Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Threes

While I have been working away in the "packing and shipping dept" at Shabbyfufu today, my hip young daughter texted me the news that yet ANOTHER magazine is biting it! Click on the photo below (courtesy of to read about the closure of DOMINO Magazine. Three down in the last couple of weeks~it's mind boggling!

Admittedly I am not a huge fan of modern decor, but I do like to see what all of the trends are.....and so this was one on my shelf every month. Who will be next I can't help but wonder?

I have been enjoying doing a little bit of Photoshopping in my spare time late at night, mostly after Mr. Fufu is already down for the count for the eve. I am far from an expert, there is a lot to learn....but I have been doing some digitally collaged tags for SHABBYFUFU, and they have been really well received~so I hope to do some more as time permits. Here is just one that I worked up, with an antique sepia type finish. You can see more in the Pastelle Paperie by clicking on the photo below.

Back to the packing....we will be off on another BUYING TRIP in the wee hours on Friday morning, so will talk to you soon!

Stay warm, enjoy your day......


  1. What others have you heard are outta here? I've heard Cottage Living, Country Living (Boo Hoo! - I'm paid ahead for a year), and O at Home? I'm hoping the Country Living one is false.

  2. I havent ever looked at that magazine but I am so sad that all of these great ones are done :( I have Cottage Living and now they are giving me something else. Something I havent even heard of , lol!

    I LOVE the china head doll tag!! Great job!


  3. Whoa, what is going on!? I knew about ME's HC, which is sad, but like you said, they strayed away from what worked. I'm so glad I saved my old HC's from 2000, they were beautiful and I love almost every single page. I hope Country Living doesn't go under, too. I love Romantic Country, and usually love Romantic Homes, although lately, not much in it has interested me. Still, I hate to see magazines end. I wonder how Victoria is doing, since they have recently started up again?

  4. Hi Janet,
    Wow, I can't believe it. Domino is the magazine that I now get that replaced another subscription magazine that went under not too long ago... Wonder what they'll send me now... or is there anything left?

    I love what you've done with Photoshop. Have fun on your buying trip. Lots of luck (even though you will not need it one little bit ;)

  5. Have a fun buying trip Janet!

    Blessings, Brook

  6. That's too bad. I really liked Domino.

  7. GORGEOUS TAG fufu!!! I too like to scan the pages of Domino mag especially the holiday issue. So sad that these magazines are not making it. Have fun on your buying trip & keep making those tags! xoxo tutts

  8. Will the magazines be replaced with others? Or are there too many mags at the moment and cut backs are being made.

    Your tags are lovely Janet, I'm sharing your passion of doing a little bit of Photoshopping when I get some spare time ~ I love it!

    Happy hunting to you and Mr Fufu

    xo xo~~

    p.s. no not really humid here, just scorching, sunny hot

  9. Have fun on your buying trip! Sorry about your mag tragedies...does that make them mag trags??? No, it's not funny, is it!
    Well, I can't wait to see what you got on your trip.