Monday, September 7, 2009

Beachy Seats

So here I am sitting at our beach retreat and blogging instead of going down to hit the sea and sands. It's early, Mr. Fufu is out wiping down his car (salt spray is a constant) and our darling younger daughter who is here w/us this weekend is peacefully catching some winks. I am sitting in the breakfast room and thinking about how much I love all of the seating that we have here. Most of it vintage that was accumulated over time and with patience, and for not much money. In decorating any home I feel that having a vision and then the patience to wait for just the right pieces to come along makes sense. Today I am going to share some of the seating that we have, and hopefully give you some ideas.

This spot is where I love to sit in the morning with my morning coffee and laptop, and watch the sunrise over the ocean. I found this vintage patio set years ago at a local consignment shop for I think around $125. Although I do sew, I decided to leave this project to my friend Susan. We picked a lovely cotton floral fabric with a vintage tropical theme and I painted over the set in a fresh coat of cottage white.

In the dining room there is absolutely nothing new, and in terms of seating we have two different collections of chairs going on. These chairs I bought from another antique dealer/friend (again, years back so not sure of the cost) and painted them white and distressed. I recovered the seats with a pale faded looking Rachel Ashwell fabric that has blue roses on white. The chairs are turn of the century Victorian and were a heavy dark wood with horsehair seats. Seeing the potential, and I am pleased as punch with how they look now.

These (we have a pair) are 1940's French caned flea market finds that I painted a light cream and covered in a cotton matelasse that has roses in white on white. Texture and color with lack of color!

Only new chairs in the place are these barstools from Haverty's. We have a high eating counter/bar and vintage was not an option, so these had sort of that casual beach feel that I was going for.

This chair is a real old one and was in Mr. Fufu's family for several generations. I think that it goes well in our den that is a darker room, and sits in front of my petite antique French writing desk (picked up at a yard sale:-)

Resting spot for a pair of vintage binoculars that we often use to spy boats out on the sea. The old perfectly beaten and battered stool was a local thrift shop find for $5. The color and weathered patina call to mind a stormy day over the ocean.

We were so fortunate to receive this custom made patio set from one of my husband's clients who was moving to Maine and didn't feel that these would fit in up there. They are artisan made from copper and rope and would not be I was thrilled to get them!! Perfect for the beach, as they sit outside and have gotten a wonderful patina in the harsh enviornment.

A very old wicker chair that I found years ago at an estate sale in Coconut Grove. Susan made up these cushions from some vintage aqua barkcloth from my stash closet.

Just sorta cute, my $5 vintage vanity stool from a tag sale that I painted and covered in an old aqua brocade. The formal fabric juxtaposed against the shabby iron chair works well here.

My very favorite has to be this old French chaise and ottoman that I acquired at a garage sale back at home for $50! It was worth having this set redone professionally, but I had the finish left as found. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.....and my favorite spot to curl up with a book when it's raining.

Speaking's NOT raining, in fact the day is just beautiful~so I will talk to you later!

P.S......if you are a fan of the website we have lots coming this week~a mini collage of just a few things to expect.



  1. Wow Janet...LOVE all of your beachy chairs!! It looks so gorgeous there...the view looks breathtaking! Lucky girl:)

  2. Oooh Janet, I don't know where to begin... I LOVE Mr. Fufu's chair that has been in the family for generations... and I also love that you say you use the vintage binoculars to "spy for boats out at sea"... that sounds so fun! I love the ocean and miss being there many summers ago... All of your chairs are wonderful, especially your French chaise lounge, I would spend the day there too, with a cup of coffee and a magazine (upcoming issue of Romantic Country, perhaps???)... You are a tease! I can't wait for your new items in your shop... you know I always lose sleep waiting for your shop to "open, open, open" when you have new items! Bisous... Julie Marie

  3. Hi Janet thanks for sharing all of your beautiful Beachy Seats with us. They are all lovely. I love the last one with the foot stool, so perfect to curl up with a book and occassionally lift your head to glance out the window

  4. Hi Janet, what a beautiful post, I think I will just shop from your home, there was not one thing I did not love. That rose pattern on your chairs . wow. Hope you are well, always glad when I stop by here.

  5. No one will ever lack for a beautiful place to sit at your house! Thanks for sharing your seats, they were fun to look at!

  6. I wish I had another home to decorate, I cant fit anymore in this one! I love all of your chairs, I didnt realise I was so into chairs, but when I look around, I have many!

  7. Hi Janet! I LOVE all of your chairs, my goodness, they are all fabulous! My very favorite's are the ones in the first picture. So gorgeous!! And your husbands chair is so special! What a wonderful piece to have :) I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
    Love and hugs,

  8. Hello Janet, the black board is on the blog, but I didn't hang it yet, as someone has to assist me with the drill ;-) and not only that: I have to rearrange a couple of things, but you will see it in due course. Thanks again!
    Love all your beautiful chairs!

  9. Can you say beachy chic??? You've done a fabulous job here fufu!!!xo tutts p.s. anyone can buy a new chair~it's the talented ones that can take a vintage castoff & make it a beautiful treasure!!!

  10. So many little time to enjoy them all! LOL! ~Stacy~ xo