Monday, February 15, 2010

Anticipation And Chaos Reign

Seriously you can't even move in should see this place right now!

I am trying to work on the back end of the website. I have been itching to work on taking product photos. Let's just say that it's been a bit crazy around my house though lately. Daughters have been coming and going. Younger sweetness (the one who models when necessary for the website) was here for a couple of days before she went out of town. Now older sweetness daughter has been here, as they had a big wedding (no, not hers) event in town. All of this chaos.....but what has really made things nuts is that we are
in the middle of getting a NEW ROOF! The crews have been banging and pounding to take off the old concrete tiles. I have a headache, daily ~uggh! On their agenda today will be the stinky tar pot...a nauseating smell that you might recognize as that roadwork odor. We are going with a French Grey tile roof....I'll show you when it's done.

Shopping the markets, both antique and new....lots on the way to Shabbyfufu, THIS WEEK ~ I PROMISE!

All new in Chic Vintage...some Romantic & Pretty, some Chippy & Rusty

The Garden Beauty Boutique Set For It's Gala Opening At Shabbyfufu

Here comes the bunny parade! Sweet Spring Boutique to open for the year as well

Le French Market ~ le FABULOUS coming this week!

And speaking of le fabulous....I had been invited to participate and send some photos to this magazine, that looks yummy and dreamy and is now available. I haven't received my copy of PORCH just yet, but you can purchase your own copy by clicking on the photo below. Wouldn't you just die for that chandelier? Nope, unfortunately it's NOT mine!

Have a beautiful, creative and inspired week my friends!



  1. Oooh Janet, I cannot WAIT for all of your new goodies! I missed out on your last ones, they had all already sold when I went in... boo hoo! I am so excited for your Easter things and also your new garden treasures! Sorry about the icky tar smell, I hate that! Your new roof will be beautiful though! I thought I was ordering that pretty Porch magazine, but I ended up ordering some pretty clothespins they sell by mistake (I love them though!)... I will try again to get the magazine, and congratulations for being featured in it! xoxo Julie Marie Kisses Murphy!

  2. I love the glittered bunnies!! Congratulations on being featured in Porch Magazine. I will have to pick up a copy.


  3. I can relate to everything except the tar smell...eewwww! can't wait when you share your gray roof.

    I have a layer of sheetrock dust EVERYWHERE in my home...(wall texturing, glazing coming tomorrow. Oh the mess of re-doing a room! But so much fun for a fresh new look and so worth it.

    Bet you have fabulous spring goodies...I am off to the shop right now to unbox's so much fun!

  4. With a ton of mushy, dirty snow and kids stuck inside since the beginning of last week and more snow coming today...this is a breath of fresh air. I love the rabbits and picture with the doll/doll heads. Thank you so much for making my day a bit cherrier! ~Rebecca

  5. Hi Janet. I look forward to seeing the vintage French listings! Of course the spring items as well. I hope your week is truly wonderful.


  6. Such beautiful Spring things!! Love the bunnies......

  7. Janet,
    As always, looks like very yummy things to come.... I see a few things I would love to purchase. I have Tuesday off as a vaca day, I am hoping you may list that day, since I will be home all day LOL - I may have a chance at some of that good stuff!
    I have ordered Polly's magazine before, it's wonderful and the pics are mouth-watering. I popped over there and just bought this one! She is one sweet, kind-hearted gal! That chandlier is a killer chandy!!!
    Take care!

  8. OHHHH JANET!!! What a gorgeous post!!! I needed to see those BUNNIES this morning!!! Scream! I love the dolls too!! You always have such beautiful posts. You are such an inspiration!!
    Love ya!

  9. I love when you share all these pretties with us, that lil bebe doll is adorable! I hope you had w wonderful Valentine's weekend with your true love :) Besos, Rose

  10. Oh Janet,
    I so feel for you with that roof construction going on. I almost lost it when our roof was torn off and replaced with a new one on this little house. I hope you don't lose most of your plants as I did (can't wait to plant this year ;) And of course, I can't wait to see all your new goodies, I have stopped by at least twice each day to check with great anticipation!

    Thank you for posting about Porch Magazine, we are so fortunate to have you participate with so many beautiful photos.

    Have a beautiful day, perhaps peppermints to ease with the smell from the roof and help the stomach? Hang in there, if I can put up with it (barely), you can too ;)

  11. Hi Janet, sounds like my house around here, were doing floors and the bang bang is enough already.I had to giggle, French Grey, lol Of course it has to be ''French grey'', not just grey :)I hope you get some peace and quite soon! All your pretty stuff looks dreamy. Hugs, Kimberly

  12. Hi Janet,

    I am new to following your blog!! I Just love your blog!! I will be shopping your website for sure this week as i do everyday! I just ordered my first Porch magazine & I look forward to the garden boutique opening!!!


  13. Ohhh Janet...such pretties..those bunnies are soooo lovely!! I think I HAVE to have!!!
    Bless your heart...on workers on the roof..I can relate as we did last year..its awful sounding & smelling! But..the finished will be so worth it hon! Hang in there sweets!

  14. Hi Janet,

    Just popping in to say hi.. everything looks BEAUTIFUL! I hope you are staying warm - still cold up my way.


  15. I can barely stand it... I want, no I NEED one of those French buckets in your slideshow (and so many other things). I am going on an antiquing trip Thursday and I really hope I do not miss out while I'm away. I have to admit the anticipation is quite exciting though ;)

  16. The roof work will be done soon and all will return to normal. Take deep breaths - in-out. That's good.

    Your glitter bunnies are so cute

    Congratulations on being featured in Porch Magazine.

  17. Janet, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my "Mr. Shabby".

    It's wonderful. Every major occassion that requires a card throughout the year, he says to me, "Get my supplies together". He won't do this himself because my crafting area always looks like it threw up, so I literally grab what I can see first and then he goes to town with whatever pile of junk I come up with. I honestly give him no prompting. His creations are amazing!

    Pink Pearl Studio

  18. It certainly is busy in your house.
    Hope you can cope with the tar smell
    Lots of pretties going into your store