Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Steps ~ Romantic Dress Form

Just taking a quick little break from the Studio to sit down and check emails and so forth, and thought that I would do a quick post about one of the projects that I have been working on this week. I have had a few requests in the last couple of weeks for a Shabbyfufu Romantic Dressform similar to the ones that are shown in this ad that has been running in some of the decorating magazines lately.

There are many baby steps to these and they are time consuming, but something that I have been doing for ten or so years now and a real passion! All of the elements are thought out and hand made or altered (by me:-), and lots of gathered materials are used as well from years of collecting. Today I have been hand painting and dying fabrics, as the day is perfect for setting things out to dry in the sun. Antique French ribbon has been hand painted and will be sewn into ribbon roses, frilly bows and ruffles....old gown material has been dyed and is drying on the grass. I hope to finish this latest creation sometime over the weekend, as well as a zillion other things that are on the "to do list" hanging over my desk! I have to keep reminding steps, it will all get accomplished in time.

xoxo to you,


  1. You are an artisan extraordinaire!!! Everything you touch is beautiful and your work is exquisite. And your shop?? Well, I want it A L L!! Such a feast for the eyes. Love visiting your blog too.

    I wish I lived next door to you so maybe I could get your hand me downs or experiments - whatever!!


  2. Janet,
    I guess I feel very very fortunate, as I OWN one of those dress forms that are in that advertisement and I own 4 dress forms that you have made, but that pink one that is in all the ads was truly truly my favorite purchase to-date!!!! It will be fun to see the one you are creating and the other goodies that you are tempting us with!
    Take Care!

  3. Hi Janet,
    LOVE seeing what your up to !! I just saw (read) your article in RH.. Beautiful, you're quite the talented one my wonderful to be soo talented.. Can't wait to see your finished form.. Always fun with you.. Have a wonderful evening !! hugs and love ~~tea~~

  4. Dearest Janet,

    Your dressforms are absolutely beautiful!!! I too feel so fortunate to have one that my "Mr. Fufu" showered me with for Valentine's Day! Just know that all that hard work is truly appreciated!!! I can't wait to see your new creation!

    Your fan and friend,

  5. YUM YUM YUM that pink looks like fairyfloss!!!! you are so clever

    I cant wait to see how it turns out.. wish you whre over here so i could have one of your dress forms!!
    have fun
    ps when i get snowed under i stop and think.. a big job is just lots of little jobs melted into one! that helps to chip away at it :)

  6. You are truly an artist with a unique flair! Your work is impeccable and I love to come by for a visit.

    Your work is soooo incredibly inspiring. I love to see your talent and FEEL your passion. It is intoxicating!

    Blessings to you...Rebecca

  7. Hi Janet,

    I look forward to seeing another awesome one-of-a-kind creation by you. They are all so-o-o- beautiful!