Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here, There And Everywhere

Been travelin'.....here, there and everywhere~on a quest for the best for my website customers @ Shabbyfufu. I am home temporarily for a few days and then off again....so just poppin' in here to say a quick hi. There are many orders waiting to be filled and shipped out, as well as the custom orders....SO...if you are waiting, most will be going out before we head back out again, not to worry. Time permitting I may add a few new (and yeah, vintage) items this week to the site. More next week....hopefully LOTS more, SO EXCITED to bring you these items!!!

The pic above....I got to be somewhere where it snowed!!! Daughter #2 asked me to make snow angels and send her a pic, but the snow was light~so silly me did this for her:-). Fun, fun.....loads of fun to be in the snow and cold! It's been COLD here in Miami too....bitterly so....32 degrees is too low for our tropical flora and fauna and we hope that it survives this blast.

That's it for today. I just noticed that I am close to my 200th post (this is # 198!) and will have a fabulous giveaway then.

I hope that you'all are well and staying warm~ will visit you and talk soon....


  1. Janet,

    What a cute post. I am so glad you found some snow...you can always have some of mine!

    Good luck on your quest. I love your shop!


  2. Love the "snow angel"...very original! My dad's in Florida too and they're not handling the cold too well....strangely enough, it's going to be in the upper 50's here in Colorado today - like a heat wave haha! Have fun on your shopping excursions!!

  3. Hi Janet! Love your snow angel! Hope you are having a wonderful time traveling around... I can't wait to see all of the new and exciting things in your shop! Love to you... kisses Murphy! xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Hi Janet!! You are so adorable :):) I have heard it has been freezing in Florida!! Unbelievable! I wish I were excited about snow, lol!!
    Big Hugs and have fun!!

  5. Your a Floridian...those are snow angels in our minds..lol Take care...

  6. Stay warm fufu friend! I think the snow becomes you...maybe you should move up north where you can make snow angels all day long!lol!xoxo tutts

  7. Glad you got to play in the snow. Our weather has finally warmed up, so loving the break before the next coldspell hits. Think of you out on your adventures. take care,

  8. Hi Janet,
    How sweet of you to do that Snow Angel for your daughter. Hm, creative you are!

  9. I janet , just stopped in to say Bonjour! SNow!!!!!I want snow....we would have come close if it were not so dry here....Stay cool xoxo Kim