October 7, 2009

Christmas Items - This and That

I am working on the back end of the website at Shabbyfufu to open up the Holiday Shoppe tonight! There will be lots of pretty things listed....including "the houses" that you have been asking for:
and these:and some of these:Sweet younger daughter did move over to her South Beach studio apt and started back at school. We had a family celebration dinner this past Saturday night to toast her success at a lovely bistro close by. I don't have many photos, but I like this one of the two of us taken right before we went out.
Older daughter was here for a week from Tampa where she lives with her guy and these three lovely critters. I have to say that I am growing fond of gineau pigs....they are such truly sweet pets and all have their own personalities! Meet Fallon, Amaretto and Pebbles.....my fur "grandbabies"
Do you remember this?
It's now...tada~this!
This past Saturday I went to an Estate sale and found this French chair. Oh la la....dontcha love the faded bleu velvet and the barbola rose swags? It needs a paint job, so I think that I will redo it the same way that I did the wood on the sofa above. I layered several coats of paint until I had a chippy French grey that I was happy with and then waxed it up a bit. It will be more more challenging to paint the chair, since I am not changing the fabric...so hopefully I won't pull my hair out...


  1. Hi Janet,
    The photo is definitely worth framing of you two for your daughter's new place. Are you helping her decorate? I loved that sofa when you first showed it to us and now it looks so dreamily soft. Would be perfect for sinking into watching an old movie and eating a box of bonbons living the life of leisure! And that chair, you find the very best things. The little houses are darling, I will have to go check out your store. Hope your lunch was good... we're on our way soon ourselves. Did I mention I really love that sofa?

  2. Hi Janet! I am so happy to see a post from you :) I love the Christmas decor you have shown! The snowmen are so cute :)

    You and your daughter are so beautiful, what a sweet picture! The guinea pigs are too darn cute! They remind me of bunnies with small ears :)

    I LOVE the sofa AND the chair!!! What gorgeous pieces! I sure wish I could find something like that :)


  3. Hello Janet my sweet friend, well,you know what this post means to me, another sleepless night waiting to purchase some little houses from your shop! Hope they are posted before I go to sleep or I really WILL be up all night, I love those! The picture of you and your daughter is beautiful, yes, you need to frame one for each of you! I LOVE your furry little grandbabies Fallon, Amaretto and Pebbles! What does Murphy think of them? Your French sofa turned out Tres Chic! (You know how I love EVERYTHING French!) You must enter your French chair you are going to refinish in Fifi's Oh la la contest! Love to you, doggie kisses to Murphy... Bisous... Julie Marie PS Open, open, open your Holiday shop!...

  4. Your daughter is beautiful Janet. And the CHAIR...well, words cannot describe my feelings for the chair LOL! Can't wait to see your Holiday items up for sale! You've been busy!!!

  5. I was fooled by tonight...I have to wait till tomorrow..:-( Good luck on selling, your winterwonderland looks terrific!

  6. They look amazing, great job, love the blue!
    Isnt it wonderful to connect with so many talented people!
    Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous, it helps to have beautiful parents like yourselves!

  7. Awwwww loved the piggies. My own lil piggie Tweak died earlier this yr. They are such sweet creatures. But Ive become so allergic to them now, there will never be another one. It breaks my heart tho.

    Nice picture of you and your daughter. Those are the ones we hold close to our hearts. I love pics like this.

  8. Oh, my goodness, love, love, love the way that sofa turned out! And that chair is to die for!!! Great find!! By the way, your daughter is simply beautiful...

  9. WOW!!!!!! Gasp DrOOL!! OMG!!! Love the new saofa and the chair my word what a find!!
    hope your having a great week!!!

  10. What gorgeous holiday goodies! Your daughter is so pretty. I love the new sofa upholstery. It's so nice and luxurious looking. White...I cringe at the thought with a dog and teenagers, oh okay and the husband, too. ;D

  11. Hi Janet

    Fantastic photo of you and your daughter! I'm sure she won't ever forget her ol' Mom

    We used to have Gineau Pigs - they are sweet aren't they - although sometimes a bit annoying when they constantly whistle for food, glad you're enjoying them

    Your recovered chair looks amazing, you are right there are some things best left to the experts. Love the French Chair - wow!!

    Will pop over to have a look at your new Christmas goodies. I want to start a few little original Christmas Home Decor paintings soon - it's scary how quickly it's creeping up

    love to you

  12. Hi Janet, I was thrilled to see your creations. I love those houses. And i DO remember the couch, it is unbelievable how fantastic that turned out....love the photo of you and your darling daughter. I am glad you are well. I will be checking out your shop very soon. Take care.

  13. wow I do love those chairs, I am a sucker for button back furniture!! Love the photo of you and your daughter too, worth putting in a frame for sure. the little grey chair you found, I will be interested to see how you go about painting it as I have a similar one at home that I also want to paint. However I need to do it around the upholstery so am a bit nervous about it! Love to see how your chair turns out :0)

  14. Love your sofa makeover. Sweet photo of you and your daughter

  15. Love you couch make-over...and the new french chair!
    Good things come to those who wait!

  16. Fufu~What great snaps!ALways a delight to see what you are up to & look at amazing photos! Talk about connecting with bloggers? How about ME the hugest lucy fan on the face of the planet connecting with the very sweet Lucy Arnaz of the magic tutu(Lucys sweet daughter-in-law~~) meant to be or what?! xo tutts p.s. LOVE the spread on your fufulicious home in rc!!XOXOOX

  17. I absolutely love your blog. I am into all the glitter, pink and fufu also. My daughter and I made some Christmas houses with glitter, snow, pink, etc. Love, Love, Love you blog.