Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ruffles & Rust

Like many of you I can be such a girly girl at times, but as much as I do love RUFFLES, I also love RUST. Yes...all things rusty, chippy, peely and in their natural state of decay have been something that I have been enamored with and have used in my decor for decades. Before it was trendy and fashionable I shopped the thrifts and fleas (probably like many reading this:-), as a college student with an apt to decorate and no money and then into my young days as a wife and Mom when we set up our first house. Necessity grew into passion, and much of what I have collected I love and would not tinker with, paint or change....preferring just how it was found!

Ruffles....yes, LOVE old textiles and one of the first things that I started collecting years back.

Bad picture, but my wardrobe has been an obsession of grey ruffles this winter! My favorite ruffled grey shrug.

As for the RUSTY, CHIPPY

I love most of my Vintage in it's natural state and would NEVER paint it!

This is my Vintage Millinery filled cabinet hanging in my Studio. Did I mention that I am deep in the throes of a Studio redo?

Ruffles on a window in my new Studio, an old petticoat

This thrift store chair will be my new desk chair I think. I may be forced to do a slipcover, as the fabric is white silk

They say that AQUA will be the new HOT color for Spring. Oh lucky me! You see, since I live in Miami and the color seems to be a natural here....I have lots of it scattered about the ol' homestead

A small aqua wrought iron table that sits outside. Patina LOVE

Maybe you have seen this in some of my product photo shoots for the Shabbyfufu website? It's a rocker. How could one ever duplicate this timeworn look on something new I ask

Years ago I came across this chippy old table at an Estate sale and painted some pink roses on it. Wouldn't touch that chippy seafoam paint though

Footstool in the family room. Go ahead...take a seat, put your feet up....who cares?!

The stool above sits in front of this Antique wicker chair. Here is a prime example of how Ruffles can really fufu up and juxtapose Chippy

Although my home has been featured several times in both Romantic Country Magazine and Romantic Homes magazine, you won't EVER see the family room shown. Know why? The "BIG ass" leather sofa and man t.v. that Mr Fufu just had to have. Fortunately he doesn't mind my chippy take added around though, like this Victorian Roses yardlong painting that we framed in this old Aqua'ish beadboard

Yeppers....more AQUA. Cabinet (we used to make and sell lots of these, not so much anymore) with old beadboard

Hat Rack that we made from a great old piece of old CHIPPY wood

Although my family doesn't mind MOST of my Rusty ol' chippy stuff, some things creep them out.

Like these

I bought this years ago from my girlfriend Cindy. The LONGEST bench that I have ever seen. Why anyone would want to paint this....certainly not ME.


Just found this great old RUSTY Hendryx birdcage on a Buying Trip. LOVE it, but will be putting it (and some other great things:-) up for sale on the WEBSITE probably late in the week or on the weekend.

What do YOU think of RUST? Do you have some things around that you would never paint? I'll bet that you do!

We just got a big delivery here so I need to go and see what goodies have arrived for the Shoppe. Have a great week!

Lots of LOVE from here,


  1. Hi Janet,

    I laughed about the leather sofa. I can relate to the "man thing".
    Your treasures are so lovely to look at. Isn't it funny how necessity can turn to passion?

    Have a wonderful week. Don't work too hard.


  2. I love ALL of your chippy's, they are gorgeous!!!!

  3. You have so many great pieces in your home, it makes me sigh!! Your philosophy is much like mine, leave it as it is and don't be afraid to combine lace and ruffles with old chippy furniture!

    I LOVE the cabinet in your studio and the rocker is to die for. What a lot of eye candy in this post!!


  4. Love the little petticoat over your window...such a cute idea! And I, ofcourse, love ruffles and chippy old furniture too!!! Great photos : )

  5. So glad to hear that aqua will be in decor favor this spring!
    WOO HOO ...I just all your photos!

  6. Ohhh & Ahhh Janet! Love all of those ruffles & chippys! MY DH cannot for the life of him wonder why I like old chippy things!! LOL
    He wants to paint & I have to say NO!!! I do give in sometimes..but not often!! And we have a man cave too...gotta love those men!
    You have such a great eye..sure wish I lived close to you sweets!

  7. Girlfriend...not only do you inspire me but you absolutely crack me up!


  8. OHHH Janet!! What a drop dead gorgeous post!!! We love all the same things!! I LOVE ruffles, oh are they ever yummy!! Your pictures are to die for!! I love the chippy goodies and could never paint them!!! AND aqua is my second favorite color after pink!! LOVE this post!!!!!! I will have to keep coming back and looking at it :)
    Love ya sweet friend,
    PS, I too love doll heads :):)

  9. Hi Janet,
    Oh wow, how i'd love to visit you and smell the old Rusty, woody, ruffles at your place!
    All these pictures look wonderful.
    Hm, No, I don't think I have any rusty stuff at my place, but I sure have old wooden pots and chairs. Really adds character to my backyard.
    Thanks for sharing,

  10. Thankyou for the dose of rust, I needed it!
    I havent been out junking for a while, though I really only need to step outside my back door!
    Im not a frills kind of girl, rust-ic through and through.But when I look at all my vintage fabrics, a little frill,and a little gather just looks so sweet!

  11. Hi Janet... you know how much I adore all of your ruffly fufu things!!! My home is full of so many of them... I too love the old rusty, chippy painted things as well... my favorite rusty thing I own is my Radio Flyer wagon from when I was just a little girl.. it has a fair amount of rust, and Jack offered to sand it, but to me that would sand away my precious memories it carries with it... Can't wait to see what's new in your shop... love to you, kisses Murphy! xoxo Julie Marie

  12. Janet,
    You are so funny. My husband has a big old leather lazboy chair that I wish I could make disappear, but don't think so. He lets me get back with all the fufu and other stuff, so I guess he can have his chair!
    I love all the pretty, chippy, peely, 2die4 pretties that you have shown us. I'm in love with it all. And, yes I agree that some things are much prettier left just the way they are.
    I am starting to appreciate the beauty of old peeling paint more and more.

  13. Yay for rust, chippy paint and all that wonderful patina! I had to laugh with the dolls, Janet. My daughter absolutely does not like dolls looking at her, she actually turns them backwards so they don't "look at her and creep her out", me, I love them! Can't wait to see your new goodies, I truly tried to make it in time last week but our modem had some issues & arrived late to the party. We too have a large TV but I must admit, I'm the one that usually has the remote control.

  14. Janet I can't even tell you how much I loved this post. Such gorgeous images of gorgeous things all the way through. I think I gasped when I saw the blue iron grate.

  15. Wonderful treasures Janet, I love all chippys, I especially love the old rockin chair. Glad you are well. take care.

  16. That pink bench is sweeet and I'd love to see more of that cabinet!

    : )

    Julie M.

  17. Janet thank you for the sweet words of condolence that you left my way. Truly was so kind and thoughtful of you. Thank yoiu

  18. fufu-how about those men of ours & those ginormous t.v's of theirs! geez!!! Leave it to you to pretty up even the "mans" room in the house. Every photo was better than the last-LOVE all your weathered, chippy, rusty pieces! xoxo tutts

  19. I received your beautiful giveaway. I want to thank you so much, it is such a beautiful book and to have it be signed, how wonderful. I used to watch her show. Thank you for the beautiful tags and note card, they are really special. I keep looking at the beautiful book. Thanks again, I will really treasure this, I never win anything. Happy Valentines Day. Hugs, Terri

  20. Hi Janet, oh yes I do love rust AND chippy! Really love that cushion you have a photo of on the chair.
    ps, I have moved my blog, do pop over for a visit when you have time

  21. I just discovered your blog this morning, can't believe I haven't visited before (I've been to your online store)....I love your sense of feminine, whimsical style. I'm going to sit here, drink some coffee, and have a look around your blog.

  22. Love all thje aqua but I really enjoyed the comment on the BIG --- sofa! I know how that is!!

    I just found a stash of broken china recently hidden under a shabby pink chair in my studio. It had rosy pieces that you gave me in it. It took me nearly a year to find it after I started updating our home.

    You're still looking young in your picture!