Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Would You Like? Help Please

Hi Ladies....I hope that you are having a good week. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that our prayers and our thoughts here in Miami go out to the people in Haiti. I feel very blessed to live in this diverse community, which does include a large population of Haitians and Haitian Americans who all seem to have family left behind in their nation. It's such a tragedy, and they are especially hard hit with not much to begin with in their lives besides each~other and their faith. We certainly can all do our part, no matter how large or small to help.

Now...I just wanted to mention that I spent a good part of yesterday and today updating the website with some new pieces. I have been out buying and I mentioned previously and I got to thinking~ what would YOU like to see on Shabbyfufu?? I have been in this business for many years now....certainly on the internet I think that I am a bit of a "pioneer" so to speak. Pretty much I buy what I love.....but what would YOU like to see?? Are you a fan of Romantic Cottage, French antiques, Victorian, tattered chic, farmhouse? Would you rather look at (and buy~lol!) items for the home or perhaps to adorn yourself? Do you like the artists items on the website, or.....???
I consider my decorating and thus my treasure hunting to be on the eclectic side and think that I have a pretty good eye for mixing it all up.....but sounding like a broken record~ what do YOU like? Would you rather buy lower priced reproduction items or real antiques and vintage? Please....leave me a comment, I would LOVE your thoughts and opinions. Thanking advance!

Guess what, this is my 199th blog post! You know what that means then.....a BIG GIVEAWAY on my next post. You will LOVE it and I admit, I have been holding out on you~ lol! Remember this post?

Well, I have another signed copy of Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Interiors to give to you that Rachel autographed when I met her. Now...this is on the NEXT post, so don't get too excited, but if you could help me out on this one I would appreciate it so much.

Leaving you today with a few photos of just a bit of what I posted on the website at Shabbyfufu today....

Lots of love from here,


  1. Hi Janet, I LOVE your shop just the way it is, please keep doing what only you can do, you truly are a pioneer on the internet... I believe I found Shabbyfufu before any other online boutique and have ordered ever since... I love your eclectic mix and hope you always keep it... I am not into "trends" or "what's in or out" and I love the mix of treasures you always have... I would prefer vintage always over reproductions...and I love your own one of a kind creations too! I know whatever you buy on your shopping trips will be something I love! xoxo Julie Marie Kisses Murphy!

  2. Janet...Oh sweets you have the BEST taste & I LOVE everything you have!! LOL Cant afford alot & for me I would have to buy re-productions..But I sure love looking & your eye candy is delicous! I can always find something in my budget on your site! Keep up the GREAT work hon...

  3. I love your blog - and love everything French and Shabby -

  4. Hi Janet,
    So many on-line boutiques/websites are selling "new" items and reproductions - which I don't care for. Seems like you see so much of that anymore. I love the "true collectibles" that a person can decorate in their home with, or like me being an antique dealer with a few large spaces, that maybe I can enjoy the piece for awhile, then turn around and put it in my spaces for resale. You do a lovely job though in your on-line shoppe, but you asked for our opinions. OLD vs. New is what I prefer!

  5. HI, I had been following your blog for awhile as I have it saved in my favorites, but I actually just signed up on the blog today. I love hearing your adventures and seeing what you are doing with all things shabby chic. Just love the eye candy here and it gives me so many ideas.
    As far as what I like it is definetely vintage, hate repros, I want the real deal, whether I leave it as is or re-invent it for my needs.
    I tweeted you too!
    Can't wait for more!