Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friday File ~ Working In The Studio & Custom Orders

The girls at Shabbyfufu have been working on some custom orders over the last few weeks, so I thought I would just show you a bit of what we have done.

I have had several orders from some lovely customers for the beadlamps or headboard lamps that I make with the Vintage Millinery, Antique Laces and Ruffles, etc...and here are a few.

I don't normally work in Mint Greens and Yellows, but one of our ladies requested this colorway for her bedroom...and it was fun for me to change it up a bit from all of the PINK that I normally work with!

A Pretty In PINK Roses Teacup Chandelier that will be posted TODAY on the WEBSITE. We have made literally Hundreds of these over the 10+ years on~line, and they are gracing beautiful homes, tearooms, bed and breakfasts and restaurants worldwide:-).

They look great over a Kitchen I did the photo product shoot over mine to give a better idea of how it might look. This one doesn't have a chocolate pot center in order to make it more affordable in today's times...come over and take a peek in the shoppe if you are interested....or let us know if we can make a custom one for you!

I did one extra of the Head Board Lamps, and will have this one listed on the website today.

A Custom Table Chandelier for a special customer who is a HUGE FAN of Kristen's Romantic work and has many of her pieces.

You know mostly we offer our chandeliers in PINK, as this is what has always sold best for us. Kristen just did this pretty Lavender Chandelier as a Special Order.

Pretty Pink Roses Porcelain Clock hand painted by Farnaz. This was requested by an overseas customer for her Gorgeous shop.

That's it for today, it will be a weekend of working in the Studio for me since we have planned a Rare weekend at home~lol! What are you doing this weekend? I hope that you are enjoying the summer....which is flying by so quickly!

Talk soon~

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blogging For Bliss ~ The Book

Thank you for visiting my studio snippets at the Where Bloggers Create party. It was fun and inspirational for me to visit your blogs and meet you as well!

I have used my long time on~line friend Tara Frey's random number generator to pick a winner of my Hand Painted Roses Chalkboard Giveaway. Numbers were between 1 and 52 the number 3 was selected, which is LiliM. at Blogger. Email me with your name and mailing address Lili and I will get that out to you and hope that you enjoy!

Speaking of Ms. Tara (who always blogs in her prom gown and high heels *-*), her book Blogging For Bliss is now available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Tara has a real knack for writing in her own funky style, and has carefully selected a varied group of original, honest and talented bloggers who truly do Blog For Bliss and speak from the heart. There are tips for new bloggers as well as those who are old hat, and non bloggers as well. You are sure to enjoy this read......pass it on!
I am truly honored to have my blog included in the book and and will be checking in on the blog party to celebrate on August 4th HERE

Until next time........

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where Bloggers Create & A Giveaway At Shabbyfufu

Let's be honest, we creative artistic types are not always the most organized! I think that it's the left brain vs. right brain thing, or so I have been lead to believe. My Studio is often a big, big mess...and at any given time I have what seems like dozens of projects spread out all over the place and it spills out into the rest of the house as well. Sound familiar? Right now I have been working on all sorts of custom orders for my lovely Shabbyfufu customers, and I feel so blessed to be doing so....but at the same time I have all of the "stuff" needed for these variety of endeavors out of their rightful cabinets, storage bins and jars and finding temporary homes seemingly EVERYWHERE! Not to mention I have been doing packing and shipping solo these last couple of my helper (aka ~ younger daughter recent college graduate) has been preoccupied with applying to design school. So, although I though that I could get my act together in time to clean up when asked by Karen to join in on the "Where Bloggers Create" party......I said, SURE and was thrilled to participate. Time has gotten the better of me, so I hope that you are not disappointed, as this is all I have to contribute today. Click on the link above and I am sure that you will find lots of fabulous and probably CLEAN and ORGANIZED studios to visit.

I do have a little GIVEAWAY at the end of this please leave a comment for a chance to win. Have fun, and the saying goes....let's get the party started!

My studio has recently been remodeled with tons of new cabinets, granite counters, big new deep sink, stone tile floors. I wonder if I am the only one out there with blush pink cabinet doors~lol!

Packing & shipping area in my studio. I DO need to keep organized here!

Just a peek inside one of the cabinets where I store some of the hundreds of pieces of vintage barkcloth & fabrics that I have amassed over the years.

Tucked in a corner of the studio I have some vintage aqua bins from a closed cotton mill in the South. They are tall, and great for storing rolls of vintage wallpaper.

I love the old locker baskets and have many that I use for everything from vintage linens and laces to this one filled with old bottles for my doll making.

This vintage library card file was found at a local estate sale quite awhile ago. I use it to store little bits and bobs....vintage jewelry, doll heads, millinery~etc.

Unfortunately there is not a ton of natural light in the room, but we installed lots of undercounter lighting and this petite teacup chandelier that Mr. Fufu and I made.

My little desk, where I am sitting right now! I found this one years ago at a thrift shop and got it for free. They were going to toss it, as the top had water damage from a previous hurricane. I painted it an antique cream and then hand painted some pink roses and added glass knobs. The vintage chair comes from Salve Galleries.....okay, Salvation Army~lol!, and is in it's original shabby vintage chippy finish with silk fabric. The piece that sits on the side is antique child's headboard from France that has the sweetest cherubs. Sometimes it's cluttered with magnets and papers to use as a message board, but I love the image on it and wanted you to see.

My favorite notebook that Fifi's sister Sylvie made for me as a gift when they were here for a Romantic Country magazine shoot. So pretty...she hand stitched my initial J on French linen in pink:-) I really treasure it, and keep it with me all of the time for jotting down notes and ideas.

Photos of my girls (+ one boyfriend) and a favorite poem by Keats that one of the girls had given me, and one of my boudoir dolls.

Now for that giveaway....and this is a project that you could easily do with some of those vintage picture frames that you may have laying around your studio.
I took this old wood frame and painted it white, then beat it up a bit for a chippy look. Then I painted some pink roses and ribbons. I had Mr. Fufu cut a piece of mdf board to fit and then I sprayed it with chalkboard spray. Hanger is on the back, and the way that I painted the pattern you could use it either horizontally or vertically. There is a built in "ledge" for the chalk...but you'll have to supply your own eraser! I like chalkboards, as they are handy dandy and enviornmentally friendly as well:-).

Just leave a comment on the blog (not the website) and I will draw the winner randomly next week. If you want to double your chance at winning, kindly mention it on your blog and link it back here, then send me another comment to let me know to put your name in again.

That's it for today....I hope that you enjoyed my little bits of what was clean enough to show. Now I must run, as Mr. Fufu is dragging me kicking and screaming (lol!) to our beach place for a long weekend, so I will see you back here soon.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stuck In The Studio ~ Some New Projects

Greetings and salutations to my blog reading friends once again! A quick post on this I am just taking a quickie break from being holed up in my Studio to show you some of what I have been working on. Thank goodness for Sirius XM radio, as it's been quiet around here this weekend with only Mr. Fufu and Murphy around for company....occasionally popping in to see what kind of mess I have been making~poor guys!I have a couple of custom Dress Form orders for some of my very Sweet customers that I am slowly getting made, will try and post some pics of those when finished.

So here is what I else I have been working on:

An original from my Studio that I have been creating for a number of years now is this type of dressform, and I have not done one in I was happy to have the time to work on another! It's a hanging dressform that can be used to fluff up the back of door, on a closet, on a dressing screen or an old shutter...or even on a wall. Note to self....I don't have one of these, so must make one as a keeper!

Dressform obsessed that I am....this piece is a dressform that I painted, I dunno......maybe 8 yrs ago I am thinkin? Yup, I do paint from time to time (the former art teacher in me I guess).... and I guess that you might call these "Tole Roses" in style. Well, I never thought that I would part with Miss Rosie here, but I am going to post her on the website and give someone else a chance to enjoy her as I have. Just trying to move things around a little in my little decadent boudoir. Poor Mr. Fufu never can tell what will come and go around this place at any given moment.

Some Posh Petal Cakes in Antique Teacups. Something else that I have done gobs of before, and these have a nice summery look for displaying in the kitchen or dining room. I had written a tutorial on these for Romantic Homes magazine awhile back....if I can find it, I will post it here again for my do it yourself friends.

These are for the wall....antique plate collages I guess you would call them. Fufu and feminine with vintage millinery and antique rhinestone embellishments.

That's it for I said, a quick post! Kinda waiting for the other Shabbyfufu artisans to get their booties in gear and send me their new projects, and then hope to post new things on the site on Monday.

I hope that you have a great week ahead.....

Friday, July 17, 2009

Paris Prize~Keepers From The Paris Flea Market Trip

Hello dear friends and readers both new and old! This summer I have been taking it easy as far as the blog world is concerned, but not taking it easy as far as life goes. As I mentioned in a previous post, we enjoy spending lots of time in the summer at our place at the beach....and here is me last weekend doing some of this:

Some of you have asked if I will be posting anything else on the Website that I found in May on my trip to the many Flea Markets in Paris. I still have a few more items to post but truthfully I just haven't gotten around to stay tuned! I have mixed in a few new French inspired items into that particular Boutique at Shabbyfufu in the meantime, so come have a looky here if you can. Now..... on to the silly title of my post!

Since I have been both an artist and a consummate antiquer for decades (buyer and seller) I was quite thrilled to find these very LARGE and very HEAVY (cost a ton to get them over here!) books at one of the Paris Flea Markets and am so enjoying taking my time looking over them. They are bound books of Le Mode Illustre, the French fashion and home magazine that was screamin' popular with the elegant ladies in France in the late 1800's through the early 1900's and a true predecessor to the many publications that followed. I was fortunate to purchase three of these prize possessions....that date from 1883~1907. Of course they are completely written in the French language, and though I do speak and read some French it's a challenge to understand all. I have been thoroughly enjoying perusing thru the hundreds of pages slowly, which are mostly in black and white and just full of fabulous illustrations of French fashion du jour, along with some small amount of home decor and lots of sewing patterns. Oh........and the ads are just as wonderful with some truly ahead of their time!

Below is a sampling of just a wee, tiny bit. Would you like to see more in another post? How about a few scans to use in your artwork? Let me know!

Perhaps some day I may convince myself to part with at least one of these books....will see. After all, I am more of a finder than a keeper, so who knows?!!

That's it for now, since I actually WILL be in town this weekend I am hope to be working in the Studio on some sweet projects for the Website that will be coming next week. Enjoy your weekend and will talk soon~


Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Items In The Shabbyfufu Website Shop

I hope that you had a wonderful 4th Of July Weekend lovely friends. Mr. Murphy says hello and he wants you to know that he had a great time at the parade in his patriotic attire! It has been an insane few days in the Fufu household with lots of comings and goings, dinners out, barbeque feasts, pooltime and parties galore. I think that I need at least a day to catch up and rest now!

Some new items have been added to the Shop at Shabbyfufu....and more will be coming.

Gorgeous lighting from our incredible artist Kristen. She does such fabulous work and has been a member of the Shabbyfufu family of artisans for several years now.

A new Romantic Vintage Millinery Dressform that I had been working on. I didn't even have a chance to get to posting it in the blog and it's been SOLD....I am always so grateful for the wonderful Shabbyfufu customers that we have. You ladies are truly the BEST:-)

A GORGEOUS Mosaic Birdbath by Suze. Her work has been very popular on Shabbyfufu...with good reason!

And more will be posted this week, vintage treasures to come and some of the Antique Silk Ribbon that I have been Hand Dying. These are not ribbons that you might find elsewhere....I actually brought these back from Paris myself, circa turn of the century unused factory stock that looked like this:

And now look like this (yum!):

Have a great week and will talk soon~