Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taking A Cue From Nature

Greetings and salutations sweet friends... and thank you for the nice comments, lovely emails and phone calls this past week.

I have been tearing my hair out over here with computer woes, and after sending our main office computer out to our tech guy for two has not been much improved. Grrrr....may have to break down and purchase a new system, which is not something that I really want to do right now!
So I am trying to remain zen, as in the greater scheme of life this really means nothing. Breathe deeply, go to my yoga classes, drink a glass of wine, enjoy the beautiful Macaws that visit my coconut palms daily. I counted SIX this morning eating coconut seeds and making much noise.

A few new things on the aforementioned website have been posted today, and then off for a weekend at our beach place. Off to relax and take my cue from nature and refresh the weary brain!

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!


  1. Hi Janet.. YES .. breathe.. these are certainly little bumps in life.. but, aren't they all so inconvenient.. I always enjoy my visit.. Your blog is lovely, and ever soo shabbyfufu.. Hoping your visit to the beach is nothing but enjoyable and relaxing..Good evening to you.. hugs ~tea~

  2. Wow, your latest projects are absolutely beautiful! What a pretty photo of the bird! :)

    It is important to step back a minute and regroup.

  3. I sooo wish I was going to the beach! I miss it so much! Three visits to California from Oklahoma last year and couldn't get by even once! :(

    Loved the Tutorial..."oh talented one"!

    Love following along! So very, very inspiring!


  4. Have a great weekend at the beach - those Macaws are stunning! So different than the birds around my home.

  5. Hope the brain is getting a thorough refreshing!!

    Love the photo of the Macaws!

    Have a great weekend away, will catch up when you get back


  6. Hey Janet, OHH I SOOOO get how you feel, weve been having internet issue's and it's driving me NUTS!!!!online one minute then off again! Hoping it doesnt last like this for too long!!

  7. Oh there is nothing worse than computer problems, I feel for you. Always love stopping by your blog, so many pretty things to see.

  8. Hi I have just come across your blog it is wonderful! I can't wait to look through all your past posts and see whats comes next!

    All the best,