Sunday, June 21, 2009

Too Hot To Handle

Hello friends...I hope that you had a relaxing weekend and that all of the fathers out there enjoyed some time to enjoy their special day!

Miami really has been too hot to handle lately. I swear I don't remember any June that has been this HOT, this MUGGY, has had this much RAIN and these many MOSQUITOES! Today with the "heat index" it was supposedly feeling to be 110 degrees.....are you believing that!!! So.....we spent some time at home enjoying the day out here:

In here:

Over here:
If it's hot where you live, HERE is a recipe for what you see in my lovely new recycled glass pitcher from Target...sure to cool you off on any hot day:

My Favorite Infused Water:

A pitcher full of water, I prefer glass to plastic and filtered to tap water.
Add the following:
Wash and slice thinly....One orange (Florida of course!), one lime, a quarter of a cucumber. A few pieces of fresh spearmint squeezed between your fingers for a moment to release the oils, but do not cut up.

Very refreshing!

I have been doing a little bit of work in my Studio at Shabbyfufu, mostly with lighting. I just finished this piece today, it's actually a light! As you may know if you follow along I love to work with old doll parts and created this piece completely by hand. It's now posted on the website and is available for can see it by clicking here :

Have a great week and will talk soon~


  1. Wow! Well, it does not surprise me one bit that the beautiful doll lamp sold already! You are such a talented artiste!!!

    Love the cool greens and blues by the pool!

  2. Hi Janet send some of that hot weather here in freezing cold Melbourne, Australia. The refreshing drink sounds yummy will give it a go this summer. Enjoy your swim. Carol