June 9, 2009

Paris Eats, Laduree & Molecular Gastronomy

Good morning, are you ready for some Paris food? This post will mostly be pictures, as my website duties call with some custom orders to fill and get out and finishing up on packing and shipping with my new employee (22 yr old daughter, desperately seeking job!).

First order is to announce a winner in the drawing for the framed art canvas print. I used Random.org and copied and pasted the results below, thank you to those who entered and congrats to Sandra for winning! I have your email and your mailing addy, so this will go out at the end of the week.

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Now....calling all foodies!

Desserts in Paris are truly worth getting fat for, and these meringues are fat in themselves. No fat in these treats, but they certainly are loaded up with sugar and about the size of a fist!! Of course if you have ever been to France you know that French women are skinny, so maybe eating these is the trick~lol!
Macarons are not the same as the coconut infused macaroons that are sold in the U.S. These are a light yet sugary sinful dessert that was a favorite of Marie Antoinette.Let them eat cake!

Fromagerie shops are everywhere and the cheeses are divine and freshly made.Don't even get me started on the gorgeous produce markets! You can get just about anything in terms of fresh produce on a daily basis, which is how the French do their marketing. There are very few supermarkets in Paris.
The famous pastry shop Laduree. This one is on the Champs Elysee, right by our hotel....so it was somewhat of a daily ritual for us to pop over for some macarons and tea. I did bring back some of their boutique items for the Paris Flea Market shop at Shabbyfufu and there are still a few gorgeous Laduree Shopping Bags left.

At any time there are throngs of shoppers in line. Bored much!When I first emailed my cousin Philippe to let him know that we were coming over for a visit, he asked me if we would like to go out for some molecular gastronomy. I think that as usual he may have been trying to push my buttons, but I happen to love the show on Bravo ~ Top Chef, so he could not pull the wool over his baby cousin's eyes this time!!

Some strangly concocted cocktail which I can't recall the name or why it fits in with molecular gastronomy......but it was seriously good.

Gastronomist at work creating this excellent restaurant's version of ice cream. Looked like a witch's brew demonstration if you ask me, but again....quite delicious fare.

You know what these are~ non?Lovely!
My cousin, me and Mr. Fufu....fully stuffed and ready to explore more of Paris at nightThat's it for today sweet friends, and probably it for Paris postings on the blog. Have a wonderful day, and I hope that you enjoyed this series on Paris~


  1. How exciting! All those photos made me pine for Paris! lol. What a nice time!

    All the best,

  2. Please, may I have one of each fromage? That is my true weakness although the patisserie looks quite amazing... Okay, I'll take both (in my dreams).

    The dinner with your cousin looks amazing. Wonder what that frou frou drink is... did you have Pastis while there? I will dream of that and cheese tonight, definitely. Thank you for the tour, sweet Janet!

    Bonne chance to daughter Fufu at her new job ;)