Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Little Ode To Woodstock

In my constant quest to get organized I have been going through some boxes of old photos this week and scanned these to share. Are you old enough to remember Woodstock? I certainly am, but I was a bit young and too naive to attend (according to my parents). Hmmm, I don't know about that, but the big event celebrated it's 40th anniversary this past weekend....and in my little tribute I have these photos of the era to share with you. These were taken by mon cher cousin Philippe in Paris and given to me many moons ago ( cannot have them back!). I don't think that any of these artists performed at Woodstock...but you get the picture!

Bob Dylan ~ great 'fro!

Luscious lips himself ~ Mick Jagger

Unless you are living under a know!

The late Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones

Philippe (amateur paparazzi!) and Mick Jagger

Mick obessed. A signed photo!
Ahhhh Paul was so cute!
Who are these clowns? Errrr....Me and Mr. Fufu as rockers at a Halloween party awhile ago. Don't laugh too hard!

Rock on and will ttys!



  1. I like them all, but love the last one the best. Thanks for making me smile, Janet. Does Mr. Fufu know you've shared that photo? I did try to click to enlarge it but as you said earlier, non!

    The photos in Paris are fantastic - thanks for sharing them with us.

    Off to dig up a photo of my hubby as a knight at Halloween ;)

  2. Great post fufu!! I too remember woodstock but was a mere 12 years old & don't think mom & dad would let me out of the house never mind the state!LOL!! You & Mr Fufu look adorable! xoxo tutts

  3. Hah Janet I would have loved to be your costumes, uou probably had lots of fun!

  4. They are wonderful Janet. What fab times! Mick looks so young. He can still move like a young man! Love the shot of you and your husband! xx

  5. What a fun tribute to Woodstock Janet. A signed photo of Mick Jagger? Get out!! I hope Phillipe doesn't see this post. Thanks for sharing. xo Roberta

  6. Hi Janet!!! I just received my gorgeous box of goodies from you! Oh my gosh!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Everything is soooo beautiful!! I love the box you made! Just beautiful and has all my favorite things on it! I am dying over the A bottle!! It is exquisite! I love it so much!! And all of the gorgeous supplies! On I feel so spoiled!! And thank you so much for still sending me the book! I am thrilled to have two copies! Thank you Janet, it means so much to me and I will cherish it all!!!
    Love and hugs,

  7. Thank you for the walk back in time. I am old enough to remember.

    You and hubs look spectacular-go rockers!


  8. I love the last photo... you two are just do darn cute together.... you had fun though... and the other ones so so great... thanks for sharing,,, hey 40yrs ago I was 11 mom said I was too young to go too.... oops gave my age.. darn..........


  9. Ooh Janet, you and Mr. Fufu look adorable! Yes, of course I remember ALL of those people! And I do remember Woodstock, although I had no desire to attend... I was in love with the Beach Boys at the time! (I still am!) I recently started a blog of my own, I would love to have you drop in for a visit... I have chatted with you so many times in our emails back and forth when I visit your shop, but would love a visit as well... Speaking of your shop, I am off for a look now! Will you be getting any more of those wonderful little Putz houses this year for Christmas? I would love more to go with my pink one from you last year... Julie Marie

  10. Hi Janet

    Yes of course I remember Woodstock - no chance of going for me, number one I was too young and number two we live in Australia, just a minor issue really! We had a local way smaller scaled one here called "Sunbury" - those where the days!!

    Loved your photos

    Fund post!!


  11. Hi: Thanks for stopping by my blog. That piece you were asking about is part of the plate behind the tea pot. I love all your pictures. Martha

  12. Hi Janet. Love all these fun pictures. Such sweet memories! Thanks for sharing all of them.

    XO Brook

  13. I didn't laugh, I promise Janet.
    If you look behind ne you won't see my fingers crossed either.
    Thank you for the sweet message about my garden.