March 2, 2010

Romantic Dress Forms

Hi friends.....I hope that you are having a wonderful week!

So continuing along my posts of some of my signature creations are the romantic dress forms that I have been creating for many years. Those who have followed my website shop at Shabbyfufu are probably tired of hearing about but to those new readers and followers, here are just a handful and I hope that you enjoy this little "fashion show" of sorts.

Again, I have made hundreds and I am NOT KIDDING! Lots of long days and nights of working, tired eyes, dull needles and burned fingers. Maybe it's why I wear glasses, who knows.

I am a dummy and really should have started to keep a rolling count and keep all of the old photos over the many years.......but alas have not. I do remember them all though and pretty much where they went, and I have a pretty good feel for the fact that it's been somewhere between around 250 to 300. Pretty sure of that!!
There was no one else doing these when I started, first with the standing French style forms and then a few years after I started embellishing the hanging dressforms.
Early form with an antique French Limoges tea cup head...several of these were made and sold

I always enjoy incorporating a variety of embellishments, including vintage and antique fabrics and trims, vintage millinery, bits of old jewels and my own hand turned ribbon roses

One of my many hanging dress forms created here in the Shabbyfufu Studio
A pair of forms that I was working on a few years ago inspired by more of a fancy cowgirl type of theme
This one was for a customer's child. A little girl dress form with cherubs and roses. What could be more darling for a princess' room
Another hanging dress form

Pretty in pink, once again

Custom form with pinks & blues

Early child's dress form for a client made to specs, maybe 10 years ago

Some early forms covered in layers of antique bridal lace. I have done many bridal dress forms over the years
Pink is the most requested and an ongoing theme
Pink overload


  1. Hi Janet, oooh, these are ALL so beautiful! I could never pick a favorite, but the Snow Queen really is so very beautiful, well, they all are, but I especially love that one... I do remember your dressforms in Romantic Homes... I have been buying it for years, back when Barbara Jacksier was the editor and Fifi a contributing editor... I save all of my issues, I am going to get them out tonight and look at your pretties again! Hope you are feeling much better and that you had a happy birthday... I am going back to your post now for another look! xoxo Julie Marie

  2. That's a nostalgic post, Janet. All of the forms are beautiful. You are very talented! Hope you got to enjoy your bday, despite being sick! Glad you're getting up to "snuff"

  3. Hi again, I meant to say Romantic "Country", I do know the difference between the two magazines and I know you have been featured in both! I just got out my stack of older issues and the first page I turned to (pg 17 Summer 2007) and there were your Tiffany style hangings with leaded glass! I can't wait to go back through all my issues of both magazines and find your dressforms again! xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Janet...I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of your work! I love it when you showcase your materpieces. They inspire me...I'm sure they inspire us all.

    Lovely work! Beautifully done!


  5. i'm still trying to catch my breath! simply amazing...
    luvs and glitter

  6. Hi Janet,
    They are all so very beautiful but out of these, the Snow Queen speaks to me... I remember seeing her and going aaahhhh (breathtaking!). I do admit when I read you had a slide show for Thursday, I went and looked first before I commented but the good thing is I did come back ~ first things first you know! I love everything you create & everything you find at the flea mkts, antique shows, etc.! I'll be back Thursday, I love that slide show, you can make it full screen and that's just wonderful to see it as up close as possible.
    Glad you're feeling much better sweet lady!

  7. They are all so gorgeous ! I really love your work n luv your blog too ! hmm btw, I wonder whether I can order back issues of the Romantic Country Magz?

    Best Regards from Malaysia

  8. These are so beautiful! I love them all~especially the ones with the soft pink ruffled skirts! I want one of those skirts! I've never seen this done with forms. I really enjoy your work!


  9. Janet ~ you do such a beautiful job on these dress forms. You are truly the ORIGINAL Queen of these! ~Stacy~ xo

  10. Janet amor, your dress forms are truly frufru master pieces...I love the roses on them, each is so beautiful in it's own way..You are a true master at this :) Besos, Rose

  11. i'm a newbie and those forms are amazing!! i don't think i could get tired of looking as such creations over and over again. they are so lovely and so worth all those bleary eyed nights.....
    i'll be back!!! thanks for posting.

  12. They are all so pretty that I could never pick a favorite.

  13. I love them all... just wish I could wear them! ;)


  14. Hi Janet, I love the dress forms, all of them lovely.I love the idea of the teacup on top. I think a teapot would be sweet too! Can hardly wait to see what you have new. Hugs JoAnn S

  15. Hi Janet, these are the reason I found your blog.....little did I know I had already seen them in Romantic Homes. Things sit in the back of my mind idealing, and then all of a sudden it's mission time, I must get one of your forms....I was drawn to the cowgirl Theme and Snow Queen. I am wondering about all the detail work causeing us to need glasses too! Glad you feel better, I got the Birthday cold for mine in Feb. Peggy

  16. Sweet Janet, wow, is all I can say about you forms. I need to look harder on you shop to see what you charge for them. Your very talented.

    Thanks for letting me look

  17. Hi Janet...All of your dress forms are to die for sweets! Just gorgeous & every one I say..Ohhh & Ahhhh!! Maybe one day!! Your so very talented...I hope you know that! LOVE looking hon!

  18. Hi Janet. These are all simply beautiful. I love how they look.
    Thanks for sharing your works of art.
    It irritates me how people are so disrespectful and are copying text, sub titles and everything else from blogs.

    I hope your week is lovely.


  19. Hi sweet Janet, proud to say that a few of those are gorgeously hanging in my shabby cottage!!! You are so incredibly talented and one of my idols!!!! You are definately the Queen of dressforms. Hope you are feeling better and Happy Birthday!!! hugs, Annamarie

  20. Oh my gosh, so many designers have produced these "to die for" dress forms..they seem to become more popular as the years go by. :0)

    I guess you really can call yourself the originator of this type of expression on a dress form. :0) I've got years of back issues of Country Living, Romantic Homes and I guess the most recent is FiFi's Romantic Country.

    The romantic expression you give yours is especially sweet and elegant. :0) I just love them.

    I do appreciate what you've said about a designers work....I think I was one of the originals for creating Fabric Flower brooches integrating costume jewelry....way before you ever saw them online or in the boutiques.

    Funny how we can have an idea before its time....and then you look up one day and everyone is making them. :0)

    I think your Shabby FuFu expression is just divine! I'd purchase one for every room if I had the extra money. They are truely one of a kind pieces of art.

    My dress form is made very unique by adding a chandelier to the neck..I call her "Queen of Light"..You can see her in the sidebar of my blog. She is decoupaged and she also had legs. :0) She doesn't wear them all the time though..LOL And she is vintage..weighs a ton!

    I guess you could say she's a bit of a funky shabby queen. :0)

    I love visiting to see your eye candy....I'm also glad that you are feeling better..those head colds really suck the energy out of you.

    Have a lovely day in sunny Florida! It's snowing here in the Smokies...
    ♥ Love & Faerie Dust ♥

  21. Beautiful dresses ! gorgeous !
    Have a great week-end !

  22. Hi Janet, Your dress forms are unbelieveably beautiful! Yes, I do think the Snow Queen is my favorite, but how do you pick? They all are so romantic, and just ruffly lovely. You have such a talent...


  23. wow your dress forms are just amazing. Love the ones with the tulle skirts!

  24. How absolutely beautiful! What woman wouldn't want one of these? I have one...but it's draped in a gown and shawl and a few pieces of inherited jewelry. It looks nice, but nothing compared to these. I can't get over how lovely these designs of yours are.