Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sniff, Sniff...Achoo!

Just a quick post, as I have had a bunch of emails asking when the Paris Flea Market items would be posted on Shabbyfufu. I have been slowly sorting and taking photos, but am a bit under the hopefully that Boutique will have it's Grand Opening by (or on) the weekend. Achoooo!

A petite sneak peek of just SOME of the items...there is a lot! Yes....a REAL French Dress Form or Mannequin among the bounty. Don't ask me how I got it home~lol!

From my little corner of the world to yours....have a great day!


  1. I hope you feel better soon. I really hope I'm home if you're able to open the Boutique this weekend. I already have plans Saturday I can't change - drats! Oh and to the "achoo" in your post ~ bless you!

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon, there is nothing like trying to work when your sick...Take care.

  3. ooohhhh, is that a spool of wide french ribbon I see? LOL
    Lovely items!
    I hope you're feeling better soon. Get plenty of rest and take care.

    Kimberly :)

  4. Aw hope you feel better! Great things! I love the mannequin!

    All the best,

  5. Seems I have missed quite a bit here.... I was waiting for you to get home and you already are... goodness... sorry about the sneezes and I hope you get better soon...

    The photos below of your visit to gay Paree are gorgeous.... what a fabulous anniversary you must have had... and your cousin... I agree does not look like she is in her eighties...

    How lovely just to walk the streets and fill yourself with the sights and sounds of this beautiful city...

    So... welcome back... get better... looking forward to your finds...


  6. Get well soon! Good luck with the boutique!

  7. Hi Janet hope you get better soon. Looking forward to seeing your finds. Take care Carol

  8. Fufu-ME TOO!! So sick with a darn cold & planting in all the rain last week didn't help! Fell better soon my friend & I'll wait patiently for the boutique to open! :) xoxoxo tutts

  9. Hi Janet,
    I read this post the day you put it up, I must have forgotten to leave a comment!!

    Hope you are feeling better by now?

    Once again I loved your photos and felt as if I was there with you

    take care