Friday, July 17, 2009

Paris Prize~Keepers From The Paris Flea Market Trip

Hello dear friends and readers both new and old! This summer I have been taking it easy as far as the blog world is concerned, but not taking it easy as far as life goes. As I mentioned in a previous post, we enjoy spending lots of time in the summer at our place at the beach....and here is me last weekend doing some of this:

Some of you have asked if I will be posting anything else on the Website that I found in May on my trip to the many Flea Markets in Paris. I still have a few more items to post but truthfully I just haven't gotten around to stay tuned! I have mixed in a few new French inspired items into that particular Boutique at Shabbyfufu in the meantime, so come have a looky here if you can. Now..... on to the silly title of my post!

Since I have been both an artist and a consummate antiquer for decades (buyer and seller) I was quite thrilled to find these very LARGE and very HEAVY (cost a ton to get them over here!) books at one of the Paris Flea Markets and am so enjoying taking my time looking over them. They are bound books of Le Mode Illustre, the French fashion and home magazine that was screamin' popular with the elegant ladies in France in the late 1800's through the early 1900's and a true predecessor to the many publications that followed. I was fortunate to purchase three of these prize possessions....that date from 1883~1907. Of course they are completely written in the French language, and though I do speak and read some French it's a challenge to understand all. I have been thoroughly enjoying perusing thru the hundreds of pages slowly, which are mostly in black and white and just full of fabulous illustrations of French fashion du jour, along with some small amount of home decor and lots of sewing patterns. Oh........and the ads are just as wonderful with some truly ahead of their time!

Below is a sampling of just a wee, tiny bit. Would you like to see more in another post? How about a few scans to use in your artwork? Let me know!

Perhaps some day I may convince myself to part with at least one of these books....will see. After all, I am more of a finder than a keeper, so who knows?!!

That's it for now, since I actually WILL be in town this weekend I am hope to be working in the Studio on some sweet projects for the Website that will be coming next week. Enjoy your weekend and will talk soon~



  1. Oh, it looks like you went boogie boarding! How fun! I love to go boogie boarding when I am feeling well.

    Love the books. Thanks for sharing the pages...they are so pretty! :)

  2. Hi Janet!
    I'm doing the same and enjoying taking some time away with my family during this Summer that will be too short.

    You look like you're getting tossed around a bit in that big, beautiful ocean but looks like a blast.

    Take care, can't wait to see the items in your shop when you get to it - most of all, enjoy yourself ;)

  3. Love the old Books..You do find some of the best treasures. Have a great weekend.

  4. It looks like you found some serious treasures on your trip. I don't think I would part with them.

    I can tell you if I lived near the ocean I would be as wrinkled up as a raisin. I would never come out of the water!

    enjoy your weekend.


  5. Great to see you are enjoying the fun of summerThe books look fabulous

  6. Hi Janet
    Glad you're enjoying your summer - freezing cold over here - loved the ocean photo

    Those books look fabulous, I can see plenty of inspiration there, great find - I think all three should be keepers


  7. Hi Janet!

    You are so lucky to be enjoying the beach! I would love to be so close to the ocean :)

    Those books are to die for! What a find! The pages you have shown are just stunning! How wonderful to savor every page.

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend!