Monday, March 23, 2009

Creative Packing With Recycling

Just a quick mid~Monday post, as we had a very busy weekend in Shabbyfufu land and there are a good couple of days of packing and shipping ahead! Like everyone, I am trying to economize whenever and wherever I see fit. There was a wonderful supply house that used to deliver the shipping supplies to us for the last several years, and sadly when I called to place an order this morning, they are no longer in existence. I started thinking of some ways to be creative and reuse, and had one of those AHA Moments as they say. Mr. Fufu is a builder who owns his own firm that specializes in mostly high end residential remodeling. He has oodles and doodles of old building plans laying around his office....that for some reason had never gotten tossed out. Perfect for packing, especially those large boxes I say!! He said..."sure honey, take all that you want". What a guy:-). Thanks Mr. Fufu!

And speaking is a pretty BIG Birthday for him. Happy Birthday, and you are sweeter, kinder, more loving, my best friend and just a wonderful guy........and just as killer good lookin' as in the days that we first met those many years ago~LOVE 'YA!

Mr. Fufu and his Dad on Sanibel Island

Back to work now, and will talk to you soon..... have a super great week!


  1. Awww...what a cute guy he was and still is! Happy Birthday to him! :)

  2. Janet I hope hubby had a wonderful Birthday!!

  3. What a nice husband for helping you out. I hope he had a nice birthday. Just found your website and blog. Charming.

  4. Great idea, Janet! My hubby knows to bring home any and all bubble wray and packing foam that comes with the computer parts he orders. :)

    And what nice pictures of your handsome man.

    Kimberly :)

  5. Janet,
    Happy Birthday to Mr. Fufu! Hope you had a wonderful celebration. It sounds like you're keeping real busy. Have a good week! Hugs, Victoria Lynn

  6. Happy birthday to "Mr. Fufu" (a bit late, so sorry!)

    Good idea about re-using the drawings. Thanks for sharing your "economizing" tip.

    Love your new French sofa. Can't wait to see it done!