June 28, 2009

Beach Cottage

Here are some photos for you that I took today, mostly textures, colors and vignettes of our beach cottage decor. I hope that you enjoy them and that you are perhaps able to take some laid back time to relax over the summer months ahead. (P.S.....I WILL post when I have new website items that I think you want to know about, as I WILL be working in my studio when I am home.)


  1. Hi Janet

    What gorgeous photos. They are truly inspirational.I hope you have a serene summer on the beach (even though us blog followers will miss you). And, last but not least, thanks for mentioning my book. Much appreciated.

  2. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! I love your blog.

  3. Hi Janet
    Lovely photos!!
    I've got the "beachy" bug at the moment too - not sure why as it's winter over here - a very mild winter so far though - actually went for a walk along the beach today!

  4. Janet thanks for such inspirational photos

  5. Janet, lucky you, have a great summer. i love all the pphotos would be happy with any of it. i will be around when you get back. have fun in your studio. Take care, hugs, cinner

  6. Hi Janet...

    Truly lovely photos... the colors and so soft .... peaceful so to speak.... I would love to know who the artist of that painting is... I love it...

    As for Barbara....she is the best isnt she??

    I think everyone is clamouring for that book... its going to be a hard seller for sure.... and she is one lovely person....

    Enjoy your downtime...


  7. Hi Janet,
    I love your photos, they make me want to run around the house and snap away some of my own. Thank you for the inspiration! I still have to order Barbara's book, it is definitely on my list and of course, I've gone crazy over Fifi's hearts (they're all over the house here ;)
    Have a beautiful Summer!

  8. What an inspiration these photos are fufu!! I will also be sure to order barbara's beautiful book & one of fifi's gorgeous hearts! I missed you while on blog hiatus my friend! xoxo love from massachusetts where the sun only shines a few days a month now! :(
    enjoy the beach! :)

  9. Janet,
    Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring photos. I really, really miss the beach here in TN. Have a wonderful 4th and a fantastic summer! Hugs, Victoria Lynn

  10. I'm finding it very easy to get lost in your beautiful photos... very enchanting! :)


  11. Lovely beachy hues and weathered textures!
    Enjoy your summer and time with family and friends at the beach!

    Kimberly :)