Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Hi dear friends....I do hope that you are able to make the most of the end of summer~it's certainly flown by!

As my vintage song title implies, I have been making a few changes and working on the "back end" of my website at Shabbyfufu. What do you think of the new background tone on the blog? I am thinking of using it on the website for Fall, as you know that I always change it up! I do all of the work on the back end of the website I have a very old fashioned website that was designed in the html heavy Frontpage. I had to learn the hard I have had my website for a very long time and back then there simply weren't many choices available. Well it is soooo much easier nowadays and one day I may force myself to update to something easier and more user friendly. But for general life motto seems to be "don't fix what ain't broken"!

Speaking of the shop, there will be lots of new items c
oming and new categories as check back in~realistically I probably will have everything up and ready after Labor Day.

I have also been busy with special orders, including 2 of my Original Romantic Dressforms for a couple of very SPECIAL ladies (dearest "S" and darling "C":-) and haven't had time to get to any of the new ideas burning in my brain and keeping me awake at night....but SOON! Will share photos of the mannequins soon....

Big thanks to the gorgeous Lorraine of the Paper Bird blog for randomly choosing me as the winner of her blog contest. Yay! I NEVER WIN anything (and I DO play the lottery!) and was thrilled to receive such fabulous goodies from this talented artist!

Normally I am a finder and not a keeper, but this breathtaking chandelier that I just acquired is giving me heart palpitations and Mr. Fufu may have to peel me off the floor if I let it go! Mixed emotions you MAY just see it on the website soon if I can buck up! Let me share with you.....

Speaking of sharing, I have some very EXCITING news that I will share soon....and in the meantime I will leave you with a couple of artsy peeks of a few upcoming Shabbyfufu Shop items.

Lots of love from here~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Little Ode To Woodstock

In my constant quest to get organized I have been going through some boxes of old photos this week and scanned these to share. Are you old enough to remember Woodstock? I certainly am, but I was a bit young and too naive to attend (according to my parents). Hmmm, I don't know about that, but the big event celebrated it's 40th anniversary this past weekend....and in my little tribute I have these photos of the era to share with you. These were taken by mon cher cousin Philippe in Paris and given to me many moons ago ( cannot have them back!). I don't think that any of these artists performed at Woodstock...but you get the picture!

Bob Dylan ~ great 'fro!

Luscious lips himself ~ Mick Jagger

Unless you are living under a know!

The late Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones

Philippe (amateur paparazzi!) and Mick Jagger

Mick obessed. A signed photo!
Ahhhh Paul was so cute!
Who are these clowns? Errrr....Me and Mr. Fufu as rockers at a Halloween party awhile ago. Don't laugh too hard!

Rock on and will ttys!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Sweetness Of Summer & Blog Book Winner

Hello sweet friends, blog readers, customers and MOM (yes, she does read my blog:-)!
TGIF around here, and a busy couple of today just time for a quick post. I hope that by now most of you have purchased and read Tara's Blog Book, but as promised I used a random number selector a bit ago this morning and it chose a winner for not only a copy of the book but the box that I crafted shown in the last post filled with beautiful things.
It chose the #16, which is Miss Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage. I will need your mailing addy Amy, so if you are reading this you can send it via the Contact page on my Website. Congrats!
Rushing around here today, errands call and it's the first weekend that I have been home for I wont be very chatty today. Let me just leave you with some summer photos taken last weekend by older daughter Fufu at our little slice (no pun intended, even tho' we are known to eat pizza on a boogie board:-) of heaven at the beach.
Love you guys.....thanks for reading & I will see you again soon!

Here are your random numbers: 16 Timestamp: 2009-08-14 14:20:35

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blogging For Bliss ~ The Book & A Giveaway

Time To Party!

Bliss = supreme happiness, utter joy or contentment

The new highly anticipated book by Tara Frey "Blogging For Bliss" is now available in both retail bookstores and on line!

Everyone is invited to join the party over at Artsy Mama's Blog on TUESDAY, August 4th by clicking on the Party Button up above. I am posting this a couple of days early as I won't be around much on Tuesday, but you can visit there any time and see who is participating in the event.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is reading this blog it has been written in Tara's modern and witty style for everyone from the novice to the seasoned blogger or those who may be thinking of blogging and are unsure of how exactly to get started.

Tara has been a long time on line friend of mine, dating to back in the day when she was the proprietress of The Shabby Attic (pre~ Bella Pink). We belonged to a group of shops and did some bantering back and forth, and before long she was helping me organize and edit a column that I was writing. Tara was the one who actually encouraged me to start my own blog, which has been a big part of my daily life for about 2 1/2 years now. She is GOOD at this stuff, writing her own columns for some home decor magazines, her wildly popular blog "Typing Out Loud" and now "THE BOOK". I am sure that there will be lots more to come from this talented girlfriend!

Blogging For Bliss, Crafting Your Own Online Journal....A Guide For Crafters, Artists & Creatives Of All Kinds (quite a tag line!), published by Lark Books. You will find information on everything blog related from blogging platforms, simple HTML, how to take great photos and edit them, creative banners, driving traffic to your blog and that all important subject of blog manners.

You will be delighted with a bevy of eye candy presented in the book as well with photos from Tara and a host of some of the most inspiring blogs around. I am honored to be included in the book (pg. 41) amongst these talented bloggers, and remember the very beginning stages of Tara emailing me about the project. It's finally here and worth the wait!

As for why I gives me yet another way to connect with my on line shop customers, my friends and family and to meet other similar minded people from all over the world. I have written about everything from my travels abroad, projects that I am working on, family events, photo shoots, home decor and tutorials. It simply makes me happy to share my on line journal with you~BLISS!

To celebrate the official release date of Blogging For Bliss I am having a GIVEAWAY on my blog. I will be giving away a copy of the book and this lovely vintage wallpaper box I crafted that will be filled with beautiful things, just for you!

Just leave a comment below and I will draw the winner randomly on Friday August 14th. Don't be shy, I would love to meet you......and be sure to look back to see if you have won!

Until next time~