Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sweet Girl

Sweet you have grown. From darling baby with huge knowing eyes of blue to graceful ballerina, to world wanderer, loving daughter and treasured friend. We are so proud of the young woman that you have become and are amazed at how quickly the years have flown by. You will be graduating from college on Saturday and we will be there as always with love and support to cheer you on. And so....."The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bleu Monday

Happy Monday lovely friends! It was a nice relaxing weekend here in the Shabbyfufu household, with sweet older daughter and her guy down here for a weekend visit. We hung out at the pool most of the day on Sunday and did some RARE relaxing, as the month of May will be a busy one for us. Lounging poolside I was thinking about color, and how much I love the color blue. Although pink is dear to my decorating heart, blue is the color of the sky, the ocean, swimming pool water and my darling husband's amazing eyes. Blue seems to becoming more and more incorporated into our decor as the years go by and our collections are honed, updated and forever changing. I snapped some photos this morning of some of my Bleu inspiration to share with you. Do you love blue?

This iconic box doesn't need any explanation but is a great taking off point if you are starting a new color board in your decor.

I was shocked to find this antique sign some years back while antiquing. My husband's family name, and apparently the moniker of a now defunct ice cream chain up in Maine I believe. Gives me a reason to run harder on that treadmill, as ice cream is a secret pleasure!

The palest shade of Bleu in our glass tiled kitchen backsplash. We love the way that it contrasts against the granite.

Some of my Aqua Blue collection, old pottery from the 40's, tole trays, chocolate pots.

Lovely pink roses against a blue sky in this painting.

For awhile we were making these cabinet/shelves and selling them on the website at Shabbyfufu. This one I kept and is hanging in the family room with more of my collections.

A petite antique French table in a yummy shade of real French Bleu with a Pink veined marble top. I love the original silk tassel that hangs from the drawer pull!

The next few photos are taken in my rather eclectic family room....where too much Fufu was NOT okay with the family! Old hooked rug, coffee table that I made by cutting the legs off an old shoppe display table then painting and distressing...and a vintage ironstone bowl with some faux Robin's eggs displayed for Spring.

Old non working clocks that I have amassed over the years. Displayed on the wall unit that I covered along the back with antique wallpaper that I faux finished with French Bleu milkpaint.

I found this great shabby chic table some years ago at an Estate sale. The chippiness and soft Bleu/Green is original and I painted the pink roses as an accent. I don't get to do much painting any more it seems:-( The rhinestone clock is one that I picked up at Homegoods a couple of years ago.

An antique yardlong that we framed out in the best chipping barnwood taken out of an old Southern home, juxtaposed between a pair of antique French beaded sconces.

More tole roses set on a favorite old chippy table with the original paint. Top is an aqua blue and the legs are PINK!

This is a new find from a recent website Buying Trip that is a KEEPER! Great Chippy paint, and Murphy had to check out why it was now on our patio.

More patio....our "coffee table" consists of a pair of long antique wood benches. They are often moved around for drinks and food when needed. Came out of a long ago closed down Southern textile mill....if only they could talk!

Blue pool tile.
Some things that I found recently while antiquing...old paint blue wicker basket, frame and box made of salvaged molding. These are going with us to our beach house.

Timeless Toile, part of my large textile collection that I have been slowly going through and offering bits of on the website.

Have a great week ladies~

Talk soon,
xoxo~ Janet

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Steps ~ Romantic Dress Form

Just taking a quick little break from the Studio to sit down and check emails and so forth, and thought that I would do a quick post about one of the projects that I have been working on this week. I have had a few requests in the last couple of weeks for a Shabbyfufu Romantic Dressform similar to the ones that are shown in this ad that has been running in some of the decorating magazines lately.

There are many baby steps to these and they are time consuming, but something that I have been doing for ten or so years now and a real passion! All of the elements are thought out and hand made or altered (by me:-), and lots of gathered materials are used as well from years of collecting. Today I have been hand painting and dying fabrics, as the day is perfect for setting things out to dry in the sun. Antique French ribbon has been hand painted and will be sewn into ribbon roses, frilly bows and ruffles....old gown material has been dyed and is drying on the grass. I hope to finish this latest creation sometime over the weekend, as well as a zillion other things that are on the "to do list" hanging over my desk! I have to keep reminding steps, it will all get accomplished in time.

xoxo to you,

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Toast To A Great Week! ~ Happy Monday

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend, here's a toast to a great week ahead for all of you!

It was nice to get away and just relax for Mr. Fufu and myself this past we have lots coming up in the next few weeks including our youngest daughter's graduation from college and then an exciting trip planned that I hope to take you on virtually with photos (more about that later:-).
Of course we did some antiquing and I have some FABU items to post on the website later in the week, after we get caught up with a massive amount of packing and shipping. We are expecting delivery of some other great items for the site this week as well, so I hope that you have a chance to pop in when you can.
Here is a little photo collage of our weekend....until next time

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taking A Cue From Nature

Greetings and salutations sweet friends... and thank you for the nice comments, lovely emails and phone calls this past week.

I have been tearing my hair out over here with computer woes, and after sending our main office computer out to our tech guy for two has not been much improved. Grrrr....may have to break down and purchase a new system, which is not something that I really want to do right now!
So I am trying to remain zen, as in the greater scheme of life this really means nothing. Breathe deeply, go to my yoga classes, drink a glass of wine, enjoy the beautiful Macaws that visit my coconut palms daily. I counted SIX this morning eating coconut seeds and making much noise.

A few new things on the aforementioned website have been posted today, and then off for a weekend at our beach place. Off to relax and take my cue from nature and refresh the weary brain!

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Romantic Decorating Inspiration

Happy Monday sweet blog reading friends! They are predicting record breaking heat here in Miami today, with temperatures expected to reach 93 degrees!! It is only SPRING in most parts of the country though, and the new Spring decorating magazines are now out on the newstands (yippee skippee:-).

I am honored to have my third tutorial in a series that I was invited to write for Romantic Homes Magazine quite awhile ago. This tutorial is a project for Mother's Day and involves vintage clock cases made into photo frames, and can be easily adapted to create a project for everyday display as well.

My dear friend Fifi, whom I had the pleasure of spending several days with when she came to my home for a Romantic Country Magazine photo shoot had spied a product on the Website that caught her eye recently, and has featured it in the latest issue of Romantic Country. Perfect for Spring decorating, it's a canvas giclee print that is framed in antique beadboard and features the artwork of the well known Australian artist Gail McCormack. You can find them on our website HERE

Both Romantic Homes Magazine and Romantic Country Magazine are GORGEOUS publications and I am honored to have been affiliated with both for quite a few years now. These latest issues won't disappoint, so I hope that you have a chance to pick them up soon!

This past weekend I was on a Shabbyfufu Buying Trip and found lots of shabby chic vintage finds, and will be posting them on the Website soon. I shop everywhere for the pieces that I find to offer and don't often show where......but I attended a sale at a Darling Cottage that I just had to show you an inspirational idea from! This was the home of a lady here in Florida who has several residences (we call them "Snowbirds") and is downsizing and putting her home down here up for sale. She had many, many fabulous items that she collected over many years...and I did manage to snag some for you:-). She had retrofitted her little cottage with Antique Doors, and backed the glass on some with old floral fabrics. Here are a few of the old crusty, rusty doors.....which I would have LOVED to purchase, but alas they were going with the house. Great idea that perhaps you can use.......

If you have been with for any length of time, then you will recall the MOSAICS of Elizabeth Willhite that we offered for years on the website. Due to life's circumstance, she had to retire from our group...and we all miss her greatly. I was contacted by a talented mosaic artisan recently who asked if we might be interested in offering her work, and impressed by her talents we will be showcasing her as a Guest Artist on the website. Please come over and see what Suze has to offer...some unique Romantic pieces at very reasonable price points!

This turned out to be a LONG post, and I need to get to work.......I hope that you have a wonderful week ahead~


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sweet Spring

Hello SwEeT friends, I hope that you are enjoying your week so far:-). It's been a busy one for me, and tomorrow we will be off on a quick weekend Buying Trip for the Website and then take some time to relax at our beach place. Today will be a typical packing and shipping day around here, which is not my most favorite part of running a business for sure!

Speaking of the Shoppe at Shabbyfufu I just put much of what remains in the Sweet Spring Boutique on SALE at 25% OFF.

I also wanted to share with you some photos from our website China Painter and my dear friend Farnaz. These eggs were a Special Order. They are NOT decoupaged, these are Hand Painted Porcelain~amaaazing I think!

She painted a few extra and if you are interested you can contact me through the website and I will email you an invoice. They are ready to ship and the price per egg is $25 each plus shipping.

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever" ~ John Keats

Enjoy your weekend......and thank you for reading my post today
~xoxo~ Janet