March 3, 2009

Blissful Bird Basket Project For Spring

Are you freezing in the Northern tundra? In just checking the weather reports while having my morning coffee I am ever so grateful to be enjoying life in South Florida....where we are having a cold snap today in the 50's! I actually feel so energized with this weather, and it's as cold as I ever want to be...
I am posting a project for you today. I made a few of for the website (all SOLD) and thought that my creative readers may like to try for themselves. Please, for personal use only. Thank you to my dear friend in Australia, Gail McCormack for allowing me to use her images, which are not for share....but these will work with any images, scraps, ephemera that you may have. Enjoy feathering your nest with these:
These Blissful Bird Baskets have been crafted from simple peat pots and make for a festive table accent when grouped together. Fill with candies and let your guests take them home as party favors. Wrap in cellophane and tie with pretty ribbons: they make sweet and inexpensive gifts for any occasion :

3” square peat pots
White primer spray or brush paint, or gesso medium
Pale acrylic craft paint
Decoupage glue and sealer
Hole punch
Bird images
Wired tinsel
Seam binding or lightweight pastel ribbon
Paper flowers
Paper shred to fill baskets
Hot glue

1. Begin by priming both the inside and outside of the peat pot with your choice of primer paint or white gesso. For our project we used white spray primer, but any primer will do. You can give your peat pot a second coat if desired with a pale toned acrylic paint. We chose a pale pink for our baskets.
2. Once the paint is dry, cut out two holes on opposite sides of your basket about ½” down with the hole puncher. These will be where you wrap your tinsel for the basket handles, so try and keep them evenly spaced.
3. Cut out a bird image to fit the front of your basket and adhere with decoupage glue. Be sure to press out any air bubbles with your fingers. Once dry, seal the image with the same clear glue. You may wish to give the image a second coat if necessary.
4. Hot glue paper flowers on both sides of the basket. We layered our flowers for dimension.
5. Cut an 8” piece of wired tinsel for the handle. Insert the tinsel from the outside of the basket to the inside and tie or wrap a knot on the inside to hold the handle in place. A dab of hot glue over the knot will keep the handle from pulling out.
6. Fashion bows with seam binding or other lightweight ribbon on the handle at the top. For a festive look feel free to embellish with small butterflies, buttons or other pieces from your craft stash.
7. Fill your basket with pretty paper shred and add your assortment of scrumptious candy treats.


  1. Hello Janet; Those are just a cutest thing, I would never have thought that they were Peat Pots. How sweet of you and your friend to share the project with us. I am going to have to go and find me some of those pots now... Thank you for the sweet comment, and we are all doing much better....


  2. Hi Janet,
    Thanks soo much for visiting me.. I am going to give this project a try.. What could be sweeter at Easter ?! I'll let you know.. Your's is adorable.. Have a wonderful, restful evening.. hugs ~tea~

  3. Those baskets are darling! Thanks for the tute! It's so kind of you to share. :)

  4. Hi Janet! I've seen your ads in the back of romantic homes magazines back several years ago. I didn't know you had a blog. It's nice to meet you. I'm off to look around your blog some more.

  5. I really love your Bird Basket Project. I might have to try it out. The ones you made are just stunning. You have true talent. By the way, I just love your blog.

  6. Hi & thanks for coming by my blog. I just noticed the Jan. (I believe) issue of Romantic Home on your sidebar, which I just won in a giveaway. Now, I have to go & look for you. Next time you're up in Charlotte, you should let me know. I'll get some of the Charlotte area bloggers together for a field trip to the Mill & lunch! Come by anytime. I love your blog. I told one of my "pink" friends about it, but of course, she already knew! ;O)

  7. What an adorable,clever little project! I love these & you are so gracious to share the instructions with us all fufu! DO you HAVE to remind us here in the northeast(who just got hammered AGAIN with snow) how lovely it is in Florida?LOLOL!!!! GEEZ! hugs & kisses to you my warm friend from your freezing friend! tutts xo

  8. Hi Janet! What a darling project. Thanks for sharing! Thanks also for your sweet and encouraging comment on my blog post about teaching. I should have known that you were an art teacher just because of how super creative you are and your wonderful eye for detail!!! ~ xoxo Joy

  9. Janet,these are gorgeous!! What a wonderful idea, thank you so much for sharing this with us! I think I will have to try them!!

  10. Hi Janet, I LOVE these sweet little baskets...they are so pretty!
    Siobhan xo

  11. Hi Janet
    They are adorable, I think I may have to have a try at a few myself. I'm sitting here thinking of hundreds of things they'd be useful for.
    Thanks Janet for the tutorial!

  12. Super cute Janet! I purchased 6 round bucket shaped peat pots years ago to make these but never got around to it! I was only going to use a wire handle but I like these much better. Now you have inspired me to get on the ball!

    Happy Week-End*