Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Thing

Here in Miami, or as I sometimes call it...the end of the earth~since we are soooo far in the deep south, Spring is welcome but in a different fashion. We only have a couple more weeks of great weather ahead, and then the dreaded humidity, heat and daily downpours start to set in. We do need the rain, as we have been in a pretty severe drought this winter with it being nice and dry....but it does get oppressive and the air conditioner tends to be the only relief from about April through November. So my Northern friends....while you have winter to coop you up, we have about 8 months of heat to keep us indoors!

We have been getting the house and the gardens ready for hot weather, and while outside pulling weeds this morning I snapped a few photos of our tropical gardens to share.

The Orchids are in Full Bloom!

Pretty in Pink
A Nutmeg Tree Flower

I love to use large clamshells as natural birdbaths

Lots of Tropical Ferns. They last year round and do particularly well in Spring and Summer in Miami

A Massive Staghorn Fern. This could seriously do some damage if it fell on you!

We live on a freshwater canal. Time to put the old Sea Nymph in the water for some fun:-)

And finally, I love our street. It's lined with HUGE Royal Palm Trees and looks so regal when you drive down the street. Today is trash pick~up day~lol!

Thanks for reading and looking and have fun in your Garden this weekend if possible!

In Celebration of Spring, with every sale in the SWEET SPRING Boutique on the website at SHABBYFUFU this weekend, you will receive one of these Darling Flocked Bottle Brush Trees with Glittered Eggs........while supplies last. I will announce here if, and when we run out of the FREE tree promotion

Off to work in the STUDIO, I hope to list more of the Marie Antoinette and German Dolls perhaps later in the weekend or if not...then early next week.



  1. What beautiful palm trees you have on your street! Here in Tampa, I have the oak trees. but they are still pretty. Awesome pics of the flowers!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh-h-h-h, the trees and the flowers look wonderful! I can feel the warm breeze! Thx for sharing. Love the dolls - so sweet!


  3. a pretty post -- outside and in!

    happy spring from the ocean state


  4. Hi, Janet!
    Your garden is beautiful! That water canal must be fun to have so nearby.

    Happy Spring!

  5. Janet,
    I love the palm must feel like you're on vacation every day! Your yard is so beautiful, those ferns are amazing. I've been busy working on my yard and putting in some gardens where there were none. Have fun! Happy Spring, hugs, Victoria Lynn

  6. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world, funny to think your South means warm, our South here in Australia means cooler weather - yes that's where we live South.

    The dolls are adorable Janet!!

  7. Beautiful photos! Love the flowers and the dolls are so sweet to look at! :)

  8. What a wonderful area you live in...!! And by now here in the PNW we would love some of that heat...! Maybe trade for some of our rain?

  9. I LOVE your street.........even with the trash cans! How beautiful. I love palm trees, which we don't see too much here in the Pacific Northwest.....on the "other side of the world".....from you! :-)

    Wishing you a wonderful week,