Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vintage Vixen ~ On The Road Again

These weekends spent away have really been taking me away from my Studio, but I have been enjoying spending quality time pursuing some of the other things that I enjoy and WILL BE BACK at it soon enough. We have been meeting up with some of our dealer/friends that we have gotten to know over the many years of being in the antique and collectible business, as they are all down here in the South right now escaping the cold weather that seems to be EVERYWHERE else. I really am a Vintage Vixen at heart....and the shopping has been enjoyable and worthwhile. I have found some killer vintage things that little by little have been added to Shabbyfufu, and lots of much needed supplies to restock my Studio with. I have plenty now, and will be sharing some with you....soon to come on the website:

Gorgeous millinery flowers. Old, new and everything in between.

I was so happy to come upon this humongous lot of antique silk ribbon and purchased the entire lot. It's old store stock, unused....and does need to be painted/dyed. I can't wait to see how it looks when finished!

Another lot of vintage glove molds and these are really the BEST that I have had to offer over the years. They are the very tall and slender women's size 6 1/2, and came out of a now closed cotton mill in Georgia. They are listed for sale on the website, and you can click on the photo to find them.

Lots of vintage and antique....some has already been sold and more will be posted soon.
I need to cut this post short, as we leave AGAIN tomorrow morning for more! I hope that you stay warm my friends, and take good care. COME ON DOWN to Florida, where you can see beautiful sunrises over the beach like this one

And ride with the top down and catch a gentle breeze



  1. Ohh AHHH Drool Drool, you have picked up some real beauties!!! I Love everything!!Vintage Vixon I like that!! Have a safe trip!!

  2. Janet your new finds are fantastic ~ I just come over from your website and wasn't at all suprised to see the large amount SOLD already!!

    Wishing the Vintage Vixon and her Escort a prosperous trip!

  3. Oh! Looks like so much fun and what wonderful goodies!


  4. Fufu-I love the photo of mr. fufu-he looks like a cool dude with the top down. You guys get to do that a lot huh? We only get to put the tops down when the temp is above the 25 it is tonight! LOL! happy valentines day my friend~ xoxo p.s. your finds are as always exquisite! :)

  5. Wow! Your blog is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I'm Martha Kenney's sister, Jennifer. I'll be back!