Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Such A Doll ~ Barbie At 50

Photo courtesy of surname needed and everyone who is not living under a rock will know who you mean! This fashion icon of little and big girls worldwide turned the big 50 on Monday and looks pretty darned good for her age. She has been the source of delight for millions of pre pubescent girls for all of those fifty years, and still reigns strong as a queen of imaginative play and collecting. As with probably everyone who might be reading this, I played with Barbies as a young girl...heck, I was born in the same decade! Back then we didn't have a whole lot of toys, so it was one Barbie for me and one for my sister....and we loved to give them bubble baths in the bathroom sink and dress them up, often crafting the outfits ourselves. My own daughters had many more Barbies when they came into the playing with dolls age, and found their own creative Barbie adventures to pursue. I will never forget finding a decapitated Barbie floating in our swimming pool, or the look on our younger daughter's face when her big sis decided to give her favorite Barbie a pixie haircut!

Here are some interesting by the number facts about this mid century diva. Barbie....Happy Birthday to you!

1 BILLION fashions have been produced for Barbie and her friends since 1959!

Do you have an Original Barbie in Mint Condition in the box? Estimated worth is $27,450!!

There are over 18 MILLION girls registered worldwide on, 1,000 YouTube Channels and 300 Facebook pages dedicated to Barbie.

Barbie has had over 100 careers in her lifetime.

Barbie has represented 50 nationalities.

It takes over 100 designers, seamstresses, pattern makers and stylists to create a single new Barbie outfit and look. It takes fifteen artists to work on one Barbie, using water based acrylics and tiny sable brushes.

Seventy famous fashion designers have outfitted Barbie.

The average number of Barbie dolls owned by U.S. girls aged 3 to 6 years old is 12.

So apparently while Barbie continues to get older (no Botox needed) the girls who play with her continue to get younger. Let's stimulate the economy and buy a Barbie Doll for someone that we love....or just for ourselves. She really is such a doll!


Thank you for this Blog Award to my sweet friend Rita over at Tesoro Fino that I hope to pass along soon.


  1. First of all Congratulations on your award! It's a good one I think and well deserved!!!

    My daughter and I are going to visit the Barbie Exhibition coming to Melbourne, I think about June/July - I can't remember a birthday when Ellie didn't have a Barbie as number one on her wish list!!
    When I was growing up we weren't allowed to have Barbie dolls, we had to have the English Cindy doll as according to my Dear Mum, Barbie's Bust was too BIG!

    Loved this post Janet - I'm feeling quite nostalgic now -

  2. This is a sweet post that brings a lot of memories. Enjoy your Spring weather.

  3. Barbie and I were born in the same year. She was my first friend and went with me everywhere. All three of my daughters and both my granddaughters are fans and have many Barbies. Thanks for the fun facts about our favorite doll. Happy Birthday Barbie.

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    Please stop by and have fun!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend~

  5. Barbie has played a huge role in millions of people's lives as they were growing up, including mine

  6. Hi Janet!!
    What a cute and fun post and I was born the same year as our friend Barbie! At least I will turn 50 in good company! ;-) I had Skipper, Casey, Francie, Midge, but alas, NO Barbie.
    Sniff.. Sniff.. Me thinks I need to treat myself to a Barbie too!

    I enjoyed catching up with you this afternoon - LOVE your new sofa.. you will transform it into something even more BEAUTIFUL for sure!