Monday, April 27, 2009

Bleu Monday

Happy Monday lovely friends! It was a nice relaxing weekend here in the Shabbyfufu household, with sweet older daughter and her guy down here for a weekend visit. We hung out at the pool most of the day on Sunday and did some RARE relaxing, as the month of May will be a busy one for us. Lounging poolside I was thinking about color, and how much I love the color blue. Although pink is dear to my decorating heart, blue is the color of the sky, the ocean, swimming pool water and my darling husband's amazing eyes. Blue seems to becoming more and more incorporated into our decor as the years go by and our collections are honed, updated and forever changing. I snapped some photos this morning of some of my Bleu inspiration to share with you. Do you love blue?

This iconic box doesn't need any explanation but is a great taking off point if you are starting a new color board in your decor.

I was shocked to find this antique sign some years back while antiquing. My husband's family name, and apparently the moniker of a now defunct ice cream chain up in Maine I believe. Gives me a reason to run harder on that treadmill, as ice cream is a secret pleasure!

The palest shade of Bleu in our glass tiled kitchen backsplash. We love the way that it contrasts against the granite.

Some of my Aqua Blue collection, old pottery from the 40's, tole trays, chocolate pots.

Lovely pink roses against a blue sky in this painting.

For awhile we were making these cabinet/shelves and selling them on the website at Shabbyfufu. This one I kept and is hanging in the family room with more of my collections.

A petite antique French table in a yummy shade of real French Bleu with a Pink veined marble top. I love the original silk tassel that hangs from the drawer pull!

The next few photos are taken in my rather eclectic family room....where too much Fufu was NOT okay with the family! Old hooked rug, coffee table that I made by cutting the legs off an old shoppe display table then painting and distressing...and a vintage ironstone bowl with some faux Robin's eggs displayed for Spring.

Old non working clocks that I have amassed over the years. Displayed on the wall unit that I covered along the back with antique wallpaper that I faux finished with French Bleu milkpaint.

I found this great shabby chic table some years ago at an Estate sale. The chippiness and soft Bleu/Green is original and I painted the pink roses as an accent. I don't get to do much painting any more it seems:-( The rhinestone clock is one that I picked up at Homegoods a couple of years ago.

An antique yardlong that we framed out in the best chipping barnwood taken out of an old Southern home, juxtaposed between a pair of antique French beaded sconces.

More tole roses set on a favorite old chippy table with the original paint. Top is an aqua blue and the legs are PINK!

This is a new find from a recent website Buying Trip that is a KEEPER! Great Chippy paint, and Murphy had to check out why it was now on our patio.

More patio....our "coffee table" consists of a pair of long antique wood benches. They are often moved around for drinks and food when needed. Came out of a long ago closed down Southern textile mill....if only they could talk!

Blue pool tile.
Some things that I found recently while antiquing...old paint blue wicker basket, frame and box made of salvaged molding. These are going with us to our beach house.

Timeless Toile, part of my large textile collection that I have been slowly going through and offering bits of on the website.

Have a great week ladies~

Talk soon,
xoxo~ Janet


  1. Hi Janet,
    YES !! Blue is Cooooll !!It is a very calming,relaxing color.. my fav, would be aqua blue, or (robin egg) blue.. I LoVe splashes of blue with all my pink..It makes me think of the ocean, and I LoVe to sit at athe beach.. The smell, the sounds, the air... Oh, I guess you can tell it's beach time here !! Thanks for sharing.. Have a happy,blue, calming day !! hugs to you, ~~tea~~xo

  2. Janet, your blog is beautiful. Love all the pretty shades of blue.

  3. Lovely photos Janet! My kitchen, dining, and main bedroom are all blue, love it! I think I gravitated to it years ago because alot of my special collections were blue, and it went from there.Though now I have gone to different shades of blue, and added alot of cream. It's funny how our taste in colours evolve as the years go by.....

  4. Hi Janet, I am glad to have found your blog. I have come across your name on the magazines you mentioned. Yes, I read them all. Love the features about you and the dress forms are just gorgeous. Keep up the good work!!

  5. Hi Janet...
    This is a very interesting blog, and great photos. What I think is interesting is that I could not ever stand the color blue! Now, it's so "in", and I have incorporated some beautiful pale Robin Egg's bleu in my dining room! Recently I painted a gold gilt mirror that was not selling in my space a pale, romantice soft bleu and will put that back in my space, as it turned out so pretty....I think it will sell now! has come a long way..... Have a great week.....

  6. Really enjoyed this post Janet, the photos are amazing. Nice to see Murphy making an appearance too! I actually have a lot more blue in my house than i thought, must be drawn to it more than I know.

  7. Oh my! I love that blue French table! And the toile! My favorite! Great blue things!

    All the best,

  8. Such lovely blue fufu things! Enjoyed every photo! We are back & as pretty as it is here right now I am dreaming of west palm & a condo on the water!LOL! :) xoxotutts

  9. Love everything bleu in your collection, Janet. Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend with your daughter too! Happy week back to you.

  10. Hi Janet
    Beautiful Blue treasures!
    Nice to hear you had a relaxing day sitting next to blue water with blue sky above

    I'll email you soon

  11. Janet...

    Love the photos of all your goodies.... especially since they are blue... my favorite color.... indeed...

    I hope you have more of these lovelies lurking in the corners of your home to show us in the near future...

    Such a soothing color...

    Nice post... glad you enjoyed some family time...


  12. ooooh - SO many pretty things Janet! Love them and you can just drop off that blue rocker on my porch on your way to your daughter's graduation! ;-)

    Congratulations to your beautiful girl and to you and your family - that is wonderful and I know how very proud you must be!