exercise and fitness blog somewhere down the road....you know, for us "older folks". Let me know if you might be interested....I will pass the info along to the Mr.

Here are a couple more pics for my Northern buddies who are dreaming of the warm weather down in Florida~come on down!

I found lots of beach glass to add to my collection.

Not a single soul to be seen for miles on our barrier island.

What are they thinking I wonder?

Doing this post a bit backward, the Buying Trip was a big success and lots of fun.

We went to several of our usual and customary haunts, including Renninger's Antique Show in Mt. Dora. I was pleasantly surprised to meet up with Kim Ryan the very talented rose painter and owner of the Shabby Rose Studio, who I have known for years on the internet. Not only can she paint, but she has a FABU new line of clothing called Paris Rags.

Me and the darling Kim, taken after a longggggg day of being outdoors in the COLD (for Florida:-)!

Kim's daughter Mikayla is an entrepreneur in the making and was a bonafide assistant.

I purchased a couple of her gorgeous perfume bottles. This one is now at home in our beach home with an aqua and pink vignette.

Whaddaya think, a new idea for a Shabbyfufu Dress Form perhaps? (NOT!)

I am going to be holed up in my own studio this week, as I have LOADS of projects to work on and hope to have posted on the website this weekend.........while I am NOT running a marathon!

Love to all~
xoxoxo~ Janet


  1. Fufu my friend~I think an excercise bloggy is a fab idea for you & mr.in-shape fufu!!! like you have time for another blog with all you do in the fufu studio??? I for one am a big fan of excersising not only to look good but for our stress levels. I feel so much more better equipped to deal with life when I am sweating for 45 minutes a day!LOL! how about that dress form?? If anyone can make it look fab you can! beautiful photos & how dare you complain with your weather!!! I'll take the 30's over 2 feet of snow & sub zero temps anytime!LOL! i hope to join you floridians in march sometime! xo tutts

  2. You can count me as one of the northerners dreaming of sun and sand. :)
    Love the beach pics!

    I could also use a little motivation to exercise, so let us know when that other blog starts up. I'm in my mid-40's and things are begining to shift...and not in a good way. LOL

    Kimberly :)

  3. Janet~ Hello! I'm still playing after the holiday (blog)catch up. I didn't know you were a February Birthday girl like me. My hubby aka Mr. Sweets is a runner too. I was doing so well hittin the gym with him...but I've fallen off the wagon or treadmill in my case. The banana nut muffins with creamcheese frosting that I just powered down probably wasn't quite the workout I was needin'. Of course Mr. Sweets ate two, which will cause no effect on his figure, of course.

    I can't wait to see what treasures you'll be listing.

    Sweet Wishes,

  4. Glad you had a fabulous Road Trip. Wasn't it nice you met up with Kim.

    I did my maths, you and Mr Fufu look pretty good for your age! It does seem the older we get the more we have to work on keeping ourselves in shape.

    Thanks again for the book Janet, both Tony and I have enjoyed reading it over and over

  5. Perfume bottle vignette, very beautiful and inspiring. You make me want to decorate!

  6. whew! you have been a busy girl Janet! can't wait to see what you'll cook up next.

  7. Hi Janet, Wow I looked tired and haggard yikes! After living like a gypsy three days I guess it's normal. I'm so happy to have met you finally! The bottle looks so pretty in it's new home. I think we will go again in Feb, it was fun, Thanks for the sweet mention of all my goings on! Kayla was thrilled to be mentioned in your post:) xoxox Kim

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of a blog for the "younger at heart folks" .... fab idea!! Tell Mr Fufu ...yes ...yes ... YES!!!

    Looks like you had a great time on your trip... lots of goodies... meeting up with a fellow blogger is always fun and a very talented on too...

    Good for you on getting healthier... I am working on it but had a bit of a set back

    I WILL make it though



  9. What a lovely time it looks like you had with Kim! GOod for you for going out and exercising! It's so important! WHEW, is right! LOL!

  10. About the dress form... you certainly could make her beautiful, Janet! Maybe she'll be there when you go back.

    Happy Night!