Sunday, February 22, 2009

Deer In The Headlights

Truly feeling like a confused deer in the headlights today, as Mr. Fufu and I have been working on my taxes to get everything ready to send to our accountant. I HATE accounting, would much rather be this has been something I have been putting off as long as possible. I figured that today was the day, as last night I walked barefoot into a step down in our house going at full speed as usual and stubbed my toe so bad that I couldn't stand on it. Sitting was a better option and hopefully will be back at it tomorrow.

A quick SHOPPE update that the Sweet Spring Boutique at Shabbyfufu has just opened for the Season with some darling things created in the Studio, so "hop on over" and "take a peep" if you can!
Lots of other new things will be posted later in the week...after my 35th (Just Kidding!) birthday. I have a Spa appt at the Elemis here in Miami that day and can't wait for some pampering!

There is still time to enter the CROWN Giveaway....until Weds. You can enter by either leaving a comment on the blog or using the Contact Us page on the Website.

Have a great week!


  1. Those spring goodies are delightful! I love them all! So pink and wonderful! :)

  2. These pretties are just soo ever sweet.. I'll have to go and take a peek.. Sooo Springey.. Can't wait for Spring.. LOVE it, almost here.. Thanks for sharing your surprises.. hugs ~tea~

  3. Janet, I'm with you on the insufferable taxes. We just did ours and I think I'm still recovering. By the way, your spring beauties are lovely.


  4. Hi Janet!!

    How are you? I just wanted to say hello. Your blog is beautiful as ever. You have so many wonderful things that I drool every single time. I hope you are your family are all doing well. Am I too late for that crown giveaway???? aaak! I need to feel like a
    Stop by my blog anytime. Take care
    xxoo :-)
    Janet's Creative Pillows