Thursday, February 26, 2009

Birthday Crown Giveaway Winner & Busy In The Studio

Hello sweet friends~I hope that you are having a great week! Hopefully over the weekend I will have some time to visit you, as Mr. Fufu will be out of town so I should have more time for that. I am going to be in the Shabbyfufu Studio quite a bit though, working on many projects laid out and a couple of special orders to finish up. I really look forward to the quiet studio days, classical music playing from my Sirrius Satellite Radio and the glorious South Florida weather while it lasts.

Using a random integer generator, there is a winner for the Birthday Crown Giveaway. There were only 18 ladies who left a blog comment and then another 21 who left a comment through the website for a total of 39. The winner is # 3, who is a blogger and a real sweetheart...Tracie of My Petite Maison. Since you are a customer as well, I have your address Tracie and will email you if I don't hear from you soon. Congrats!

My birthday was very quiet and relaxing, especially since it fell in the middle of the week. Not much fuss, cards, emails, calls from those dear to my heart....and a lovely watch from Mr Fufu with PINK Swarovski crystals (he knows my favorite color after all of these years!). I really don't need or want anything and I did instruct him with NO CHOCOLATE, so this was sweet:-).

A relaxing couple of hours at this great spa and some window shopping in the beautiful mall where it's located. Sooooo Florida here....don't you think?

Will talk to you soon~thank you for reading my post, and stop in to say hi anytime:-)


  1. Hi Janet!
    Your birthday sounds like it was just right. Spa treatment, a gorgeous sparkly watch and nice weather. I am with you on the no chocolate trying to get ready for Spring clothing - yikes! I am in shock, I read that sentence three times about your giveaway ~ I feel like I'm going to cry (really!). This is my lucky day, even though it's raining I've got sunshine all around me. I follow your blog and saw you had posted, little did I know it would give me the oomph to put a huge smile on my face and get my errands done this morning. Okay, I've written a book... Have a great day, you've certainly made mine happy, sweet Janet!
    Oh yes, have a great time in the studio... Can't wait to see.

  2. Happy Birthday to you Janet!!
    I love your watch!

    Congratulations to Tracie!

  3. Hi Janet; Happy late Birthday!!! Your Mr. Fufu has great taste, love the watch. And congratulations to the luck winner,how exciting for her.


  4. Hi Janet, happy belated birthday!! How gorgeous is that watch you lucky thing. Sorry I missed out on your giveaway, must get blogging more often!
    Alicia :0)

  5. Janet sounds like a wonderful birthday.
    Congratulations to tracie!!

  6. OMGoodness! I'll take that beautiful watch over chocolate any day! Happy Birthday (belatedly) to you. I may have wished that before, but one can never have too many happy birthday wishes, can they?

  7. Hi Janet,
    I just had to leave you a comment about your Marie dolls. I went for my workout today and really missed out! I certainly hope you'll have more in the future. I know each is one of a kind. They all are so beautiful and going to very fortunate owners. Be still my heart!

  8. Joli blog ! lovely blog

    Kiss from Paris (France)

  9. CONGRATS to tracie!!!!! what a treasure! Happy belated birthday fufu & your day sounds divine! LOVE the pretty present from mr. fufu~xo tutts