Sunday, February 21, 2010

Days Of Grey

I woke up to rain today. It's been very difficult to capture good photos these last few weeks. For the most part the skies (even here down in normally sunny Miami) have been quite grey. The grey (gray) skies make me long for France once again, where these type of skies are more the norm.

It's that wanderlust time of year, when Spring trips are often planned. Go or no? Europe is quite expensive, VERY expensive. In terms of shopping there are no bargains to be found anymore, even at the fleas. The dollar is weak, we all know that. We are all being frugal, I know that!

Over there I feel so at home...especially in the City Of Light where summers of my youth had been spent with ma famille francaise. I never ever get tired of going, who would....however ~this year, not sure just yet, will see. Thinking, thinking, realist or dreamer?
Que sera, sera...

Last year under the grey, gray skies

Practical necessities dictate. We are spending a good chunk of change on this;

A new roof

It had to be done

We are officially dried in, and yes....for the minute or so that I shot this photo ~ the sun WAS out!

They should be starting to install the new roof tiles sometime this week. The color is called French grey, mais bien sur!

Next comes all new windows. Ka ching, ka ching

So while I determine what our budget will allow and dream of France once are some photos to share with you that I shot on this GREY DAY.

Grey decor inspiration~Grey/ do YOU like to spell it?

A couple of my favorite books on French decor

Large French style zinc crown. You can find these available HERE

Some of my vintage trophy collection

Macro shot melange

Some of my furniture that has been painted grey over the years, mostly by me. I use a multi layering dry brush technique

Mirror LOVE, recently acquired

As much as I love neutrals, for me a bit of color is necessary to brighten up my world. Not too over the top, I prefer subdued. Since we DO live in Miami, orchids are everywhere and at great prices. It's important to add your own touch and flair in mixing it up! Vintage clocks all in non working order, collected over the years. See the silhouette? Our daughters when they were kiddoes.

I wear so much grey! Since my birthday is coming up Thursday.....I treated myself to this shirt on Saturday at Anthropologie. Speaking of...................

It's not too late to enter my ANTHRO GIVEAWAY for the $50 GIFT CARD. Just leave a comment on the PREVIOUS POST mentioning why you come to visit my blog. You can comment here as well if you have enjoyed this post, but the winner will be drawn from the previous post on my birthday, FEB 25th. My birthday gift to YOU!

Love from here to all......I hope that you have an inspiring week!



  1. G'morn ~ .... and I see you are to get rain down your way today, also.

    Love your beautiful decor! Some lovely pieces you have.

    Have a beautiful week!
    TTFN, Hugs ~ Marydon

  2. Sorry about the grey days!!! Your pics are awesome!

  3. your photos are all of them..and lovin' your skirt!!!!

  4. Mornin'....Well, you have grey & rain we are about to get grey & sleet & snow. Believe me I would rather have the rain!!
    I love your photos!!
    Have a Great Week!!

  5. I am floored by your beautiful photos and even more floored by the goodies in your shop. That dressform is to die for!

  6. Hi Janet,
    Love all your grays/greys... spell it both ways, depending on mood or country! The zinc crowns are gorgeous, definitely on my wish list & never far from mind since first seeing them in the shop. I hear you on France, we were "hoping" but had to do the roof last fall too and now our backyard needs landscaping due to all the rains this year. I am going to be happy with making our home/yards a little French oasis this year and maybe the French countryside will be a plan for us next year. I will happily live vicariously through you if you make it to Paris... just don't forget to write/send photos ;)
    Happy Birthday week!

  7. Hi Janet... what a pretty post, gray skies and all (sometimes I use gray, sometimes I use grey)... I am going to predict you go to Paris! Non?... tee hee hee, it will be fun to wait and see what you do! How lucky you are to have orchids there... I must have some color... and my fufu of course! The silhouette of your daughters is so precious! Wishing you a beautiful day and sunny skies... kisses Murphy!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. We have snow here again today -white instead of grey skies!

    I love your pictures- amazing how some greys can be so inspiring!

    I have a buffet that I have been wanting to paint and you mentioned the dry brush technique- I am wondering if you have a tutorial on this?


  9. Everything is always so beautiful. I hope the weather changes for you. I do love your gray furniture, take care.

  10. Hi Janet,
    Happy Birthday for Thursday.
    Oh yes, Love the shirt!
    Have fun while the new roof tiles are going on.

  11. Hi Janet, the pictures are lovely and the roof will look great!! you know grey is the new in color lol you will see the sun alot sooner than we will in the dreary midwest hugs JoAnn S

  12. Hi Janet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and beautiful photos.

    Wishing you a beautiful week, Brook

  13. Hi Janet,
    Your post is so lovely.


  14. Hi Janet...

    How are you girl? I came over to tell you that I am mentioning you in my Post for today and about cracked up when I saw you mentioned FRANCE again! I needed your blog address for the LINK because I'm chatting just a tiny bit about FRANCE myself!

    Seeing your smiling face in front of the E.T. made me even more determined to find a way to get my butt over there!

    :)xoRebecca @AGP

  15. What beautiful pictures. I love the one with you in front of the tower. Someday, Paris sounds beautiful! After traveling through Ireland and feeling the awful pain of the dollar...Europe is on hold for awhile. Someday...


  16. Janet,
    I know how it is with gloomy days. That is pretty much what I we have been experiencing in Northern California lately.
    I love your vintage trophy collection! It is wonderful.
    Take care.

  17. I hope to go back home this year. I am from Paris and know how you feel. True. This is so expensive to go there....
    Come say hi and be my friend.:)