January 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Projects

I am finally feeling human again and just wanted to pop in and say Hi to my sweet friends:-). We are FINALLY ready to take our postponed road trip tomorrow, so I need to go and pack ~although attire with be light with the gorgeous weather that we have been experiencing down here in the deep South.
I really don't get sick very often...so it hits hard when I do, and it's tough for me to take it easy which is not my style. So off we go in the morning to do some shopping for the website
and to stock up on some supplies for my studio. First on the agenda, we will be visiting our girl, who is a senior in college and will be set to graduate in the Spring.

In the green dress, with a college friend....making a New Year's Eve toast in our kitchen.

The weather down here is perfect for outdoor activity right now, and I hope to do some flea marketing along the way. While I was recooping this week I worked on a few new things for the website that were posted today:


  1. Happy New Year Janet! So sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Have a fun trip!


  2. Hi Janet
    Your Girls are Stunners! (I know not both your own girls in the photo)
    Hope you start feeling better very soon, don't forget to post a report on your Road Trip
    xo to you

  3. Looks like you have some fab new goodies for your website and it seems as though most are already sold... good for you !!

    Glad you are finally feeling well enough to go on a road trip... seems like it will be fun and much needed after being laid up in bed for a while... so have a good time... enjoy yourself and we will look forward to hearing about your journey when you get back...



  4. Hi Janet....I'm glad you're feeling better now....enjoy your trip! I love your Valentine's creations, especially the ruffly pink heart. :)

    Pink hugs,

  5. Go Gators !! I love the pretty stuff!Have fun shopping!

  6. I'm glad you are feeling better! Enjoy the beautiful weather we're having. I LOVE your newest creations! You've been productive in your down time, good for you! :)

  7. Have a wondrful trip my fufu friend! you have a beautiful family~have a wonderful visit with daughter fufu!thanks for rubbing in the "beautiful weather!" It is 10 degress & snowing like crazy!LOLOL!!!!!!xoxooxxo tutts

  8. I hope you are feeling MUCH better Janet!!!!