Saturday, December 12, 2009

Valentines Day In December

Valentines Day you ask.....sheeesh, it's not even Christmas yet! I know, I know..... but since I received my advance copy of the new Romantic Country Magazine Valentine issue a couple of weeks ago I have been meaning to mention it in a blog post and well, you know how it goes at this time of year!! Anyway, my regular copy came in the mail today and I am assuming that most of you will have your copy soon if you don't already. Fifi did a beautiful job with the issue, and there is loads to see that will inspire you in so many ways.

I am proud as a peacock to have been invited to do a tutorial for you and I think that you will enjoy this Sweet and Simple craft.

I made these little art boxes last year and sold quite a few on the website, and now simple instructions have been provided for you to create your own. I really do need to go through those old lesson plans from teaching and see what else I can come up with, and hopefully will get some more tutorials up on the blog soon!
I don't get into drama but just one thing that I feel needs mentioning. I have heard a lot of talk lately on the web about people copying other's work and original ideas for profit. It's just not nice, simply not ethical, and the web is a small community and eventually people do find out. I have had it happen to me on several occasions (yes, I now know about the Ebay seller) and am not usually even aware of it until my on~line friends let me know! respectful as you would want others to b
e towards you. As for tutorials, whether written on someone's blog or in a magazine....they are written and provided for personal use only and not to be made for resale.

Gushing and blushing here that the website at Shabbyfufu had also been mention
ed a couple of other times with some products that are available (yes, I know....please excuse the plugs:-), one is this GORGEOUS hand painted roses porcelain atomizer by our artist in residence Farnaz Farzad who is such an AMAZING and talented china painter! Her pieces are VERY affordable too, and I never would have thought of using a perfume atomizer for linen spray. Leave it to Fifi to come up with that idea!

I was asked for some samples from our Pastelle Paperie quite awhile ago, and what was chosen for this issue are the pretty tags showcased below. At times we carry various artists pieces in the Paperie, including my own digitally collaged creations....but these were NOT done by me. Full credit is given to my lovely Aussie friend Gail McCormack, who has generously shared some of her work with me for Shabbyfufu. If you have time to visit her wonderful WEBSITE, please do pop over and see what she has and you can visit her blog HERE as well! I also wanted to mention that the pretty French style plates that you see next to the tags are available from my sweet friend Tracie at her My Petite Maison shop HERE.

I do thank you for coming over to visit, I know how busy everyone is at this time of year! Wishing you a very happy and blessed holiday season and I will be back with another post very soon.
Lots of love from tropical Miami, where we wear our Santa hats while lounging by the pool and sip Pina Colada instead of Eggnog!


  1. Hi Jane! I received my issue of Romantic Country on Friday and it is truly one of the very best! I was so excited to see your gorgeous tutorial! The boxes are just amazing! I love hearts and have had them on the brain the last couple months :) I hope you are having a beautiful holiday season!!

  2. Unfortunately that magazine is NOT availabe here :( But love your pictures so I can see some of it too.

    Hugs and congrats on all your accomplishments ♥


  3. Hello Janet... I haven't received my copy of Romantic Country yet... Rats! I can't wait for it, and to read your articles... as much as I love Christmas and my entire house is decorated for it, I am already thinking Spring... your little heart boxes are beautiful! I'm sorry people are copying your ideas for profit... you are so generous to give your tutorials for those of us who want to make them for ourselves... please know I will always only buy creations you designed from YOU! We are having a major blizzard here this morning in Utah... oooh, that sounds so wounderful sipping Pina Coladas by the pool! (I hate eggnog besides!) Love to you... kisses Murphy... Bisous... Julie Marie PS I love Tracie's My Petite Maison too, she is a sweetheart, just like you!

  4. Hi Janet,
    I started savoring each page of Romantic Homes on Friday and still can't believe how beautiful every flip of the page is in its inspiration. I am going to try my hand at your Have a Heart section and make a few to give to friends. As far as the copying that people do, I so don't get it and I've said this before, but I can always tell if it's not the "real deal". There's much to be said and felt about coming up with an original :)
    Also, thank you for mentioning my little plates... wish I could tell you what it means to be there right next to you on that pretty page ~ most definitely comes from my heart!
    I love the idea of your atomizers as linen water vessels, another Fabulous Fifi idea. I am on my way to check it out as I have linen water (au lait d'amande) upstairs in a not so pretty plastic container that needs something more appropriate for its pretty scent.
    One last thing ~ that last shot is gorgeous and a pina colada sounds delicious in the Florida sunshine!
    xo (and more) ~Tracie

  5. I cant wait to buy the new mag, it takes a while to come out here!
    I understand competely when it comes to copying ideas.I worked in a art and craft co-op years ago, and someone there kept copying my work.With only 25 artists, it was so obvious, and she sold her items at half the price.Hers were machined, and mine were handsewn.The board wouldnt do anything about it, so I abruptly left!It is quite upsetting when you put all the work in, and they take the credit.
    I love your little boxes!
    We sit by the pool here in Aussieland, sipping champagne, and eat cold meats, seafood and salad for Chrissy too!
    Enjoy the festive season,

  6. G'day Janet, what lovely creations & pics. Will watch for this magazine.

    Merry Christmas, TTFN ~Marydon

  7. Congratulations on being published again! That's aweseome and very well deserved! Your boxes are very pretty and such a wonderful Valentine's project!

    Have a wonderful week!


  8. Hi Janet,
    Wow, congratulations on your publication in Romantic Country!
    How sweet that heart box looks from here.
    I'll have to buy this issue if I can.

  9. Loved reading this post Janet, cant wait for Valentines day now I have seen those gorgeous boxes, look forward to the mag and getting the instructions! I really must subscribe to that magazines, they arent always easy to find over here in Australia.
    Alicia :0)

  10. Hi Janet

    I'm still waiting for the last issues of RC to arrive, I'll look forward to this next one too! Congratulations on having your tutorial published, love the hearts!

    Thanks also for the link to me!

    I will email you properly in the next few days

    bye for now

  11. Janet..Just received my issue of RC also...& LOVED it!! As always! I especially loved your gorgeous tutorial!! How exciting & fun for you to do! FiFi always out does
    Have a very Merry & blessed Christmas my dear!

  12. Cant wait to see this issue,,, I wandered thru Joann fabrics and was thrilled to see tons of Valentines items all pinks! Kayla loves all that stuff, she hangs it all over her room:) Thanks again Janet for that lovely box of PAris Treasures, I really love everything.I'll show you soon what I did with them, love, Kim xoxo