June 28, 2009

Beach Cottage

Here are some photos for you that I took today, mostly textures, colors and vignettes of our beach cottage decor. I hope that you enjoy them and that you are perhaps able to take some laid back time to relax over the summer months ahead. (P.S.....I WILL post when I have new website items that I think you want to know about, as I WILL be working in my studio when I am home.)

June 11, 2009

Outrageous Mango Bread Recipe

What do you do if you live in the beautiful tropics of Miami, it's the month of June and you have more mangos than you know what to do with? Mango salsa goes a long way and we use it on everything from scrambled eggs to fish fillets...but here is an alternative use for a sink fulla mangos. Now I am not into SCREAMIN~ but I'm just sayin..........this is the BEST, most YUMMY, OUTRAGEOUSLY great mango bread recipe that I have ever tried!

3/4 cup vegetable oil
2 1/2 cups mangos, peeled and chopped
1 tsp lemon juice
1/4 cup golden raisins
2 cups all purpose flour
2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 1/4 cups white sugar
2 eggs


1. Combine all of the dry ingredients. Beat eggs with oil and add flour to mixture. Add mangos, lemon and raisins.
2. Pour into 2 greased (Pam spray) 8 x 4 loaf pans. Bake at 350 degrees for about an hr or until toothpick comes out clean.

June 9, 2009

Paris Eats, Laduree & Molecular Gastronomy

Good morning, are you ready for some Paris food? This post will mostly be pictures, as my website duties call with some custom orders to fill and get out and finishing up on packing and shipping with my new employee (22 yr old daughter, desperately seeking job!).

First order is to announce a winner in the drawing for the framed art canvas print. I used Random.org and copied and pasted the results below, thank you to those who entered and congrats to Sandra for winning! I have your email and your mailing addy, so this will go out at the end of the week.

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Now....calling all foodies!

Desserts in Paris are truly worth getting fat for, and these meringues are fat in themselves. No fat in these treats, but they certainly are loaded up with sugar and about the size of a fist!! Of course if you have ever been to France you know that French women are skinny, so maybe eating these is the trick~lol!
Macarons are not the same as the coconut infused macaroons that are sold in the U.S. These are a light yet sugary sinful dessert that was a favorite of Marie Antoinette.Let them eat cake!

Fromagerie shops are everywhere and the cheeses are divine and freshly made.Don't even get me started on the gorgeous produce markets! You can get just about anything in terms of fresh produce on a daily basis, which is how the French do their marketing. There are very few supermarkets in Paris.
The famous pastry shop Laduree. This one is on the Champs Elysee, right by our hotel....so it was somewhat of a daily ritual for us to pop over for some macarons and tea. I did bring back some of their boutique items for the Paris Flea Market shop at Shabbyfufu and there are still a few gorgeous Laduree Shopping Bags left.

At any time there are throngs of shoppers in line. Bored much!When I first emailed my cousin Philippe to let him know that we were coming over for a visit, he asked me if we would like to go out for some molecular gastronomy. I think that as usual he may have been trying to push my buttons, but I happen to love the show on Bravo ~ Top Chef, so he could not pull the wool over his baby cousin's eyes this time!!

Some strangly concocted cocktail which I can't recall the name or why it fits in with molecular gastronomy......but it was seriously good.

Gastronomist at work creating this excellent restaurant's version of ice cream. Looked like a witch's brew demonstration if you ask me, but again....quite delicious fare.

You know what these are~ non?Lovely!
My cousin, me and Mr. Fufu....fully stuffed and ready to explore more of Paris at nightThat's it for today sweet friends, and probably it for Paris postings on the blog. Have a wonderful day, and I hope that you enjoyed this series on Paris~

June 4, 2009

Flea Market Shopping In Paris, And A Blog Giveaway!)

As I posted just some of the flea market finds on the Shabbyfufu website this week (more to come:-) I have had quite a few emails asking for some photos on the blog. We didn't spend entire days visiting flea markets (Marche aux Puces), but fit them into our hectic schedule allowing a few hrs at a time on some given days. The flea markets are easy to find if you are headed over....they are numerous at this time of year and the names and locations are readily available by searching travel books and the internet. Don't expect big bargains for the most part, the prices are not what they used to be years ago when I visited in my youth...and with the dollar to Euro value being not so great it makes value even tougher. That being said, we did enjoy and I used my flea market saavy to bring back many boxes of brocante. Here is a little photo journal for you to enjoy....so travel along with me to Paris, once again:

An idyllic setting for a flea market in Paris, along a canal that serves as home to many houseboats with permanent residents living a different sort of Parisian life.
A cold May morning in Paris waiting for the flea market by the Bastille (Antiquities Brocante, 11th arrondisement) to open. Although most of the flea markets in the U.S. seem to open at dawn, the flea markets in Paris and the traveling Brocante markets generally open mid morning....despite what you might read in the travel books. No rush, no worries.....take your morning cafe au lait and croissant at your leisure!Flea market at the Bastille. This is held a couple of times a year and is a traveling show featuring several hundred dealers from junk to high end. It's difficult to find a good deal on anything at these markets! I have been a flea market fanatic since childhood and I believe that I have a discerning eye, but had to do much searching, dealing and charming to get any prices that were within my range. It does help if you speak some French, and spend some time chatting with the dealer of your choice.
Ohh la la......lace, trim and embellishment heaven!Amazing vintage luggage in this booth with lots of old Louis Vuitton. As you can imagine, TRES chere!As you may know, we make custom chandeliers for the website, but didn't find very much in terms of affordable "junk" for our creations. We did score some architectural salvage though....some already sold and more to be listed on Shabbyfufu at some point soon.

Great color on these old French seltzer bottles.
Boxes of doll eyes for 1 Euro (about $1.40) a piece.
Take a guess! Toilet paper from around the 40's, unused of course:-). This stuff is so scratchy, I prefer my Charmin. Hint: If you are traveling in Europe and need to use the potty do NOT ask "where is the bathroom", as they will think that you are a nutty lady wanting to take a bath. Instead ask for the toilet (Ou est les toilettes?), which in most buildings is usually down a flight of stairs.
Naked Celluloid Vintage Bebe dolls. A pretty good price at 3 Euros a piece.LOVE these vintage French mercury glass hearts. Old Christmas ornaments that were a bit pricey for the resale market and I have seen reproduction pieces over the last couple of years here in the U.S. Sorta sad that I didn't pick up any, at least for moi.
A Fab collection of vintage French Majolica asparagus plates. The French sure love their asparagus.This mme was not too happy with me taking photos of her GORG vintage Coco Chanel collection, as you can see. Phooey on you!
Another roving brocante. You can often come out of a Metro Station at any given moment in the Spring and find a group of junk dealers with their wares set up on the ground, just like this and some tents. A favorite of mine that we ran across was at the Rue de Courcelles in the 17th arrondisement. Since it remains light out until around 10 p.m in Paris in the spring, they stay open until at least 7 pm!Another flea market that I did manage to find some wonderful pieces in. This market is a weekend event and is called the Marche aux Puces (flea market) de la Porte de Vanves. Again, asking prices were quite high, and it's more of a market that caters to locals...so brushing up on your French is advisable.
We were surprised to see this shuttered up scene when we arrived at the mother of all flea markets in Paris, the Marche aux Puces St-Ouen de Clignancourt. We arrived via Metro at what would be a late start of around 10:00 a.m. if we were flea marketing in the U.S....to find no one about. We went to a cafe and lingered with another American shopper that befriended us until past 11:00 a.m, when the market started to come to life. Granted it was a Monday, which is a slower day at the market....but COME ON!
GORGEOUS stuff all around, and I don't want to sound like a broken record but the prices were prohibitive for the most part.What I Crave ........LOVE LOVE, HEART HEART!What Mr. Fufu craves.......you gotta be kidding me!
Time for lunch. The dealers here take a laid back approach to life and tend to abandon their booths for a couple of hours to gather with their peers for some great French food and of course the obligatory carafe of wine."When in Rome".........or in this case Paris. We found a delicious cafe right in the flea market for une salade verte. Which will serve as segue to my next Paris ramblings in another blog posting about eating our way through Paris!Time for a Paris Giveaway....or rather some artwork of Paris for you! I took over 400 photos of Paris, and while I won't bore you with too many....I played around with some in Photoshop and turned them into Canvas artwork that will be available in the Shop. This photo (digitally altered) is of a lovely Fleuriste shop, and is printed on Canvas and set into one of our hand made beadboard frames (from old beadboard, not reproduction). It can be hung or set on an included self easel, and measures 12" by 9 1/2". We hope to do a series of these digitally altered photo paintings for the website....what do you think? Just leave a comment here and you will be entered for a chance to win this one, a random winner will be drawn sometime next week!

A bit early.....but have a GREAT weekend~
xoxo~ Janet