Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Romantic Country Magazine

Hi Friends,

It's time to share some exciting news, as I have been
given the green light by my dear friend Fifi this morning. The new edition of Romantic Country Magazine will be hitting the newstands on (or about) Sept 22nd and by looking at the cover it should be another GORGEOUS issue to treasure! Fifi has taken the magazine to beyond beautiful...and if you can't find it on the newstands you can now subscribe to it~and save some money as well. Just click on the subscription card to enlarge it, save to your computer and print it out....and mail in to:

Harris Publications
1115 Broadway
New York, NY 10160~0397
Do you remember my post about the photo shoot at my home?

Darling Fifi O'Neill and her gorgeous sister Sylvie Sommer in my kitchen cutting pink roses

I have been blessed to have had frequent press over the ten plus years that I have been on the internet with Shabbyfufu, yet it's still always a thrill....and you will find my home again in here:

Romantic Country Magazine Fall '09 Cover
I am still working away on the "back end" of the website to post many beautiful new items sometime after Labor I hope that you can check in with me over at the shoppe then. I hope to show some previews here before.

Until next time...lots of love from here~xoxo~Janet


  1. Oooh Janet, I can't wait! I have already subscribed so I hope my copy arrives soon! This is sooo exciting! I can't wait to see more of your home... I am also excited to see all of your new things at your shop! Doggie kisses Murphy!... Bisous... Julie Marie

  2. Hi Janet,

    One word-Yay!

    I am so excited for you.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.


  3. Congratulations to shabbyfufu:-) I love your blog and this magazine. Thanks for the heads up...I will be their newest subscriber.

  4. YAY Janet!!!! I cannot wait to see this magazine! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your home!! In fact, just last night, I reread the issue with your home and the gorgeous mosaic heart! I am also looking so forward to your new shop goodies :)
    Love and hugs,

  5. Congrsts Janet! If it is coming out on the 22nd there, it means another few weeks till it comes out here! Im not sure I can wait that long!

  6. Oh Janet, I can't wait to see this issue featuring your house. So happy for you ~ congratulations!

    And I agree completely, that wonderful Fifi has taken the magazine to new levels of beauty.

  7. Hi Janet,
    This is soo my favorite magazine.. It reminds me of what Romantic Homes magazine USED to be !! This is the tops !! I always find homes and decor that I just enjoy looking at over and over again !! Can't wait to see your home featured !! Congratulations, and how fun !!I'll be watching..
    hugs ~tea~xo

  8. Congrats Janet! I can't enough peeks into your home. Looking forward to this issue! -xo T

  9. Ooh Janet, can't wait! I subscribe to the mag but you have reminded me I need to renew. Fifi is a legend isn't she? Such a beautiful, talented woman! xx

  10. Hi Janet I am so happy that they now have subscrptions and I get my copy mailed to me hee in Australia. I look forward to seeing your more of your home in the magazine

  11. congratulations, how exciting for you. It sounds like it will be a wonderful magazine- can't wait to purchase one!

  12. Oh, I'll be watching for the next's such a wonderful magazine. :0)

  13. Hi Janet

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm looking forward to seeing the issue - I bet it's going to be delicious!

    My Blogging for Bliss book arrived today - THANKYOU so much!!!, I'm very impressed, looking forward to reading it from cover to cover very soon

    Will write to you later


  14. wow Janet, cant wait to see you featured in the mag! Must work out how to do a subscription from over here in Australia!!

  15. Congratulations Janet! I can't wait to receive the new issue! ~Stacy~ xo